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We are happy to have you all back here at VHS this fall and are eager to help with any questions you may have as we begin the new year. The Villages High School guidance office now has 3 counselors to help:

Nicole Lake – last names A-G all grades 

Jerry Callahan – last names H-O all grades

Katie Stephenson - last names P-Z all grades

Please contact your student's school counselor with any concerns, including scheduling a parent/teacher conference. 


Upcoming Testing/Activities Dates

Sept 15-16 - FSA Algebra EOC Retake - applies to a select group of students, your student received a letter if they are involved

Oct 14 - PSAT - all 10th graders and juniors who want to re-take (at a small fee)

Oct 14-16 - FSA Reading and FCAT 2.0 Retakes - select group of juniors and seniors

Oct 19-23 - Homecoming Week


Parents of Seniors

The student is responsible for sending SAT/ACT scores to the colleges.

*If you are a Dual Enrollment Student: Please make sure you contact Lake Sumter State College for any college transcript that must be sent as you apply to college.   

All students will be registered on the Florida Student Financial Aid website (Bright Futures) in December when the application opens. 

There is a great article on financial aid with more information on a webinar that you can attend. They are attached as PDFs at the bottom of the Guidance page.

Khan Academy: The link below has resources to help students and parents navigate this challenging college process. These resources include video interviews and conversations with successful students from all walks of life and admissions officers and counselors at some of the nation's top schools.



Current Juniors and Seniors should be taking the SAT and ACT.  Registration is done online at and and more information is available in Guidance. Please see your school counselor if you get free and reduced lunch for a fee waiver for the tests. 

ACT Basic Info: 

  • Answer EVERY question during the allowed time for that section
  • Your scores on the multiple-choice tests are based on the number of questions you answer correctly -- There is NO penalty for guessing
  • Composite score range from 1 (low) - 36 (high)
  • 4 sections plus optional writing section (if you sign up for it)
  • English, Mathematics, Reading, Science .. then writing optional at the end

 SAT Basic Info: 

  • Correct Answers +1 point
  • Incorrect Answers -1/4 point for incorrect multiple choice
  • 0 points for incorrect student produced responses written in the math section
  • SAT scores are reported on a sale from 200-800
  • Critical reading & mathematics & writing
  • Every SAT contains a 25-minute essay (1st section of the test)

Remember: These scores are needed to be eligible for Bright Futures and for consideration by the Buffalo Scholarship Foundation!

SAT/ACT High School Code/CEEB Code: 101833

SAT Test Center Site Code: 10381

ACT Test Center Site Code: 243870

Test Prep: - great prep for either SAT or ACT, create an account, complete learning games, etc

Test Prep: and - click on top banner for SAT practice

Test Prep:


The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.) is Florida's customized common placement test. The purpose of the P.E.R.T. is accurate course placement based on the student's skills and abilities. The P.E.R.T. is aligned with the Postsecondary Readiness Competencies identified by Florida faculty as necessary for success in entry-level college credit coursework. The P.E.R.T. assessment system includes Placement and Diagnostic tests in mathematics, reading and writing.

Students who score 106 or better on Reading and 103 or better on Writing portions of the PERT may be eligible for the English dual enrollment classes taught at VHS. Students who have completed Algebra 2, score 123 or better on the Math and a 106 or better on the Reading portion of PERT may be eligible for the math dual enrollment classes taught at VHS.  Students who are eligible for the English dual enrollment classes and Math dual enrollment classes may also be eligible for Science dual enrollment classes.



State University System of Florida:

College & Career search:

Private Colleges/Universities of Florida:

College Athletics information (Junior year):

Career Planning information including earning power:

College planning tips for Juniors:

College planning tips for Seniors:



If you are in need of tutoring, the guidance office can help set up a student tutor through the National Honor Society. Please contact your counselor for more information.

Homework/test help:

SAT Prep: and

SAT Prep Videos:

Student Tutorials: (student centered resources designed to assist a students)


Nicole Lake – last names A-G all grades -

Jerry Callahan – last names H-O all grades -

Katie Stephenson - last names P-Z all grades -

PDF Files

Demonstration of Mastery - Explanation of Semester Exam Exemption Policy
Financial Aid Flyer -
FLVS Registration - How to register for a course
Paying for College Webinar Flyer -
Welcome to FLVS - Mandatory Virtual School Introduction

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