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Meet your Teacher

My name is Mrs. Sigmon and I have been working at the Charter School since 2000. Every year is as exciting as the one before it. My husband and I have been married for 22 years and have three wonderful boys.  Austin will be turning 21 and is attending the College of Central Florida with a major in Information Systems; Kyle is 18 and working full time, however, now has the ambition to start college, which thrills me; my youngest, Corey,16, just received  his driver�s license and plays alto sax in a jazz band.  I enjoy working out, boating, and I have just been bitten by the cruise bug after enjoying my first one this summer! What fun! 


Your child will have six choices for lunch.

  • �         Tutti Fruity- a yogurt cup with honey nut cereal, veg of the day, string cheese
  • �         Hot Lunch- Located on the schools lunch calendar
  • �         Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • �         Chef Salad
  • �         Lunch Box from Home
  • �         Garden Salad

It is very important that before your child gets out of the car in the morning, you verify what they will be ordering for lunch. This discussion has to be made first thing in the morning.  At this time, also inform your child if they will be car rider or after care for that day.  Thank you for your help with this!

Each child will have their own lunch number that they are responsible for memorizing.  I will send it home for you to practice with your child.  All the children always feel so big when they punch in their numbers, showing off their independence! 

Lunch Money

There is a clear pouch in your child�s communication binder where you can place any money that needs to be turned in.  However, it must be labeled lunch money, aftercare money, field trip money, etc�

  Snack Time

We will have a morning snack time in our kindergarten classroom.  This should be a healthy snack that is placed in a Ziploc baggie.  Please do not store this snack in your child�s lunchbox if they are buying lunch from school.  It causes confusion when they are placing their lunch clip on in the morning.  Example: If a child puts their clip on lunchbox because he /she is carrying one  to school, but really was needing a hot lunch then our lunch count is off, and a lunch did not get ordered.  

Accelerated Reader

Once the media center is up and running, your child will be able to check out one book.  Although they are allowed to keep that book for two weeks, I encourage you to read and return the book after three readings.  There will be a reading log placed in the front of their communication binder where you will be able to write the title down, this ensures us that your child is ready for their AR quiz. I define being ready for an AR quiz as having read the book three times along with some at home comprehension questioning of the book.   There are about five questions on the AR quiz and your help will aid in their success.  Their overall goal is 15 points to be able to attend the pancake breakfast. However, don�t stop there! Continue to read to help the school achieve its AR goal.


Your child will be assigned one sheet of homework nightly Monday-Thursday.  In addition, it is advised that you do the following on a regular basis with your child at home:

·        Read

·        Practice sight words

·        Letters recognition and sounds

·        And any additional skills your child may be continuing to work on.


Please be sure to review homework with your child and initial at the top of the page.






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