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Hello parents and students!  I want to tell you how much I enjoy working with your children in class each day.  I have the best students!  Remember that if you ever feel as though you are struggling on a concept we are covering in class to PLEASE COME SEE ME for EXTRA HELP!  I am available everyday after school until 3:30 (3:10 on Mondays).  You do not have to make an appointment, just show up.  :)  Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns. 


ALL ALGEBRA 2 HONORS STUDENTS, PLEASE READ!!!!! Hi everyone! I am so excited that we are just 3 weeks out from our EOC! I know that sounds crazy, but you all have learned sooooo much this school year and I can't wait for you to show it. In order to do your very best on the EOC I am asking that you prepare your mindset to that of hard work for the next 3 weeks. After that, we will celebrate and enjoy no more homework. :) Starting next Wednesday (April 5th), I will begin holding after school review sessions where we will work out as a group as many problems as we can in order to strengthen our skills of every concept. Please plan to attend AT LEAST once per week! (Maybe I should consider some extra credit if you attend 4 or more sessions??) Make sure to stay ahead of schedule with the homework assignments in USATestprep as I will be giving additional work to go with that on certain days. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as we get into our review session and do not be afraid to ask for help! EOC, here we come!!!

~Mrs. Thomas


Math Nation sign in information


  • username: villagesschool\first initial of first name, then student id
  • password: computer password at school


**Math XL website:

**Pearson website:  Pearson EASYBRIDGE

**Showme Review videos:

**SAT Prep website:




PDF documents
Algebra 2 Honors - Syllabus 2016-2017
Classroom Management Plan - 2016-2017
Formulas to Memorize - For algebra 2 FSA
Math Department Supply List - for all math classes at VHS
Math for College Readiness - Syllabus 2016-2017
PERT Information - Includes links to PERT practice and information
Renew math xl for school account - Please follow the directions in this file