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Dear Parents, families, and students,


                                The much anticipated book fair will be taking place this week. We will go as a class on Monday to preview all of the fabulous books, and for the children to create their wish lists. I will set a time each day for those children who bring money to go shop at the book fair. They will be allowed to make one trip per day. I do not permit sharing of money with other students, and any toys that they purchase must be placed in their backpack. Parent night will be held on Thursday from 3-6.

                                 If you have not ordered a yearbook for your child, you may still do so at The price for the yearbook is $32. Don't miss out on capturing your child's elementary school memories!

                                 Conferences are in full swing. I have enjoyed meeting with you, and look forward to those that are scheduled for this week. I know that emergencies pop up, so if you find that you are unable to keep your scheduled conference, please send me an email or call the office and leave me a message. I will be happy to reschedule it.

                                In reading this week, the following skills will be covered.

                                        * Reading Strategy: Visualizing

                                        * Reading Skill: Theme

                                        * Vocabulary Strategy:  Literature: Folktale/drama

                                        * Grammar: Irregular verbs

                                        * Phonics: R-controlled vowels: /ir/ eer, ere, and ear

                                        * Structural Analysis: Abbreviations

                                        * Genre: Folktale

                                        * Weekly story: "How the Beetle got her Colors"

                                Problem solving using measuring, measuring in inches and feet, estimating lengths in feet and yards, choosing the correct tool, and displaying measurement data will comprise the math lessons for the week. Math facts will focus on the 2s with the assessment on Wednesday. Thursday, we will begin the 3 facts. Please continue to practice with your child. 

                                We will finish up the science unit on the Earth's surface this week with an assessment on Wednesday, and an extension project that will be completed in class. Each student will select a rock that they will research and comprise a flip book of the information that they found. The following week, we will step back into social studies and look at immigration.

                                 I wish you all a safe and productive week. Please contact me at any time with your questions and concerns. 






Mrs. Caputo



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