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AHOY Filone's Savvy Sailors,

It was wonderful seeing everyone on Friday night at the Founder's Day Festival. Thank you for stopping by to have your hair painted! We even had a few brave parents get a little color too!! Thank you for all of the parent volunteers that did a fabulous job and for all of the donations that were sent in to make this a fun and successful event! Mrs. Rohn and I truly appreciate your support. 

Important Reminders:

Please sign your child's AR Tracking Sheet that is located in the plastic sleeve of your child's red take home folder.

I have placed my Open House powerpoint presentation below as a PDF document. 

Usernames and Passwords for Connected and ThinkCentral have been placed on labels and can be found in the front of your child's agenda! You now can access to our Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies books and online materials. I will attach directions below for each as a PDF. If you are having any difficulty accessing these materials online at home, please let me know.

Please initial all of your child's homework after you have reviewed each assignment for completeness, accuracy and neatness. Agenda planners need to be initialed on a daily basis after all homework assignments have been completed and checked. 


Helpful Hints:

Our lunch is every day from 11:08-11:33 in Cafeteria 1.

 PI Opportunities: If anyone is interested in PI opportunities, please send me an email or give me a call! Thank you for all of your help and support. I have PI projects that can be done in school or at home!

 Glance at Our Week: September 15th-19th

Reading/Language Arts: UNIT 1 TESTING

Shared Read: NA DUE to Unit 1 Testing


Comprehension Strategy:

Vocabulary Strategy: 

Literature Anthology- NA DUE to Unit 1 Testing


Paired Read-  NA DUE to Unit 1 Testing



Vocabulary Words- (NA DUE to Unit 1 Testing.)  Can be found in the pocket sleeve of your child's red folder or as a PDF document below. 

Spelling Words- (NA DUE to Unit 1 Testing.) Spelling words are glued each week in your child's agenda and are located as a PDF below. 


Math- Chapter 3 (Understand Multiplication)- Our Chapter 3 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint will be taken on Wednesday, September 17th. 

Math Facts: This week we will focus on mixed subtraction facts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9's. Students will practice 20 addition facts (timed for 1 minute). Friday's fact assessment will be taken as a grade.

Writing:  RAP- Restate, Answer and Prove

Social Sudies: Understanding the Government and the Constitution

Boys and girls, I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  We have a lot of learning, new challenges and fun waiting for us this week!

I Will Be Waiting With a Smile! See you in Room 335!

Mrs. Filone 

Important Dates:

September 17th- Reading Celebration- Villages Charter Middle School Gymnasium 10:00 AM



PDF documents
2014-2015 SSYRA Book List- Grades 3rd-5th -
Cold Read- Circus School is DUE on 9/19 -
ConnectED- Directions for Log In -
Emergency Contact Form (SPANISH) -
Emergency Contact Form- 2014-2015 -
Newsletter- September 2014 -
Open House Powerpoint 2014-15 -
School Calendar (2014-2015) -
Spelling Words- Unit 1 -
ThinkCentral Directions -
ThinkCentral- Directions for Log In -
Vocabulary Words- McGraw Hill Wonders -
Volunteer Application (Page 2) 2014-2015 -
Volunteer Application Page 1 (2014-2015) -

 September 2014
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Cold Read- Ocean Trash is DUE on Friday; Math 2.2; Study Spelling Words (ALL Week); Study Subtraction Facts (4,5,6's)- ALL Week; Reading Log 20 minutes

Reread Weekly Story- All Aboard Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine; Study Vocabulary Words; Math 2.3; Reading Log

Study Spelling Words; Math 2.4; Reading Log

Cold Read Assessment; Spelling Test; Math Fact Assessment (subtraction 4,5,6's) timed for 1 minute; Have a Wonderful Weekend!



Cold Read Homework- Coral Reefs is DUE on Friday; Reading Log 20 min.; Math 2.6, Study Spelling, Study Math Subtraction facts (7,8,9) timed for 1 min.

Math 2.7; Reading Log; Study Spelling Words; Study Subtraction facts (7,8,9's) timed for 1 minute

Reread Weekly Story "A Mountain of History"; Study Vocabulary; Math Chapter 2 Review (Extra Practice); Study Spelling Words; Study Subtraction Facts (7,8,9's) timed for 1 minute

Study Spelling Words; Study Subtraction Facts (7,8,9's) timed for 1 minute

Cold Read Assessments; Spelling Test; Fact Assessment (7,8,9's) timed for 1 minute; HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE FOUNDER'S DAY FESTIVAL



Cold Read- Circus School is DUE on Friday; Math 3.2; Reading Log; Study mixed subtraction facts (timed for 1 minute)

Math 3.3; Reading Log; Study Mixed Subtraction Facts (timed for 1 minute)

Reading Celebration (10:00-VCMS Gym); Math 3.4; Reading Log; Study Mixed Subtraction Facts (timed for 1 minute)

Math 3.5, Reading Log; Study Mixed Subtraction Facts- (timed for 1 minute)

Fast Assessment- Mixed Subtraction Facts (timed for 1 minute); Have a Wonderful Weekend!












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