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 Dear Parents,


     We will exchange valentine cards with our classmates on Friday, February 12th. I will be sending home a list of students’ names for your convenience. Please keep in mind that if your child is participating in the  Valentine exchange, they MUST bring a Valentine for every student in the class. Students may decorate a box or bag at home to collect their cards. If a child does not have a bag, I can provide them with one.   If you would like to send in a special healthy treat for that day, please contact me.  

    Just a reminder that our Wonderworks field trip is ahead in April.  If you are interested in being a chaperone, please be sure that your slip to be included in the drawing, as well as your Volunteer application have all been given to me prior to closing of school on the 10th.

    Please initial all of your child's homework after you have reviewed each assignment for completeness, accuracy and neatness.  Agenda planners need to be initialed on a daily basis after all homework assignments have been completed and checked.  Your child's behavior number will be written daily in their agenda.  Please check for your child's AR Tracker.  Each AR Tracker was updated this week.





Shauna Chase


Language Arts- Unit 5 Week 2

Comprehension Strategy - Summarize

Comprehension Skill - Point of View

Genre - Realistic Fiction

Vocabulary Strategy - Homographs

Grammar - Subject and Object Pronouns




Vocabulary Words-   Can be located in your child's agenda and as a PDF below. Our vocabulary tests will be taken on Thursdays.

Spelling Words-     Can be located in your child's agenda planner and as a PDF below. Our spelling tests will be taken on Fridays. Please check with your child to see if they earned the "Gold List".

Math- Chapter 10 - Measurement.  It is critical that that each nightly homework be reviewed and practiced to continue to gain mastery at home.

Math Facts: Multiplication Facts 9 x's test Friday 1 minute 30 seconds, mastery. Students made flash cards for practice if they did not have them at home.  The time is now to begin to work on these EACH night. Nightly practice is the key to success. It is a five minute review, in the car, at the breakfast table, or a good round robin at dinner.

Writing:  Topic + Point = Main Idea + Elaboration

                Compare/Contrast - alike and different ~ two pieces of text evidence


Science: Earth and the Stars


  • On The Villages Charter School home page you will find the Box Tops Collection Form under the link Forms/Documents/Newsletters.  This is a great way to organize all of those box tops you have been graciously turning in to the school.  We have raised a lot of money through this program.  



  •  Reading will improve fluency, stamina, vocabulary, and comprehension, that being said, please help your child find books and time to read for their AR Goal.




Shauna Chase

(352) 259-2300 ext 3210

Contact Info:


 Homework Help:

Usernames and Passwords for both sites have been sent home on magnetic cards.


Please click on this link to access Think Central.  This is where you will find Science and Math materials for practice and review.


Please click on this link to access Think Central.  This is where you will find Reading and Social Studies materials for practice and review.




 Important Dates:

February 12 : Valentine's Day Celebrated

February 15: Presidents' Day Celebrated - No School






PDF documents
Cold Read Procedure - The Steps to assist your child
Directions for ThinkCentral - Directions for ThinkCentral
Emergency Contact Form - Emergency Contact Form
First Names - For Valentines
Gold Spelling Words - Earned word list - given to students who earned 4 100's in a row
Spelling Lists - Year long list of spelling words
Vocabulary - Vocabulary Words by Unit
Volunteer App 15 16 page 1 - Needs to be completed to go on Field Trip
volunteer app 15 16 page 2 - needed to be considered as a volunteer
Weekly cold Read - the Fan
Weekly cold Read - weekly cold read homework
Wonderworks - permission
Wonderworks -

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Weekly Homework

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