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Reading Unit 4

Comprehension Strategy:visualize

Comprehension Skill: theme

Vocabulary Strategy: root words

Writing Traits: Ideas

Grammar: Irrregular Verbs

Sturctural Analusis: abbreviations- Dr., Mr., Mrs., St., Ave.

Mechanics: letter punctuation- gretting, closing


Math Chapter 8

This unit is all about measuring.  We are learning how to measure with a objects, a ruler, and a yardstick, and a measuring tape.  The children are really excited as they measure oEach pieces is measured differently. An example is their eyes are 3in x 3in.  

Donations Wanted:

Little Prizes for Sight Word Point Club- 10 different prizes with 18(1 for each student)

colored files folers

popsticks(big size)

ink pad( any color)

fake money

 Social Studies

We are learning about Immigration.  Please don't forget about your upcoming social studies project.  Don't leave it to the last minute! :) 

When surfing the web, I came across the link below, and I thought I would share it with you.  To me, I found it would have been something that my own children would have enjoyed when they were younger.  Nothing like learning about the world around you and getting mail!

 Class Pictures

Extra class pictures:  I have 2 extra class pictures that are for sale $12.  These will be sold on first come, first serve basis. Otherwise,  Parents who would like to order a class picture that did not order during the presale will need to call Lifetouch at 352-732-3645. The cost of the picture will be $15.


Looking for PI hours?  You can go on pinterest and look up second grade math games.  There are a ton of them!  Create one and send it in with your student.  Be sure to state how much money and time you spent on creating the hands on activity.  However, any second grade math game will be accepted.

 Donations are always accepted as well.  Below are two links to items that I would love to recieve.

Snack:  Please be sure to pack a healthy snack daily for your child.  This is a quick snack to help us make it to our lunch time at 12:31 pm.  The snack should be able to be eaten with their fingers and be of nutritious value. Grapes, carrot and or celery sticks, gold fish, apples, pretzels, cheese-its, and fruit snacks are just a few suggestions. I will not have extra snacks available, so please make sure that your child has one packed. Second, your child may bring in a water bottle to place on their desk. This will help with the up and down of going to the water fountain. The only thing that I ask is that the water bottle not have a screw top. If it gets knocked over, it could cause a mess. If you should have any questions about either the snack or water bottles, please feel free to contact me.

Homework:  Homework will be given Monday through Thursday.  I ask that you look over your child's homework and initial each piece. Please remember that the homework is due the next day unless I specify differently. Homework turned in a day late will automatically receive a 60% (unless the child has been absent).

Email:  When emailing me, please be sure to put "student" in the subject line.


The website is

1.    Put your mouse over the search button in blue

2.    A drop down box will pop up with; word list, teachers/parents and schools

3.    Select schools

4.    In the white search bar type in The Villages Charter School

5.    Then select Villages Carter Elementary school

6.    Look for Shannon Sigmon and click on the name

7.    Last, select the Unit and week of selling list

8.    Right click on the page and add the webpage to your favorites for the children to enjoy each week!

Parents can then select to take a test or play games. Fun way to practice spelling words!

Please feel free to email me with any questions of concerns.

Educationally yours,

Mrs. Sigmon


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