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Welcome to Mrs. Rohn's Third Grade!  

Important Information:  If you are interested, I have 3 extra class pictures. They are $12 each and will go first come, first serve.  Make checks payable to Lifetouch.

See important dates below!

 Notices have been sent home about logging into your Skyward Account.  Please be sure to do that to give you access to student grades.

  Usernames and passwords for ThinkCentral (online math and science) and ConnectEd (online reading and social studies) can be located in the front of your child's agenda planner. Directions were sent home on how to access your textbooks online. They can also be located as PDF Documents below.


Our lunch is every day from 11:08-11:33 in Cafeteria 1, Table 3


Vocabulary Words-  Can be located in your child's take home folder (plastic sleeve) and as a PDF below. Our vocabulary tests will be taken on Thursdays.

Spelling Words-     Can be located in your child's agenda planner and as a PDF below. Our spelling tests will be taken on Fridays.


A Glance at Our Week:  February 1-5, 2016

 Homework - Language Arts Homework -" LAH -"African American Newsmakers" due 02/5. If you need another copy, it can printed from my PDF documents below. 


Reading/Language Arts: Unit 5 Week 1

Essential Question: How do we get what we need?

Shared Read: "Juanita and the Beanstalk"

Genre: Fairy Tale 

Comprehension Skill: Point of View

Comprehension Strategy: Sumarize

Vocabulary Strategy: Root Words

Grammar: Singular and Plural Pronouns


Literature Anthology (Close Reading)- "Clever Jack"

Genre: Fairy Tale

Paired Read: "When Corn Was Cash"

Genre: Expository Text 

Phonics/Fluency: Consonant +le Syllables

Math- Chapter 10 - Length, Measurement, Liquid Volume and Mass 

Math Facts: This week we will be focusing on Multiples of 9 timed for 1  min.   We will practice daily in class, with an assessment on Friday. 


Writing:  Great introductions and Conclusions

Unit 3 Economics


A Glance at our week:  February 8-12, 2016

" due 02/12. If you need another copy, it can printed from my PDF documents below. 


Reading/Language Arts: Unit 5 Week 2

Essential Question: How can we reuse what we already have?

Shared Read: "The New Hoop"

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Comprehension Skill: Point of View

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

Vocabulary: Subject and Object Pronouns


Literature Anthology (Close Reading)- "Bravo Tavo"

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Paired Read: "Trash into Art"

Genre: Expository Text/Directions

Spelling: Inflectional Endings - ed; - ing, - s

Math- Chapter 11 - Perimeter and Area 

Math Facts: This week we will be focusing on Multiples of 10 timed for 1 1/2  min.   We will practice daily in class, with an assessment on Friday. 


Writing:  Introductions as a beginning of an essay

Unit 3 Social Studies  - Economics

See you in Room 347!

Mrs. Rohn


Important Dates:

 February 5th - Quarter Mid-point

February 15th - NO School


Please check student's homework and initial that you have seen it.  Also, please be sure to sign the agenda daily.  Thanks so much for all the help!

User names and Passwords are being placed inside the cover of Student Agendas.  The Connect Ed is for Reading and Social Studies, and the Think Central is for Math and Science.  Students can review daily lessons online and even play games, so please check it out! There is a PDF below outlining how to access these online sites.     


PDF documents
2015-16 - Emergency Contact Form
2015-16 Volunteer Application - pg. 2
2015-16 Volunteer Application - pg. 1
Connect Ed (Reading and Social Studies) - Log In Directions
Cursive - Examples for Each Letter
February - Newsletter
February 2016 - Newsletter
Field Trip - Wonderworks - Layout and regulations
Field Trip - Wonderworks - Consent Form
Language Arts Homework - due 2/12/16 - Presidents of the United States
Language Arts Homework due Friday 2/5 - Passage
Language Arts Homework Questions - African American Newsmakers
Open House - Presentation
Spelling Lists - For the Year by Story
Spelling Monsters -
ThinkCentral Directions - Online Access Math and Science
Third Grade Parent Night - Writing
Third Grade Parent Night - FSA Reading
VCS - Enrollment
Wonders Reading Series - Unit Vocabulary Words

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