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Dear Parents, families, and students,


                                Can you believe that we are entering the final full week of October? Where is the time going? We have a very exciting week ahead of us.

                                 Monday, the children will be running the mile in P.E., Thursday, we will be trooping over to the middle school to see Mr. Slim Goodbody, and Friday, Book-O-Ween will take place. In regards to Book-O-Ween, please make sure that your child has the book to go along with his/her character. If they do not have it, please let me know and I will send them to the media center for a copy. I cannot wait to see who they all are going to be!They may wear shoes other than tennis shoes for their costume, but they will need them for P.E. If you are planning on attending the parade, we will be starting around 8:50 A.M. The best place for you to be would be on the court.

                                  This a kind reminder to send in a small pumpkin ( a "pie" pumpkin the size of a cantaloupe) and an empty soup can by Wednesday. I would like to thank in advance all of my wonderful parents for volunteering to come in and help Friday afternoon.

                                  All Buffalo Basket donations are due by October 31st. As I mentioned last week, we are joining Mrs. Trent and Mrs. Williams' classes. Our theme is "Anchors Away," focusing on anything to do with fishing. Please remember to turn in your receipt with your donation for PI credit. If you are a crafty person and would like to volunteer to put the finished product together, please contact me. The actual auction will be held on Saturday, November 12th at Lake Miona Recreation Center. What a great way to begin your holiday shopping and support the school at the same time!                  

                                 We have completed the second unit in reading, so this week the children will be taking the unit assessment. Just like with the first one, the test will be given Monday-Thursday. There will not be any spelling words this week. They will return the following week when we begin unit 3.

                                 Completing the assessment for chapter 4 in math will take place on Monday. Breaking apart ones to subtract, modeling regrouping for subtraction, recording 2-digit subtraction and practicing 2-digit subtraction will round out the remainder of the week. The boys and girls continue to do a fantastic job on the fact assessment. Another one will be given on Wednesday. As always, if your child needs some additional help, and are two great resources to use.

                                The children's creativity with their animal and plant discoveries have amazed me. I have a few that need to finish them up on Monday, then they will share them with the class. We have begun our unit on life cycles. They will need to know the differences between the different animal life cycles and what happens during each stage. We will also be looking at those animals that go through a complete metamorphosis and those that go through an incomplete metamorphosis. I do expect the children to know the difference and which animals belong in which category.

                                I wish you all a safe and productive week. Please contact me at any time with your questions and concerns. 






Mrs. Caputo



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