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Spring pictures are due back (with either payment or returned picture package) by Wednesday, April 29. If you have not yet returned the pictures or made a payment, please try to get those in as soon as possible. Thanks!

This week we will be involved in an exciting project for Science - OWL PELLETS!! Our class will get an owl pellet to dissect in order to figure out what animal their owl ate. They will then complete a packet identifying each bone to create a full skeleton of the rodent (or small bird) eaten. Look for these great portraits to be on display! Our spelling list will also reflect owl words. 

This year Language Arts and Social Studies are connected together online under We will continue our Reading Series with Unit 5 Week 5. Our focus skill is sequence and our vocabulary strategy is using context clues to figure out words we do not know. Our comprehension strategy is summarize. Weekly Language Art Assessments will take place on Fridays. Spelling tests will be on Fridays, unless other wise noted, and our skill this week is on words with consonant -le syllables, such as pebble and humble. In writing we will continue to focus on informative essay writing, which will encompass expository writing skills. Students will be able to explain why about a topic and use details to prove the main ideas about the topic. Our grammar is on sentences with adjectives and adverbs. We are also going to continue with opinion writing, which is where students read a passage, determine their own point of view, and support their opinion with text evidence.

Math and science are connected together on  In math we will continue with multiplying one-digit, two and three-digit numbers. We will also focus on dividing. Continue memorizing those multiplication facts from 0-12. Please practice these nightly. We also have timed fact practices each day, with a timed quiz on Thursdays. Your child will have fact homework Monday-Wednesday. We are now going to continue with Getting Ready for 5th Grade. Every day is a different lesson with skills they will see in 5th grade.

Science will continue with Unit 8: Forces and Motion.  The big idea for this unit is motion is the key characteristic of all matter that can be observed, described, and measured. We will have Unit Tests that will be posted ahead of time and also written in the agenda by your child. Our Unit 8 test will be Friday, May 1. All science tests are open book. 

In Social Studies we will learn and study all about Florida in Modern Times. Our Unit 4 test will be Thursday, April 30.

Our class is collecting box tops and soup can labels.  Please send any you may have in with your child anytime.

To track your child's progress on AR, the website is:

Thanks! Mrs. France





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