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AHOY Filone's Savvy Sailors,

 Important Reminders:

Our "Buffalo Basket" theme is LEGO MANIA. Any donations of Lego products would be greatly appreciated. Please remember to turn in all receipts for PI time. Thank you for your continued support. 

Below is a link to the Sunshine State Young Reader Awards for you to view. The students have already enjoyed seeing this presentation in class with Mrs. Lyons.

Parent/Teacher Conference sign up sheets were sent home at the end of September. If you have not yet returned your form, please do so as soon as possible. If you need another conference form, please send me an email or write a note in your child's agenda planner.

 Please sign your child's AR Tracking Sheet that is located in the plastic sleeve of your child's red take home folder.

I have placed my Open House powerpoint presentation below as a PDF document. 

Usernames and Passwords for Connected and ThinkCentral have been placed on labels and can be found in the front of your child's agenda! You now can access to our Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies books and online materials. I will attach directions below for each as a PDF. If you are having any difficulty accessing these materials online at home, please let me know.

Please initial all of your child's homework after you have reviewed each assignment for completeness, accuracy and neatness. Agenda planners need to be initialed on a daily basis after all homework assignments have been completed and checked. 


Helpful Hints:

Our lunch is every day from 11:08-11:33 in Cafeteria 1.

 PI Opportunities: If anyone is interested in PI opportunities, please send me an email or give me a call! Thank you for all of your help and support. I have PI projects that can be done in school or at home!

 A Glance at Our Week: October 20th-24th

Reading/Language Arts: UNIT 2 Week 5

Shared Read: "Empanada Day"

Genre: Poetry

Comprehension Strategy: Limerick and Free Verse; Literary Elements: Alliteration and Free Verse

Comprehension Skill:  Point of View

Vocabulary Strategy: Similies

Grammar: Review singular possessives nouns; mechanics and usage; apostrophes in possessive nouns


Literature Anthology (Close Reading)- "The Inventor Thinks Up Helicopters and Ornithopter"

Genre: Poetry

Paired Read- "Montgolfier Brothers' Hot Air Balloon"

Genre: Poetry

Phonics/Fluency- Open Syllables

Vocabulary Words- (We are currently on Unit 2 Week 5)  Can be found in the pocket sleeve of your child's red folder or as a PDF document below. 

Spelling Words- (We are currently on Unit 2 Week 5.)   Spelling words are glued each week in your child's agenda and are located as a PDF below. Spelling City is a great online resource to practice weekly spelling words. 


Math- Chapter 5 (Use Multiplication Facts) Our Chapter 5 Math Test will be taken on Wednesday, October 22nd.

Math Facts: This week we will focus on multiplication facts (4's). Students will practice 25 multiplication facts in class Monday-Thursday (timed for 1 minute). Friday's fact assessment will be taken as a grade.


Writing:  Main Idea & Supporting Details


Science:  Classifying Plants and Animals


Boys and girls, I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  We have a lot of learning, new challenges and fun waiting for us this week!

I Will Be Waiting With a Smile! See you in Room 335!

Mrs. Filone 

Important Dates:

October 31st:  Book-O-Ween (more info to come)

November 7th: SeaWorld Field trip

November 8th: Buffalo Benefit Basket (Lake Miona Recreation Center) 6:00 PM-9:00 PM

November 12th: Progress Reports

November 24th-28th: FALL BREAK




PDF documents
2014-2015 SSYRA Book List- Grades 3rd-5th -
ConnectED- Directions for Log In -
Emergency Contact Form (SPANISH) -
Emergency Contact Form- 2014-2015 -
Newsletter- October 2014 -
Open House Powerpoint 2014-15 -
School Calendar (2014-2015) -
SeaWorld Field Trips Forms -
Spelling Words- Unit 2 -
ThinkCentral Directions -
ThinkCentral- Directions for Log In -
Vocabulary Words- McGraw Hill Wonders -
Volunteer Application (Page 2) 2014-2015 -
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