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Intermediate Guidance

Welcome Back!!



It is my great pleasure to return to the Intermediate Center as your child’s School Counselor this year. We are continuing to use the conflict management skills program known as Kelso’s Choice. Kelso, the frog, teaches students in grades K-3 that they have 9 different choices to help them solve small problems on their own. The students have been taught the difference between “small” problems they are smart enough and strong enough to handle on their own vs. “Big” problems (those that are scary, dangerous or someone could get really hurt) that they need to ask an adult they trust to help with.


The Kelso’s Choice wheel illustrates the choices children have to help solve small problems they are faced with. The students are taught to try 2 choices before asking an adult they trust to help with the problem.

The choices include:

·         Go to another game

·         Talk it out

·         Share and take turns

·         Ignore it

·         Walk away

·         Tell them to stop

·         Make a deal

·         Apologize

·         Wait and cool off


I have enjoyed meeting and teaching every class in Grades 2 and 3 about the program. I have also trained all of the Teachers and Teacher’s Assistants on the key components and expectations of the program. The students have been taught and encouraged to use the skills they have learned from this program at home as well to help with conflicts with siblings, relatives, neighbors, etc. If I can be of further assistance to you or your child please contact me at or 352-259-2300.


Renée Flaxmayer

Certified School Counselor


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