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Mrs. Phillips' Phenomenal Pufferfish!


Our class has teamed up with Mrs. McKown's class to create a basket for the Buffalo Basket Benefit.  Our theme is COFFEE! Please send in any items that relate to coffee.  Here are a few ideas:


bags of coffee

coffee mugs

travel mugs

Keurig brewer

gift cards

money donations

anything that has to do with coffee

If you don't have time to shop, feel free to make a donation and I will do the shopping for you!  This is a great fundraiser for our school.  Thank you so much for your help in making this a success!

We are continuing with Unit 2 Week 4 this week in Language Arts. We will be working on Author's Point of View, Rereading, Suffixes, and Expository Text. We are setting new AR goals for the second nine weeks. If you haven’t signed up for the AR reports, the link can be found on the media center page. 

In math, we are finishing Chapter 4 and will beginning Chapter 5! Our Chapter 4 Test will be on Wednesday.  Remember that is an excellent resource available online. We are testing on Multiplication Facts x3 this Friday (1 minute timed).  When students master their weekly multiplication fact with 100 percent in one minute, they’ll add a “sprinkle” to their ice cream cone in class. Our goal is to have the ice cream covered in sprinkles by the end of the year!

 In Social Studies we are finishing our study on Unit 4- Government and Civics.  We will test on Unit 4 this Friday.

Kindest regards,

Mrs. Phillips

Upcoming Events

10/17- Report Cards

10/23- Buffalo Basket Items Due (Coffee is our theme)

11/7- Sea World 


I have some great opportunities for PI in the classroom!  Please contact me if you are interested in coming in and volunteering!

Box Tops:

Our school collects Box Tops for Education throughout the school year.  Please look for Box Top logos on grocery and household products, clip the label, and send in with your child.  This is a great way for our school to earn "free" money! Thank you for helping us with this great opportunity!


Please make sure you are checking your child's agenda and take home folder on a daily basis.  Also, remember after you check your child's homework for accuracy to please sign it at the bottom of each day.  Thank you for all your support!

Going Green

To be better stewards with our resources, the students and parents can access A.R. resources online.  A detailed letter will go home soon giving you both user instructions as well as your child's password for "AR Home Connect." Please make sure to sign up!  It only takes a few minutes! It will alert you through your personal email every time your child has taken an AR test, and tells you what they scored on that test.  Your personal account also lets you know what books your child has read since they've been involved with AR.  The tool is really great!  Check it out! 

Weekly Cold Reads

A Fresh Read is an article, story, or passage that has not been read.  Your child will be unfamiliar with this text.  Each Wednesday your child will receive a weekly cold read.  Please review this cold read with your child each week and return the following Wednesday.  Here are the strategies that I teach to your child when completing a cold read.

Step 1: Look at the title and pictures.  Predict what you think the passage will be about.

Step 2: Read the questions only (not the answers) for this passage.

Step 3: Read the WHOLE story.  Ask yourself questions while reading the passage.  Who or what is the passage about? What is happening in the passage?  At the end of every paragraph check for understanding.  If you are unsure what happened, go back and reread.

Step 4: Complete this step for each question: Read the question and all of the answers.  Go back in the passage and UNDERLINE the part that PROVES the answer.  Write the question # next to the underlined part.  Bubble in your answer completely.

Step 5: Check your work.  Reread each question.  Go back in the passage and find where you underlined the answer.  Check to see if your answer makes sense.  If it does, go to the next question.  If it does not, find the correct answer and repeat step 4. Check all answers.


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