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Dear Parents, families, and students,

                                  It is hard to believe that we are entering the final full week of September. The months are just flying by! Before you know it Christmas will be here!! Speaking of Christmas, our next big event will be held on November 8th. This is the night of our annual Buffalo Basket Benefit. It is held at the Lake Miona Recreation Center, and it is a fabulous way to, not only support our school, but you can get a little holiday shopping done! We will be pairing with Miss Branfoot's class for this great event. As soon as we get notification that our basket theme has been approved, I will be sending out a list of suggested basket fillers. If you are a crafty person and would like to assemble the basket, please contact me.

                                 If you were able to attend the Reading Celebration kick-off this past week, I hope that you enjoyed the show! If you weren't hopefully your child came home and told you all about it. They seemed to have a great time. Let the reading continue!! 

                                 Don't miss out on the opportunity to capture your child's second grade memories. Order your child a year book starting on Monday, September 22. The order form will be sent home with your child. You can order this precious keepsake until Tuesday, September 30th.  

                                This week in reading the following skills will be covered:

                                            * Comprehension Strategy: Making, confirming, and revising predictions

                                            * Comprehension skill: character, setting, & plot

                                            * Grammar: nouns

                                            * Phonics: Long & short "o"

                                            * Vocabulary strategy: prefixes

                                            * Genre: realistic fiction-weekly story: "Sled Dogs Run"

                                  Adding three addends, relating addition and subtraction, practicing subtraction, using ten to subtract, and drawing to represent problems will comprise the math lessons for the week. The boys and girls have been knocking the addition fact assessments out of the park! So, I have decided to start the subtraction facts a few weeks early. This week their fact practice will switch to subtraction and Wednesday's fact assessment will be on subtraction. If you child needs extra help, please remember you can visit or

                                  We took a little detour this past week with Constitution Day being on Wednesday. We have spent the last few days discussing the Constitution and the different parts, why we have it, where and when it was written. We will finish up this week with writing and signing our own classroom Constitution. We will then continue our look at how scientist work in science.    

                                  Don't forget to send in those box tops and we can always use items for our treasure box. If you are able to help out, please remember to submit your receipt for PI credit. I wish you all a wonderful and productive week!


Mrs. Caputo




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