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 Greetings Filone's Fabulous Fireballs,


My Open House Powerpoint is located below for you as a PDF Document. You may refer back to it at anytime to review our classroom policies and procedures. Thank you for all of your support!


Please be sure to read our monthly newsletter, grading policy, and behavior plan that was sent home last week. The behavior policy has a section that needs to be returned to me after you have discussed this at home with your child. Thank you for all of your support!


Important Reminders:

Please initial all of your child's homework after you have reviewed each assignment for completeness, accuracy and neatness. Agenda planners need to be initialed on a daily basis after all homework assignments have been completed and checked. Your child's behavior number will be written daily in their agenda.

Your child is permitted to bring a water bottle with them to school each day to keep at their desk. Please make sure it has a lid that can be closed tightly to keep any spills from happening.


Important Information:

Open House will be held on August 24th from 6:00-7:30 at the Intermediate Center.


Our lunch is every day from 11:12-11:37 in Cafeteria 1.


 A Glance at Our Week: August 24th-28th

Reading/Language Arts: Unit 1 Week 3


Cold Read Homework: Soccer History is Due on Friday, August 28th.


Essential Question: How do different people from other cultures contribute to a community?



Shared Read: Room to Grow

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction (Informational Text)


Comprehension Skill: Text Structure: Sequence

 Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions

Vocabulary Strategy: Compound Words

Grammar: Subjects


Literature Anthology (Close Reading)- Gary the Dreamer

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction (Informational Text)


Paired Read: (Compare Text)- Sharing Polkas and Pitas

Genre: Expository Text


Phonics/Fluency: Final e, Inflectional Endings: Drop Final e


Vocabulary Words-  (This week we will be focusing on Unit 1 Week 3) Can be located in your child's take home folder (plastic sleeve) and as a PDF below. Our vocabulary tests will be taken on Thursdays.

Spelling Words-    (This week we will be focusing on Unit 1 Week 3) Can be located in your child's agenda planner and as a PDF below. Our spelling tests will be taken on Fridays.


Math- Chapter 1- Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000- Our Chapter 1 Math Test will be taken this Thursday, August 27th. 

Math Facts: This week we will be focusing on reviewing mixed addition facts (4,5,6,7,8,9's). Each day in class will we practice 20 addition facts timed for 1 minute. Friday's will be taken as a fact assessment grade. 


Writing:  Restating and Answering Questions


Science- Unit 1- (Investigating Questions)


Boys and girls, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We have a lot of learning, new challenges and fun waiting for us this week! 

I Will Be Waiting With a Smile! See you in Room 335!

Mrs. Filone 


Important Dates:

August 24th: Open House  6:00-7:30 Intermediate Center (IC)

September 7th- NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

September 8th- Quarter Mid- Point

September 25th- Founder's Day Festival




















PDF documents
Cold Read HW- Soccer History- Due 8/28 -
ConnectED- Directions for Log In -
Emergency Contact Form 2015-16 -
Newsletter- August 2015 -
Open House Powerpoint- 2015-16 -
Spelling Lists- (Unit 1- Unit 6) -
ThinkCentral Directions -
ThinkCentral- Directions for Log In -
Vocabulary Words- McGraw Hill Wonders -
Volunteer Application Page 1- 2015-16 -
Volunteer Application- Page 2- 2015-16 -

 August 2014
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Orientation 11am-1pm or 4pm-6pm


Read the "Elementary Parent & Student Handook" in front of the agenda. Sign and return page 27 "Handbook Acknowledgement"
First Day of School!




Study spelling words for the week; Math Lesson 1.1; Reading Log for 20 min.; Study addition facts 4,5,6's (timed for 1 min.)

Math Lesson 1.2; Reading Log for 20 Min.; Study addition facts 4,5,6's (timed for 1 min.)

Math Lesson 1.3, Reading Log for 20 min., Reread Anthology Story "Wolf", Study Vocabulary, Study addition facts 4,5,6's (timed for 1 min.)

Math Lesson 1.4; Reading Log 20 min; Study Spelling Words; Study addition facts 4,5,6's (timed for 1 min.)

Spelling Test, Fact Assessment 4,5,6's (timed for 1 min.)



Language Arts Homework- When Mr. Rushmore Came Home (DUE on Friday); Reading Log for 20 min.; Math 1.6; Study addition facts 7,8,9 (1 minute); Study Spelling Words

Math 1.7; Reading Log 20 min.; Study Addition Facts 7,8,9 (1 minute); Study Spelling Words

Math 1.8; Reading Log 20 min; Reread "Joon and the Jade Bracelet"; Study Vocabulary Words; Study addition facts 7,8,9- 1 min; Study Spelling Words

Math 1.9; Study Spelling Words;Reading Log 20 min; Study addition facts 7,8,9 (1 min.)

Unit 1 Week 2- Cold Read Assessment; Spelling Test; Fact Assessment (addition facts 7,8,9- 1 min.)



Cold Read- Soccer History is DUE on Friday; Math 1.11; Reading Log 20 min.; Study Spelling; Study all addition facts- timed for 1 minute

Math Lesson 1.12; Reading Log 20 min.; Study Spelling Words; Study Addition Facts- 1 minute

Reread "Gary and the Dreamer"; Study Vocabulary; Math Chapter 1 Review; Reading Log; Study Spelling; Study Addition Facts- timed for 1 min.

Math Chapter 1 Test; Reading Log; Study Spelling; Study Addtition Facts

Cold Read Assessment; Spelling Test; Fact Assessment- addition facts 4,5,6,7,8 and 9's- timed for 1 minute; Have a Wonderful Weekend!



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