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Summer Tips for Positive Parenting


Parents are the most influential person in their child’s life. How you work through family issues can have a positive impact on your child’s behavior within your family as well as at school.

Parenting Tips for the Summer Months:

  • Conflicts with Siblings – Stay on the sidelines of sibling arguments (unless they become physical) and help your children learn how to appropriately express their negative feelings. Here at school, we teach students to use sentences such as, “I feel _____ because…,” “I want you to…,” and “I will…” Example: “I feel angry because you called me a name and I want you to stop. I will stop calling you names too.” Encourage your child to listen to what the other person is saying and then repeat back what they understood the person to mean. Clarification may be necessary.
  • Conflicts with Parents – Avoid never-ending confrontation and negotiations with your child. Keep the child’s focus on the issue, statements should be short and direct. Don’t always focus on the negative - make sure you praise a job well done.
  • DisciplineChildren develop a sense of security, increased self-esteem, and have fewer behavioral problems when in an environment that provides consistency, rules, consequences, and praise. Consistency means that your behavior as a parent is absolutely predictable; this is essential. Rules should be in print and reasonable for the child’s age and developmental level. Choose consequences that fit when rules are broken. Look for the good in your child and praise it.
  • Family meetings – One night a week should be set aside for family meetings. Each family member should be given an opportunity to tell how they feel. Family meetings are not a time to punish or discipline your children but a place to listen to your child’s feelings and concerns and to ask them to listen to yours. This form of communication forges positive relationships within the family.

Parenting will always be hard work. Therefore we must be willing to try new things, learn from and support each other, and give ourselves a break on the rough days. Keeping a positive attitude is very helpful.


The Guidance Office will be closed from June 3rd – July 19th for the summer. I hope you and your family have enjoyable summer break and look forward to seeing you when school resumes. I will return to the office on Monday, July 20th and can be contacted at or (352) 259-2300.



Renée Flaxmayer

School Counselor

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