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Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. I am so happy to have you in my class this year.
This week we will be up and rolling with our usual curriculum.
This week in LA we are learning about: key details, root words, predicates, -ed, -ing endings, it is a selection test week, please look for the story of the week for Wednesday night's homework
This week in Math we are learning: Ch. 2: Place value and number to 1,000, lessons 2.3-2.7
This week in Science/Social Studies we are learning: How to think like a scientist
You need to know this week: No School Monday September 7th
 In language arts we will be learning about inflectional endings and key details. Your child will have a sheet of homework each night highlighting a different part of what we are learning about this week. Also, you can find the study guide for the week with all the language arts skills on it in your child's take home binder and also as a PDF below. There are a few thing that I would like for you to know about our language arts studies for the year. First, we will have a weekly coldread and spelling test. This week is the only exception to this as we will be working on the test together to get the children used to the format. (Week of 8/10) The coldread test is probably the test that we will spend the most time preparing for in our curriculum. We will use reading strategies. Each child will have a copy of those strategies with them at their desk to follow. We will spend a lot of time reviewing and practicing these skills so they are able to be successful each week on this, sometimes very challenging test. Also, we will have a spelling test each week as well. Please make sure you are reviewing those words each night with your child. Other language arts grades will be taken from writing, classwork, homework, selection and unit tests. Lastly, please expect night homework for language arts and math. No homework will be given over the weekend. 
In math I will assign homework each night. In your child's binder you will also see the daily lesson from the day. Please use it as your guide to assist with homework. On that note, please do assist with homework if your child needs help. It is perfectly ok to have assignments turned in with 100% accuracy because you worked on it together. If you feel the lesson was extremely hard and your child needs some extra help or clarification for the lesson, please feel free to jot down a note on that homework indicating such. Also, if you could please remind your child to show me the note in the morning so I can see it first thing that would be great. I will also be sending home some practice fact sheets. These are just for practice at home and should not be returned. Your child should be timed for 2 minutes to practice these facts. In math I will be taking grades on tests/quizzes, fact practices and homework/classwork. 
In social studies and science you will not usually see any homework. The only exception to this is there will be some at home projects which should be completed at home and by the due date. You will have plenty of notice about the dates on these. The grade in science and social studies come from daily work and quiz/test grades. I really love teaching these topics and due to the rigor of the curriculum in other subject area, I really do try to make it fun with in class projects and small group activities. That being said, all tests will be open book. In addition, most tests are oral. 
I know this is a lot of information to digest. I just wanted to give you a feel for grades and class this year. Please feel free to contact me about anything! Also, I will be going into detail about specific at open house on the 24th. Hope to see you there.  
You should be noticing the binders coming home now. Please look through papers and clean out binder as needed. Important memos and other papers are sent home often. Also, please initial homework and binder by behavior report. 
Please check binders nightly for notes and other information about assignments and school related items.You will also find a reading log and a weekly study guide in the binders. AR is not currently up and running, but we definitely want to get our reading juices flowing. 
I look forward to helping your child grow this year with everything they do!! 
I know this is going to be a great year!

Yours Truely,

Mrs. D'Alessandro   (check out the Tumblebook library in the bottom left corner)
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 


PDF documents
2nd grade parent night, Expectations -
Behavior plan 2015-2016 -
Mrs. D'Alessandro's class schedule for 2015-2016 -
proper heading -
Study guide for the week of Sep. 7, 2015 -
Study guide week of Aug. 31, 2015 -

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HW math 2.4, vocab match

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