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This week in reading we are finishing up unit 5. We will be learning about making predictions, cause and effect, homophones, contractions, and possessive pronouns and multiple- meaning words. 

In chapter 11 in math we will having a test on Friday.(with shapes and fractions) Please look for nightly homework and check for accuracy. Also, please check out the online resources through think central for extra help. (passwords in first page of agenda planner)

In science we are learning about the "Human Body".

The behavior plan is currently posted below. Please see attached document. We use a clip chart in school each day. The students are able to move up or down on the chart depending on choices made during the day. If your child receives a 4 or above in their agenda for the day, they had a good/excellent or outstanding day. If your child receives a 3 or lower in their agenda, he/she was not making the best of choices in class. Please check the agenda each night to keep yourself updated about how your child is behaving in school. Your help with reminders at home is much appreciated. 

Please remember that each Friday we will have a coldread reading test and spelling test. Also, on every other Friday we will do a selection (a test on the story of the week and the weeks vocab words) reading test. When your child's reading text book comes home on Wednesday night to read the story and complete a worksheet, that will be the week the test is on. Also, if you look closely at the study guides sent home, they are on weeks 2 and 4 in each unit. Lastly, I am going to post when we have the selection test on the website. I usually do not post the coldread and spelling test as those never change; always on Friday for the entire year. 

All papers should include a name, date and student's number in the upper right hand corner. On notebook paper students should be doing a proper heading that includes a name, date, assignment, subject and number. This is the order it should follow and should be written starting on the first line (not the margin) of the left hand side. Holes should be on the left as well. I know this seems very detailed but, for the most part children are doing a great job with it and also it is a school wide used heading. Thank you for your help with this. 

Always be sure to check this binder each night for papers and behavior communication and homework. 

Some important dates: No school: Spring break 3/28-4/5, Students return on April 6th   (check out the Tumblebook library in the bottom left corner)

Thank you for all your support,          

Mrs.  D'Alessandro

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 
 Nelson Mandela


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2nd grade parent night, Expectations -
Behavior plan -
March 2015 newsletter -
Study guide for the week of March 23, 2015 -

 March 2015
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spelling words of the week
vocab for the week
HW math 10.2, spelling 3 times each

Hw vocab match, math 10.3

HW- read "Once Upon a Baby Brother", math 10.4

HW- study spelling and vocab, math 10.5




No spelling this week
HW math color graph, grammar worksheet

Hw study for math test (ch.10), vocab match

HW no math, coldread

no HW

No school



spelling words of the week
Spelling 3 times each, math 11.2

HW vocab match, math 11.3

HW math 11.4, read "The Woodcutter's Gift"

HW math 11.5, study vocab and spelling




spelling 3 times each, math 11.7
vocab for the week
spelling words of the week

HW math 11.8, vocab sentences ( use 3 vocab words in sentences)

Hw math 11.9, multiple meaning-words worksheet

HW math study for test (study guide), study vocab and spelling


Spring Break 3/28-4/5, Students return 4/6




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