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Dear Ms. Freitag's Fact-Finding Fish,

Parent Conference Schedules were sent out by e-mail and a hard copy was also sent home.  If you have not already contacted please do so with your choices that work for you.  I look forward sitting down with you to share and talk about your child.  

Insect Report and Art project is due this Thursday, Oct. 2nd.  No late projects will be accepted.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Your child should be researching their favorite insect and create a simple art design using the 2 pipe cleaners and anything else they want to make it with. 

The second grade teachers will be presenting a Parent Night on October 9th, 6:00-7:30 pm.  This is a great night to learn more about second grade and earn informational hours towards your Parental Involvement. 

 I encourage your child to read their AR book, and when they are ready, parents please sign their AR sheet in their binder so they may take their test. 

 Have a wonderful week.

Educationally yours,

Ms. Freitag

 Keep sending in those Box Tops!!!  Thank you so much for doing that.

          ***** Please check out your child's binder.  You should notice in front of their agendas clear protective sheets.                                                                                                     The first page lists all the skills, vocabulary, and spelling information of the week.  The children will get a new one each week.  This is wonderful to look over with your child, and discuss what we will be covering in the classroom. The second page is their AR log sheet and backside is their AR tracking sheet.  Please fill out the AR log sheet when your child is ready to take their AR test.  The third sheet protector contains their ConnectEd login information, which is our online access to our Reading and Social Studies curriculum. 

  As you have seen, I like to include with the Math homework page (black and white), our classwork. If your child is having problems with the homework page, a great tool is to go back and look what we did in class that day.  Also, some of the math strategies used are not at all how we (parents) did it.  I tell the students that your parents may not understand so you will have to teach them!!  They love that.  If you can teach it, you know it.

 Our lunch time is from 12:21-12:51 p.m. in the 2nd grade cafeteria and you are ALWAYS welcome to come and eat with your child. 

The best way to communicate with me is by e-mail.  My e-mail is

Ms. Freitag





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