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Dear Parents and Students, 

Report Cards: These went home on Friday.  Please make sure you sign the bottom, detach it, and return with the envelope on Monday. 

Conferences: I am currently scheduling conferences.  I sent home a request for times the week before last.  Please make sure that I get those in, so that I can schedule our conference at a time that is convenient for both of us.  Thank you in advance.

Puzzle Piece Project - In the packet you will find the parent letter, Information sheet for their book choice, and the rubric used for scoring this assignment.  The information sheet is due filled out completely by October 24th (this will not be accepted late).  I wanted to give them enough time to read the book and AR test on it, so that they can complete their projects without feeling rushed.  These projects are due on Book-A-Ween, which is Friday, October 31st.  As per the handbook, no late projects will be accepted, so if you know that your child will not be here that day, please make sure they turn it in early.  I have uploaded the documents pertaining to this assignment.   

St. Augustine - The trip is Friday, November 14th.  The total cost for students is $81, chaperones $95.  Permission Slips are due (please make sure you have them Notarized before turning in). Balance Due Thursday, October 16th

Reading Logs -  These are due at the end of every week.  I assign four days of library book reading homework each week.  Your child should be reading nightly, though.  They need to make sure they are logging their three entries each week and getting their logs signed. 

Spelling:   The students will be given a pre-test on Mondays.  Any student that earns a 100% or more will be responsible for only one homework assignment that week and they will not have to take the test again on Friday.  The students can go to and practice their spelling each week.   All they have to do is click on Login at the top right of screen and then enter the username and password in the section labeled Administrator/Teacher/Parent, press login, and then find their list to practice. Here is the username and password:

Username: Barclay4

Password: password       


Reading this week: Main Idea & Details

Spelling City: Spelling list for this week is not on Spelling City (the students received their lists on Friday, so they could start studying them)

Math this week- Multiples, Factors, and Patterns

Social Studies this week- Florida's Early Settlers

Science this week- Plant and Animal Life Cycles

         We are always in need of class snacks.  Healthy snacks are perfect (ex. Goldfish, pretzels, crackers, granola bars, etc.-no chocolate please).  If you are interested in donating please send them along with receipts for PI.  Thank you in advance.

         Our class is collecting box tops and soup can labels.  Please send any you may have in with your child anytime.

         This month we will be studying:

Reading - Theme, Main Idea & Key Details, Point of View

Math - Multiplying 2-digit numbers

Social Studies - Maps, Florida's early settlers

Science - Rocks, Minerals, and Resources, Earth's Place in Space

Here is a list of books your child might be interested in:

A to Z Mysteries Series

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Series

Little House on the Prairie Series

The Sherlock Files

The Magic Half

Nerds: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society

Extra Credit

The Secret of Zoom

Captain Nobody

Eleven Birthdays

Dragon's Egg 


         In an effort to be better stewards of our resources parents will no longer be receiving AR TOPS reports.  To view your child's progress towards their goals you can visit the website listed below.  It is easy to get signed and ready to use this great service.  You will receive emails to your personal address when your child has tested.  It is a valuable tool to use in keeping in touch with your child's progress.

     Parents, please make sure that your child is taking advantage of the ThinkCentral website.  This is a valuable tool to use for practice in both reading, math, and science.  Your child will be given a username and password for this website.  The information will be located in their binders.  Also, the McGraw-Hill website for Social Studies and Reading.

     Please make sure to check binders nightly for important information, weekly assignments, and tests.  Please make sure that your child is reading every night.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, jot a note in the planner, or email me at anytime. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Barclay


PDF documents
2014-2015 Class Schedule (revised) - 2014-2015 Class Schedule (revised)
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Book-A-Ween Snack Letter - Book-A-Ween Snack Letter
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Mrs. Barclay's Positive Behavior Plan - Mrs. Barclay's Positive Behavior Plan
October Newsletter - October Newsletter
Puzzle Piece Project Information Sheet - Puzzle Piece Project Information Sheet
Puzzle Piece Project Parent Letter - Puzzle Piece Project Parent Letter
Puzzle Piece Project Rubric - Puzzle Piece Project Rubric
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Snack Letter - Snack Letter
Volunteer Application Page 1 - Volunteer Application Page 1
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