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I can't believe October is already here! Thanks so much for those who sent in items for our NASCAR basket! We are hoping it will raise a lot of money for the school at our basket benefit!

Please make sure you are getting your field trip paperwork in. At this point we have room still for anyone interested in being a chaperone. Remember we need a copy of your drivers license and the 2 pages of the volunteer application turned in yearly so you would need to complete a new one for this year if you would like to attend! Thanks for following the deadlines and we are sure this will be an exciting trip! Remember all paperwork and payments are due by October 30th, (Thursday!). Thanks to those who have turned in their paperwork and payment already.

This Thursday we are having our Pumpkin day in our classroom where we will have centers and students will get to learn, decorate, and observe different pumpkins! Thanks to those who helped send in pumpkins, and help with this fun afternoon. It is going to be from around 12:00-1:30 on October 30th.  On Friday this week we will have our Book-O-ween Parade close to 8:00, and will have centers about different genres in the afternoon! What a fun end to our week we will be having! Also please remember to send your child in in a costume with a book to go with their outfit!  Please send a change of clothes if you suspect they might be uncomfortable throughout the day. Please remember that we will have PE as well and need tennis shoes in.

Please remember that we are collecting box tops for education or labels for education all year long as they help raise money for our school. Feel free to send these in in a little baggie! Each 9 weeks there is a competition and the winning class gets a prize! Thanks for your help with this.

Wow! We are learning to read so well! Most of the students are reading their bag books nightly, but some are not. Remember, you need to sign their bag book if you listened to them read. Also, many are not AR testing daily. Almost every student should have an AR book in their bag every night. They also should be reading and AR testing on their library books. This gives them the possibility of 2 AR tests a day. We are trying to reach our goals so your child can be a part of the different AR goal celebrations that we will have throughout the year. Please remember that they need to have a comprehension average of 80% in order to make this!

Please make sure you check the planner nightly. Several students are not getting papers removed that were done in class. When the orange folder comes home, that has any graded work in it as well so please sign and unpack the folder. You can send it back the next day. Your child should know to give it to me. 

Reading and Spelling Tests- we will have one of each this Friday. Please be sure to review the Reading Test Practice page that comes home on or before Thursday night. (It is a half sheet and tells you some of the tested skills etc.) Please review these weekly as they are returned to you as the following week only gets more challenging! I am trying to teach them to go through the story and circle or underline where they got their answers from! If they label them with the question number then you and I will be able to see easily how they understood the question.

Thank you for all of your support! It is going to be such a wonderful year! 


Mrs. Peek

Resources for you:  Help your child practice his/her spelling words in a fun, interactive way.  Find out if books from your home library are AR books.

Thank you to those who have been ordering books! Remember you can earn free books if you keep ordering for our class!  The activation code is GLHK7 so you can make sure the order goes into the right class. Happy Reading! Book club ordering link:


PDF documents
1st 9 weeks Spelling List - See the dates at the top for reference
Behavior Chart Information -
Class Schedule 2014-2015 -
Field Trip form 1 - This tells us lunch count and detail for the trip!
Field Trip form 2 -
First Grade Expectations -
October Math Hw Calendar -
October Newsletter -
Reading Questions to use with Bag/Library Books -
Volunteer app page 1 - make sure to print page 2!
Volunteer App page 2 - also send in a copy of your drivers license!

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