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Wrapping Up a Wonderful Month!

This last week of January will go out with a bang of more hard work and creativity!  I am glad to be back in the classroom after missing the kiddos last Friday. I did, however, truly enjoy the time I spent in the writing training. I gained some additional and excellent ideas/tools to share with the students to help them grow in their writing and be successful with this year's FSA writing component. 

In Language Arts this week, the students will edit their Reading Response Essays that they wrote on seat belts last Thursday.  In a continuation of the opinion writing, the children will respond to a question about field trips and support their feelings with evidence from the selections they read. We will also decide and analyze the author's point of view in different texts while reading.  

For Math, the kids will explore the relationships between fractions, decimals, and money.  We will have a Mid-Chapter Checkpoint for the first five lessons this Friday. In addition, we will have a spiral review of the standards that were previously taught this year.  The spiral reviews will continue each week through the FSA Math Assessments in March.  

Sumter County Spelling Bee Dates:

     Practice Classroom spelling bee:  January 12th.  Students were given the fourth grade spelling list prior to winter break.  A PDF of this list is also available on my resource list. 

     Classroom spelling bee: January 14th. 1st and 2nd place winners will compete and attend the Grade Level Bee; 3rd place may watch.

     Fourth Grade Level Spelling Bee:  Wednesday, January 28th @ 8:30 in the media center

     Fifth Grade Level Spelling Bee:  Thursday, January 29th @ 8:30 in the media center

     School Spelling Bee:  Tuesday, February 10th in the idle School Media Center @ 9:00a.m.

     County Spelling Bee:  February 18th

Please keep note of the following dates:

  • January 9: Report Cards go home
  • January 15: Classroom Spelling Bee (students have spelling lists to practice)
  • January 19: No School for Students
  • January 28: Grade-level Spelling Bee (winners from classroom spelling bee)

Make it a GREAT week!

Remember, they should be reading at least 20 minutes nightly and give a 1 or 2 sentence summary of what they read during that time in their reading log.  Homework is posted online for your convenience so be sure to check the website often for updates.

Mrs. Collins     


         In an effort to be better stewards of our resources parents will no longer be receiving AR TOPS reports.  To view your child's progress towards their goals you can visit the website listed below.  It is easy to get signed and ready to use this great service.  You will receive emails to your personal address when your child has tested.  It is a valuable tool to use in keeping in touch with your child's progress.

     Parents, please make sure that your child is taking advantage of the ThinkCentral website.  This is a valuable tool to use for practice in both reading, math, and science.  Your child has been given a username and password for this website.  The information is located in their binders.

     Please make sure that your child is reading every night.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, jot a note in the planner, or email me at anytime. 



 Wishlist for our classroom:
  • Expo markers
  • Colored card stock
  • Snacks
  • Treasure box items (no candy please)
  • Dictionary (5)
  • Fine point markers (21)
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue sticks


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Happy Birthday Shantae!






read 20 minutes-reading log

read 20 minutes-reading log

Grade cards go home


Think Central

Read S.S. Unit 3 lesson 3
Cold read
Math lessons 8.1 and 8.2

Math lesson 8.3
Read S.S. Unit 3 lesson 4

Spelling Bee
Read S.S. Unit 3 lesson 5
context clues
Math lessons 8.4

Math lessons 8.4 and 8.5

Chapter 8 review



No school

Context clues p. 187
Chapter 8 review
S.S. Lesson 6

Math 9.1 all
Science book

Math 9.1 and 9.2 all
Science book




double digit multiplication
reading log
Math 9.2

Math 9.3
reading log

reading log
Science read p. 89-99 page 101 due the following day
math 9.4

reading log
context clues story
spelling practice with signature
math 9.5



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