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  Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to November!  October was a full month of learning and fun. As we start November, don't forget about daylight savings time this weekend!  Be sure to set your clocks back an hour Saturday night!

This week, we have our FIELD TRIP to Sea World on Thursday. Because of this, students in our class will take our selection test on FRIDAY.  Please help your child review spelling and vocabulary words and multiples of 10 for our tests. 

FIELD TRIP reminders: Parents serving as chaperones: please meet in our classroom before departing the school so we can go over some important reminders. Please make arrangements to pick up your child from the school upon our return from Sea World at 6:00.   Your child should wear a BLUE uniform shirt along with regular uniform shorts or bottoms.  No backpacks, lunch boxes, or school supplies are  needed at school on Thursday.  We look forward to a fantastic day of educational fun!


We are making progress on our individual goals, but here are a few reminders for you to help your child get the most out of their reading each day:

1. Make sure your child is choosing books within his/her AR reading level. Books should be chosen closer to the high end of his/her ZPD range.

2. Please allow a quiet place for your child to read for 20 minutes uninterrupted each night.

3. Nonfiction books should be read weekly and tested on by Friday. Students have multiple sources to pull from in our classroom, and can always check one out from the school media center. This is important because it helps build your child's content knowledge, gives him/her familiarity with different kinds of reading materials, and expands vocabularies too. Thank you for helping reinforce this at home.


Thanks for sending in your Box Tops for Education! Every little bit adds up!


Classroom donations needed: treasure box trinkets, small toys, fun pencils, and stickers - THANK YOU!


Upcoming events:

November 6: Sea World field trip

November 18: Third Grade Parent Night

November 24-28: Fall Break


Please check out our PDFs for our Weekly Focus Wall.  The Focus Wall includes skills, strategies, spelling word and vocabulary words! 

Weekly Cold Reads Homework has started, below are directions for using the strategies we have learned in class. Please be doing this homework with your student and initial weekly.  Cold Read Homework is given on Friday and is due the following Friday.  It may be turned in early!! For credit students MUST have used all strategies AND have it initialed. If your child is missing their Cold Read there is a PDF of it below for your convenience.

A Cold Read is an article, story, or passage that has not been read.  Your child will be unfamiliar with this text.  Each Friday your child will receive a weekly cold read.  Please review this cold read with your child each week and return the following Friday.  Here are the strategies that I teach to your child when completing a cold read.

Step 1: Look at the title and pictures.  Predict what you think the passage will be about.

Step 2: Read the questions only (not the answers) for this passage.

Step 3: Read the WHOLE story.  Ask yourself questions while reading the passage.  Who or what is the passage about? What is happening in the passage?  At the end of every paragraph check for understanding.  If you are unsure what happened, go back and reread.

Step 4: Complete this step for each question: Read the question and all of the answers.  Go back in the passage and UNDERLINE the part that PROVES the answer.  Write the question # next to the underlined part.  Bubble in your answer completely.

Step 5: Check your work.  Reread each question.  Go back in the passage and find where you underlined the answer.  Check to see if your answer makes sense.  If it does, go to the next question.  If it does not, find the correct answer and repeat step 4. Check all answers.

PI Opportunity: We are in need of volunteers to tear pages out of several books.  PI Hours will be given for time worked.  Please e-mail me if you are interesting in coming in and helping us with this project.


Important Dates:

October 9th: Payment and Consent forms are DUE- SeaWorld Fieldtrip.

October 9th: Last Day of the 1st Nine Weeks (Last Day to AR test)

October 11th: Closet Clutter- 8am-12pm (High School Parking Lot)

October 17th-24th: Miss Larson will be out of town

October 31st:  Book-O-Ween (more info to come)

November 7th: SeaWorld Fieldtrip


PDF documents
November Newsletter -
Parent Night Powerpoint - Reading
Parent Night Powerpoint - FSA
Parent Night Powerpoint - Writing
Student Behavior Policy - Student Behavior Policy
Weekly Cold Read - Due 11/21
Weekly Focus Wall - Unit 3 Week 3

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