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We are getting close to the end of the marking period!   Please make sure your child is completing all homework neatly. 

Each week, the students will be doing Cold Reads as homework each night.  A cold read is a reading passage that a student has not read before.  They have learned strategies on how to read one of these passages and how to answer the questions.  These strategies are below in a PDF file.  I will review my expectations with the students today using the homework from this week and beginning next week, homework will be sent home as a "re-do" for 60% if these strategies have not been used.  Please ensure your child is doing his/her very best work on the homework.  Each piece of homework has a very specific purpose to help your child gain success in each phase of fourth grade. 

The puzzle piece project was introduced this week to your child.  In this project, your child will choose a book in his/her AR level to read and report on.  The book must be a chapter book that has been read since the beginning of the 4th grade year or they are reading currently.  The due date for their book choice is next Friday (October 3).  I must approve the book before they begin the project.  See below for other due dates.

The students have glued all their passwords on the back page of their agenda with the corresponding website.  Please explore  It is an online version of the students Math book as well as extra practice, remedial instruction, enhanced instruction, video explanations, etc.  Wonderful resources to help you and your child understand the math curriculum.

 I will be giving the children a pre-test for Spelling on Monday.  If they score 100% on the pretest, they are exempt from the weekly homework and Thursday post-test.  Study over the weekend as this is a great opportunity to lessen the load.

Have fun studying spelling by going to .  Search for The Villages Charter Elementary School and click on my name "Anne Crane".  Choose the list the kids are studying this week and all kinds of different games come up using this weeks words!  Happy playing! 

Remember, they should be reading at least 15 minutes nightly and give a 1 or 2 sentence summary of what they read during that time in their reading log.  Homework is posted online for your convenience so be sure to check the website often for updates.


St. Augustine Field Trip Dates:

     Deposit Due for Chaperones and Students ($40 each):  September 19

     Final Payment due for Chaperones ($55) and Students ($41):  October 16

     Permission Slips Due:  September 19

     Note:  Permission Slips must be notarized

Puzzle Piece Project Due Dates:

     Book Title is chosen:  October 3

     Planning sheet is due:  October 24

     Poster due:  October 31

Math:  Chapter 3:  Multiply 2 digit numbers  Essential Question:  What strategies can you use to multiply by 2-digit numbers?

Writing:    Teacher will continue to model informational writing using the R.A.C.E. acronym (R=Restate the question; A=Answer the question; C=Cite evidence to support your answer; E= Explain your answer in your own words.  

Language Arts:   Unit 2 Week 1 

Genre:  Folktale

Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions

Comprehension Skills:  Theme

Vocabulary:  soared, attracted, dazzling, fabric, greed, honest, requested, trudged

Spelling:  prefixes

Grammar:  Common and Proper Nouns

Handwriting:  Cursive letters review

Reading Log:  Each evening your child is required to read at least 15 minutes nightly.  Your child is also required to track his/her reading on a reading log which is inside a sleeve in the agenda binder.  Parents must sign the log. 


         In an effort to be better stewards of our resources parents will no longer be receiving AR TOPS reports.  To view your child's progress towards their goals you can visit the website listed below.  It is easy to get signed and ready to use this great service.  You will receive emails to your personal address when your child has tested.  It is a valuable tool to use in keeping in touch with your child's progress.

     Parents, please make sure that your child is taking advantage of the ThinkCentral website.  This is a valuable tool to use for practice in both reading, math, and science.  Your child has been given a username and password for this website.  The information is located in their binders.

     Students will be getting acquainted with Spelling activities that will help them be successful on Thursday tests.  We have created a link to Spelling City which provides games and printables for each week's spelling words.  Please go to and  click "search" on the top menu.  Click "schools" on the search menu.  Type in "The Villages Elementary School"  and then click on the school name.  Find my name "Anne Crane" name.  Students will need to choose the list of words we are working on that week.  Happy playing.   

     Please make sure to check binders nightly for important information, weekly assignments, and tests.  Please make sure that your child is reading every night.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, jot a note in the planner, or email me at anytime. 


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