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To Parents and Students,

Please see below for Quizlets and Kahoots.

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This week in Language Arts, we are working on a book group discussion format that will encourage students to use context clues, find meaning in text, analyze point of view, cite evidence, and compare and contrast for comprehension. We will be using our class novel, Maniac Magee

In Social Studies, we are beginning our unit on Colonial America. Students will be examining the reasons why Europeans settled in North America. Students should also be studying the locations of the 50 states. We will have weekly quizzes, each with a new region added in. This week's quiz will be on the northeast and southeast states.

*Students will need to complete Reading Logs this week. They need to be reading for 20 minutes nightly to reach their AR goals. Please sign your child's AR goal sheets weekly, so that you can help him/her stay on track. 

Students will continue to write their weekly homework in their agenda.  We have resumed Reading Logs. Students need four, twenty minute entries in their Weekly Reading Record, by each Monday. These interactive logs will help your child to synthesize their ideas about the text, as well as deepen their understanding of it. Please sign the log,  and the student will get the credit. If your student loses his/her form, you can find a copy in the documents section. Students who are doing their 20 minute reading homework will be able to successfully meet their goals.

Students are also using an AR goal tracking form. It should be updated weekly, and after taking an AR test. In order to help your child keep track of his/her progress, a parent signature is required weekly on this form as well.

Thank you for your wonderful support,

 Mrs. Priddy




I highly encourage you to take advantage of the A.R. resources that are available to you online.  A detailed letter went home giving you both user instructions as well as your child's password for AR Home Connect.  Please make sure to sign up!  It only takes a few minutes. It will alert you through your personal email every time your child has taken an AR test, and will inform you what they scored on that test.  Your personal account also lets you know what books your child has read since they've been involved with AR.  Check it out by clicking on the link below!


Spelling City 

You can find VCS Grade5's Vocabulary and Spelling Online Resources by visiting the website Spelling City.  Here, you will find all of our spelling list for the school year.  On the web, students select a list by clicking on the list name. They can then complete the Spelling TeachMe activity by clicking each word on the list, select the Play A Game button to practice their words using any of VocabularySpellingCity’s free activities, or select the Spelling Test button to quiz themselves on their words and help them prepare for any upcoming tests.  Check it out by clicking on the link below!

 Spelling City


Here is a practice game to help with your writing skills. 

Social Studies Unit 3


Unit 3 Social Studies Review


Greek and Latin Roots

Fun and interactive games to help students learn the meanings of Greek and Latin roots.


Please click here to access the Wonders Reading Books, as well as, the Social Studies Book.


Think Central

Please click here to access the materials used in Math and Science.



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