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Parent Involvement Information:  Qualifying parent(s) (father/mother/stepfather/stepmother) and/or spouse (or designated adult if single parent) must complete *20 hours every year for each school on campus where children are enrolled. Ten (10) of your total hours must be informational hours. The Primary Center, the Intermediate Center and the 4th & 5th Grade Center are one Elementary school and therefore count as one school. *The requirement for The Villages Early Childhood Center is 10 hours per year, 5 of which must be informational hours. The maximum number of hours required for any family will not exceed 50 hours per year. While other family members, relatives or friends are encouraged to participate as community volunteers, their time cannot be calculated as PI hours. The time frame for completing parental involvement hours begins the day after the closing of one school year until the last day of the next school year. Please plan your activities and meet your obligation early each school year. We have developed a detailed "Parent Involvement Manual"-- click here for a brochure.

An essential element for the success of students at The Villages Charter School is the inclusion of parents in varied capacities. Research indicates that the involvement of parents in the academic areas of a child’s life can greatly increase the child’s chances of success. While involvement may take many forms, our charter and the Charter School Advisory Board have determined a minimal acceptable level of participation for each family as well as specific areas where involvement has the largest impact on student success. Parent involvement is mandatory for your child to attend The Villages Charter School, a "Charter School in the Workplace" and it is our hope that the following information will prove helpful as we journey through the school year together.

NEW OPPORTUNITIES!  Informational PI opportunities for reading books and taking AR tests!!! Please look under your individual school's media center link to find specific titles for your reading pleasure.

The following is a list of ongoing events that require volunteers.
All Schools
Early Childhood
Athletic meetings All Schools Coaches
Athletic Special Needs All Schools
Buffalo Basket Benefit All Schools
BBQ Bash All Schools Diane DeNicola
Classroom volunteers All Schools Classroom teacher's
Classroom Volunteer 2 Hours All Schools Classroom Teacher's
Classroom Volunteer 30 Minutes All Schools Classroom Teacher's
Concessions All Schools School front offices
Dave Benzel Part I All Schools Tara Milow
Dave Benzel Part 2 All Schools Tara Milow
Founder's Day Festival All Schools Diane DeNicola
Incentives; Cash Donations All Schools School Office Staff
Incentives, prize donations All Schools School offices
New Family Orientation Night All Schools Randy McDaniel
Parent A/R Reading-Read Approved Books All Schools Media Page-School Web Site
Parent Conference 30 Minutes All Schools VCS Teachers
Parent Conferences 1 Hour All Schools VCS Teachers
Parent Conferences 1/2 Hour All Schools VCS Teachers
Parent Conferences 45 Minutes All Schools VCS Teachers
PRIDE Meeting All Schools School Offices
Scholarship Room High School VHS Guidance
Snacks-Requested Only (Homemade or Store Bought) All Schools Teachers and or Coaches
VCS Chaperone All Schools
VCS Custodial work All Schools School Office Staff
VCS Informational Meetings All Schools School Office Staff
VCS Media Center Volunteer All Schools School Media Centers
VCS Office Volunteer All Schools School Office Staff
VCS Open House High School School Office Staff

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