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We are going on a Field Trip!! Our first trip this year is to St. Augustine on Friday, December 2! We will meet at 5:45 in the parking lot by the gym at the 4/5 and we will arrive back to the school around 6:30. If you would like to chaperone, please have a volunteer applicaton filled out and submitted with a copy of your driver's license by Tuesday, September 20. Names will be drawn that Friday. The cost of the trip is $88.00 per person for students and $103.00 per person for adult chaperones. The deposit of $40 is due Friday, September 30 and the balance is due Friday, October 21st. The permission slip must be NOTARIZED and signed in order for it to be accepted by the due date listed above. No late payments will be accepted. We are going to have a great time!! 

Our Puzzle Piece Project has been assigned! On a standard 22"x28" white poster board, students will recreate their favorite scene from the book they are going to be working on for this project. The book must be on their reading level and either have JUST tested on it or are reading it now. It must be from this school year. The book choice is due Friday, September 23 and must be approved by me before they can work on their project. The finished project is due on Friday, October 28. No late projects will be accepted. They can either dress up like a character from the book or wear their uniform that day. They do need the book for the project that day. I will share examples of what the puzzle piece project looks like so they know how to complete the project. Thank you for all you do! 

Our ELA focus for the week is comparing two texts in Greek Mythology. We will read two short myths and find the overall common theme between the two. We will also compare and contrast the differences, while exploring various allusions. Our comprehension strategy is summarize and our vocabulary strategy is context clues. Our grammar will be on sentences identifying and creating complex sentences. Our phonics skill is on words that have r-controlled vowels /ar/ & /or/ as in words as dart, and award. Our spelling assessments are on Fridays, unless otherwise noted. Your child has a username and password to to practice ELA strategies. In writing we are going to continue with informational text and delve into what is a strong main idea and supporting details. 

Our Math focus is on multiplying on one-digit numbers. Your child has a username and password to to practice math skills at home. Our Chapter 5 Math test will be in November. Chapter 5 is going to start with factors and multiples. We will then continue to practice multiplication and division and focus on fact families. 

In Science we are now going into Units 9 and 10. These touch up on topics such as animal and plant life cycles, as well as heredity versus environmental traits, and what are genes? Our Unit 9 assessment will be on Thursday, October 27.

In Social Studies we are learning all about how to read a map using our map and globe skills, including cardinal directions (west, east) and intermediate directions (southeast, northwest). We will also discuss the difference between primary and secondary sources. Our Unit 1 Test will be Thursday, October 6. 

Our class is collecting box tops and soup can labels.  Please send any you may have in with your child anytime.

 To track your child's progress on AR, the website is:

Thanks! Mrs. France



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