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Hello and welcome to a new school year!  There will be two school counselors this year at the Primary Center.  The Kindergarten School Counselor, is Shannon Sprowles and the First Grade School Counselor is Susan Brewer.  We are so excited to be here this year.  Please do not hestitate to contact either one of us here at the Primary Center with any questions or concerns.  



My name is Shannon Sprowles and this is my tenth year here at the The Villages Charter School.  However, this is my first year as one of the school's counselors.  I am extremely excited to be in this new position.  For the last sixteen years, I have had the pleasure of teaching third and fifth grade to many amazing students.  However, it is time for a new adventure!!  



First Grade






We have a conflict management program that we use called Kelso's Choice. You may already be familiar with Kelso, as we have been using his program here for several years. My froggy friend Kelso, teaches the students how to be a peacemaker while empowering them to be confident when dealing with conflict. They will learn the difference between the small problems they can handle on their own, and the big problems that will need the support of an adult. These are excellent tools for them not only at school, but also important strategies that they can utilize any time, any place!




Click here to learn more about Kelso's Choice!  





Mrs. Susan Brewer, School Counselor                                                         Mrs. Shannon Sprowles, School Counselor 

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