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NOTE: FSA dates have changed for Math.

  • Friday, April 1st – FSA Math Session #1 Grades 3 & 4 (Paper Based) – Previously scheduled for Monday, April 4th
  • Monday, April 4th – FSA Math Session #2 Grades 3 & 4 (Paper Based) – Previously scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th


The Fourth Grade is excited to announce that we have our second field trip planned for the end of March. We will be visiting the Florida Musuem of Natural History in Gainesville. We will be going on Tuesday, March 29th departing VCS at 8:30 am and returning to VCS at 3:30 pm. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please fill out the form by Thursday, February 4th. The cost of the trip is $15 and money and the permission slip are due by Friday, February 19th. You can purchase a bag lunch from school or bring your lunch from home. We look forward to this exciting trip!


There are extra class pictures available for $12. Please make checks payable to Lifetouch if you are interested in purchasing one. Thanks!  

Our class is collecting box tops and soup can labels.  Please send any you may have in with your child anytime.

To continue in our third nine weeks in English Language Arts, we are going to continue to use the curriculum McGraw-Hill to reinforce our skills and strategies each week. The website is and your child has a user name and password to access this site. We will continue with the comprehension strategy author's point of view and focus on synonyms and antonyms.  We will also discuss how to visualize as we are reading. Our comprehension skill is reread. Our weekly Anthology story is called, "Delivering Justice," which is a biography. Unit 3 Week 3 on connected. Our phonics skill (spelling words) focuses on words that have u in it, such as produce and tutor. Our Language Arts and spelling tests are on Fridays, unless otherwise noted in the agenda and website. In writing we are continuing with what is a main idea and supporting detail? We will use various published articles, such as Highlights for Children and National Geographic, to show how authors organize their writing with strong main ideas that can be proved with details that support the main idea. Look for these writings outside our classroom wall in the hallway! 

In Math we are going to start working with geometry and two dimensional figures! We will also start to continue to classify angles. Our Chapter 11 Math Test will be Friday, February 12. The website for math is

In Science we are going to continue learning all about animals and plants. We will touch upon life cycles, food webs, and food chains. We will also start a plant journal. We will also start Unit 2 and learn all about the moon and its phases. Our Unit 2 Assessment will be in February.  

In Social Studies we will learn all about Florida in the late 1800s and early nineteen hundreds. We will discuss the Seminole Wars, Pioneer Life, and Technology with Reconstruction in early Florida. Our Unit 3 Assessment will be Friday, January 29. We will also use for social studies.

To track your child's progress on AR, the website is:

Thanks! Mrs. France



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