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Hello Mrs. Winters 2nd Grade Families!

The Spelling words for the week of October 20-24 are: scratch, scrape, spring, throne, stripe, strange, shred, shrub, splash, split, catch, sting, far, flower, until 

Monday through Thursday nights all students will have homework.  It will consist of a math sheet that matches and reinforces the math lesson taught that day, reading OUT LOUD for at least 15 minutes (recorded on their Reading Log and signed by a parent), and a Language Arts assignment (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, etc.) that matches our daily work.  Math homework is to be turned in daily, the Language Arts assignment is to be worked on during the week but turned in on Friday mornings. The Reading Log is to be turned in on Friday mornings. 

BUFFALO BASKET BENEFIT. . .This adults only fundraising event has become the talk of the town as it plays hosts to the popular "Classroom Basket Auction."  Each homeroom class at The Villages Charter School chooses a theme  - ours this year is "Emergency Readiness Kit."  We ask that each student donate at least one item to the basket.  All donated items will earn Parental Involvement Hours (PI) based on the $ value of the item but you must turn in your receipts to receive PI hours.  No time to shop, send in $ and I'll do the shopping for you - cash only please!  REMINDER* * * * * Please turn in all basket items by October 23rd. 

Please check your child's agenda every day.  This is the primary way you and I have to communicate with one another.  Write in any special notes you want me to see - including for example, if your child will leave a little early for a doctor's appointment, or that they will need to stay in aftercare, or be picked up by someone other than the usual person, etc.  

Also in the agenda, your child writes the number from our Clip Chart Behavior Plan on which they ended the day.  You will be provided with a copy the the Clip Chart Behavior Plan, but here's a quick overview:  All students begin each day on "Ready to Learn" (4 points).  During the day their choices may cause their "clip" to move up or down on a range from 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest).  At the end of the day every student marks their ending clip points in their agenda.  20 or more points for the week earns "Wondrous Whelks Treasure Box" on Friday afternoon - Hurrah! 

In math we are working on basic math facts.  Assessments will be given each week (usually Wednesdays) throughout the year.  During this second quarter they will be on subtraction facts, third quarter is a mixture of addition and subtraction, and during the fourth quarter it will be multiplication. These math fact assessments are 20 problems to be completed within a two minute time frame. Parents, please help your child learn these important math facts so they may answer them as "fast as a snap."

In Science we will complete Unit 1 "How to Think like a Scientist," and we will begin "Life Cycles."

I want each of you to always feel very comfortable coming to visit our classroom, and coming to me with any questions or concerns.  You may contact me through e-mail at (use "Student" in the subject line), by writing notes in your child's agenda, or by calling 352-259-2300.  Also, please continue to check this website regularly to stay updated on all that we will be doing this year. 

Students will be working on proper computer keyboarding skills during this year.  Below is a web site they may log on at home and practice as much as they want!  PLEASE encourage them to do this - it's fun and an important skill - and something they can work on any time. 

Computer web sites for curriculum support:

Reading and Social Studies:

Math and Social Studies:  When you log into Think Central choose " Florida" for the state, "The Villages Charter District" for the district, and "Villages Charter School Interm School" for the school.     

Typing:  Spend more time working on proper computer keyboarding skills. Below is a web site they may log on at home and practice as much as they want!  Please help kids spend about 10-15 minutes each night doing this - it's a fun and an important skill - and something they can work on all year long - and the summer too!

You can check your child's AR information from home.  The link to this site is: you have a book at home and want to know if it is AR you can use to check it out!  You can find out the level and maximum of number of points also.


Mrs. Winters


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 October 2014
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Math 3.8

Math 3.9

Math 3.10
Reading Logs & L.A. pkts. due
Spelling & Reading Tests



Math 3.11

Review for Chapter 3 Test

Math Fact Assessment - Addition
Math Chap. 3 Test

2nd Grade Parent Night 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Reading & Spelling tests; LA pkts & Reading Logs due
Math 4.1

No School - Teacher Professional Day



Math 4.1

Math 4.2

Math 4.3

Math 4.4

Reading Logs & L.A. pkts. due
Math 4.5
Spelling & Reading Tests



Math 4.6

Math 4.7

Math 4.8

Math 4.9
Buffalo Basket items due
Basket Auction Items Due Today

L.A.Pkt & Reading Logs due.
Spelling & Reading Tests
Math Chap.4 Review








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