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Have a wonderful Spring Break! Enjoy this time with your families! :) See you on Monday, April 6th.


Tropicana Speech has been assigned! Your child will pick a topic of their choosing, submitted for approval by Friday, March 20, to prepare a well-written speech between 2 and 3 minutes. There will be judges from another classroom that will decide our winners and if you would like to be a judge for another classroom, please let me know! Our Tropicana Speech will be held on Wednesday, April 22 with a rehearsal on Tuesday, April 21. Come prepared!

Reading and Math FSA tests are as follows: Monday and Wednesday, March 23 and 25 ELA Reading. Thursday and Friday, March 26 and 27 Math.

This year Language Arts and Social Studies are connected together online under We will continue our Reading Series with Unit 5 Week 2. Our focus skill is point of view and figurative language and our vocabulary strategy is using context clues to figure out words we do not know. Our comprehension strategy is making predictions. Weekly Language Art Assessments will take place on Fridays. Spelling tests will be on Fridays, unless other wise noted, and our skill this week is on words with open syllables, such as radar and veto. In writing we will continue to focus on informative essay writing, which will encompass expository writing skills. Students will be able to explain why about a topic and use details to prove the main ideas about the topic. Our grammar is on sentences with irregular verbs and plurals. We are also going to continue with opinion writing, which is where students read a passage, determine their own point of view, and support their opinion with text evidence. *NO spelling test this week.

Math and science are connected together on  In math we will continue with multiplying one-digit, two and three-digit numbers. We will also focus on dividing. Continue memorizing those multiplication facts from 0-12. Please practice these nightly. We also have timed fact practices each day, with a timed quiz on Thursdays. Your child will have fact homework Monday-Wednesday. We are now going to continue with Getting Ready for 5th Grade. Every day is a different lesson with skills they will see in 5th grade.

Science will continue with Unit 4: Matter and its Properties.  The big idea for this unit is on magnets and states of water (liquid, solid, gas). We will have Unit Tests that will be posted ahead of time and also written in the agenda by your child. Our Unit 4 test will be in April. All science tests are open book. 

In Social Studies we will learn and study all about Florida in Modern Times. Our Unit 4 test will be in April.

Our class is collecting box tops and soup can labels.  Please send any you may have in with your child anytime.

To track your child's progress on AR, the website is:

Thanks! Mrs. France





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