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In the words of Rafiki, "IT IS TIME"!

Arts in the Park!!!

 Every student has a piece of art in the show; every student has their photo and every student has an "artist's biography". The student show would not be possible without the help from our parent volunteers - thank you so much!!  I'll be in need of a few more when I have to take down the student show on Thursday May 12th. Feel free to contact me if you would like to help.

The student show will be open for parents to visit during the school day during the week of May 9-12. Just be sure to check-in at the front office for your visitor sticker.

Then, Monday night will be our Kindergarten night and Tuesday night will be our First Grade night. Ms. Fraser has the times listed on her webpage. Be sure to check there if you need that information.

Feel free to bring lawn chairs as the event begins outside.

Websites we have used in Art class: 

First grade has used the following site to practice animation: . Kindergarten has used the following site to design their own car: , and Kindergarten has used the following site to mix and paint with color online: . 


Materials we have used in class:

1. Model Magic - a modeling clay that's light weight and air drys. Some of the first grade students have made owl sculptures with this medium. However, all first grade students will sculpt with it in January when they make penguins. Model Magic can be found wherever Crayola products are found.

2. Watercolor Pencils - these pencils look just like colored pencils except when a student is all done coloring their art work, they can add water with a paintbrush and it turns to watercolor paint. These are also made by Crayola, although easier to find in the Crayola section at craft stores.

3. Watercolor Crayons - very similar to the watecolor pencils, a student can color with these crayons, then add water with a brush and it turns to watercolor paint. This product is difficult to find in stores locally, but it can be ordered online with websites that sell art supplies (such as Blick or Sax). 


 Mrs. Kaczmarek

When we met some of you learned the good news! We have added an Art Teacher, a Music Teacher and a Spanish Teacher to our staff here at the Primary Center. We share these talented teachers with the middle school in the afternoon, so they are only here part-time in the mornings. I'd like to welcome Ms. Kaczmarek to the Art team! Ms. Kaczmarek teaches the following classes; Ms. Danford's, Ms. Van Voorhees' and Ms. Hendren's first grades. Ms. Kazzy, (as she likes the students to call her), and I will be working closely together to make sure all our Art students have a full and complete learning experience this year.  Mrs. Kaczmarek's E-mail can be found on the Teacher's Connection section of the middle school page.



Mrs. Broaderick


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