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Bottom of Backpack

Below you will find a variety of information that has been sent home over the past month and has most likely found its way to the "Bottom of the Backpack" instead of reaching the intended destination, you, our parents. This list is sorted by school site. Flyers and mailings that are sent home from school will be posted the day we anticipated arrival to you. We hope that this link will be beneficial and assist you in staying abreast of information that might not otherwise make it out of the "Backpack Abyss".

Elementary School
     2/20/2013 - USF Informed Consent - for parents of 2nd grade students
     2/20/2013 - USF Project Introduction - for Parents of 2nd grade students
     2/24/2014 - First Grade Field Trip - Consent Form
     2/24/2014 - First Grade Field Trip - Orlando Science Center
     3/14/2014 - Third Grade Field Trip - Lego Land
     3/14/2014 - Third Grade Field Trip - Parent Consent Form

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