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Actively read and annotate the following books:

In order to mark the text, students are encouraged to purchase these required books. 

Freshmen books:

Two Old Women by Velma Wallis

Anthem by Ayn Rand


Sophomore books:

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Bael

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

If students do not purchase the books, books will be available at the high school media center for check out.  However, students are still required to comment on and record their thoughts in a double entry journal. Below is an example of what a double entry journal looks like.


Information (quote, phrase, descriptive words, names of people, places, and things)

Interpretations (my reactions to what I wrote in column 1)





















Read Actively:

Most people read in a relaxed, almost passive way. They let the story or poem carry them along without asking too many questions. To write about literature well, however, you need to read actively, paying attention to various aspects of the text. This special sort of attention will not only deepen your enjoyment of the story but will also help generate the information and ideas that will become your final paper.

How do you read actively?

Preview the text. To get acquainted with a work of literature before you settle in for a closer reading, skim it for an overview of its content and organization. Take a quick look at all parts of the work.

Take notes. Annotate the text. Read with a highlighter and pencil at hand, making appropriate annotations to the text. Later, youíll easily be able to review these highlights, and, when you write your paper, quickly refer to supporting evidence.

    • Underling words, phrases, or sentences that seem interesting or important, or that raise questions.
    • Jot down brief notes in the margin. (ie: key symbols, foreshadowing, dramatic irony).
    • Use lines or arrows to indicate passages that seem to speak to each other
    • Read closely. Once you have begun reading in earnest, donít skim or skip over words you donít know, rather look up those words.
    • Reread as needed. Reread passages you though important to highlight. 

What am I being graded on?

Your grade will be based on two things. Annotations and an in class essay that will be completed the first week of school. You will be required to submit your book that should demonstrate that you actively read the work. If you cannot buy the book, your double entry journal will serve as this portion of the grade.


Essay Portion

Students will write an essay on one of the novels during the first week of school. Students can use their book and/or their journal/chart responses to write their essay.  The essay topics will be assigned at random by the teacher.  Students should be prepared to write on either book.



Students will be required to read actively and annotate their book. An annotation is a note of explanation or comment added to a text. An example of an annotated text can be found in the PDF's under Summer Reading 2014. 



Helpful Links: - FCAT Focus - Moodle 



PDF documents
Archetypes for Big Fish - Overview of various archetypes
Checklist for writing - Always check your papers against this first
Communism PowerPoint - a brief overview
Country Project - information for creating your own country project
FCAT - FCAT Fact sheet
Finals Study Guide - things that will be on the end of course exam
Formal Writing Rubric - Rubric for any longer writing assignments
Frankenstein Script - Readers' Theatre Script
Group Presentation Rubric - Rubric for the presentation portion
Lord of the Flies Essay Prompts - Information on the Lord of the Flies Essay Options
Lord of the Flies Handout - Packet for Class
Lost World Script - Readers' Theatre Script
Mapping Maycomb - Map info
Midterm Study Guide - Midterm Study Guide
MLA Format Paper - How to format a MLA paper from VCC
MockingbirdTea Party - Information for the Tea Party
Moodle Set up - Info to help students set up a Moodle account
Olaudah Equiano - Excerpt and Questions
Ovid Presentations - explains what your task is for this project
Ovid Rubric - How you will be graded on your presentation
Promptbook - Everything you need to know about the promptbook
Propaganda PowerPoint - Discussion of nine types of propaganda
Propaganda Rubric - The rubric that will be used to grade your posters
Quick Write/ Bell Ringer Rubric - Information on how you will be graded
Quilt Rubric - Info on Quilt Project
Rubric for Midsummer Night's Dream Promptbook - Information on how you will be graded
Rubric for Reading Journals - Literacy Projects will be graded with this rubric
Shakespeare WebQuest - Shakespeare WebQuest Questions
Summer Reading 2014 - Information about the Summer Reading Requirements
Summer Reading Journal Rubric - how students will be graded on their entries
TKAM Packet - Study Questions for the novel
William Singleton - Singleton's Resistance to Slavery Handout

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