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Welcome! My name is Amanda Walter and this is my second year teaching at The Villages Charter High School. I received my MA in Shakespeare Studies from the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, England and my BA in American and English Literature from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. Outside of class I spend my time training for triathlons and marathons, reading, travelling, and hanging out with my awesome dog Amelie.

My Philosophy “Education is all a matter of building bridges.” –Ralph Ellison

I believe it is my role as a teacher to be a guide, positive role model, and expert in the curriculum I am teaching. It is my duty to assist in “building bridges” for students’ educational journeys. I have high expectations for the students in my class. I expect the students to achieve academically to their fullest potential. I expect students to contribute in a positive manner to my classroom.  I am truly looking forward to an exciting, yet academically challenging year.

Class Supply List

Pens-Black or blue ink only.

Plenty of college rule paper.

3 ring binder-You may share your binder with another class, or you may leave your notebook in the cabinets in my classroom.

300 3" X 5" Index Cards-These cards may be lined or unlined. These will be used for  weekly vocabulary lessons. Students will not be required to have all the index cards at the beginning of the year; however, I would suggest keeping the full amount in the classroom to avoid being unprepared for class.

A rubber band, or some other form of keeping notecards together and organized.

Flash drive-Your flash drive is an important piece of your success in my class. You may want to purchase a flash drive that you can attach to your keys, or your backpack to prevent loss of your work. Remember, always save your work to multiple locations!

Moodle Account

Internet access- If you do not have access to the internet the Media Center is open before and after school.

Access to Microsoft Word or a similar program-Please be advised that files that cannot be opened due to incompatibility will be counted late. Please make sure your document can be opened on a school computer to avoid this issue.


PDF documents
Integrating Evidence - A guide to help you introduce quotes in your paper
SAT Resources -

 October 2014
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AP Language & Comp - Syntax and Repetition

Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - The Summoning of Everyman
English II - Read Swimming to Antartica
Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - Fahrenheit 451 Reading Day



AP Language & Comp - Fahrenheit 451 Test
English II - Read Swimming to Antartica

English II - Review, Swimming to Antarctica
English II - Read The Winning Edge pg 159
AP Language & Comp - Review Syntax and Repetition Worksheet
Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - Finish The Summoning of Everyman
English II - Review Everyman; King Arthur Introduction

Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - Review Arthur Intro/Read Malory Introduction
AP Language & Comp - Ralph Ellison Essay Review
English II - Review for Unit 1 Test

English II - Unit 1 Test
Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - Begin Morte D'Arthur




English II - Introduction to New Unit
Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - Morte D'Arthur

Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - Morte D'Arthur
English II - FAIR Testing

English II - FAIR Testing
Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - Midterm

English II - Intro to the 16th Century
English II - Key Unit Terms

English II - From Longitude
Dual Enrollment English Lit/Am Lit - Elizabeth I



English II - Questions from Longitude

English II - The Sun Palor

English II - The Sun Parlor Questions
AP Language & Comp - Moth Essay due by Midnight
English II - Vocabulary Quiz

AA New Assignment
English II - Review Sun Parlor ?'s and Grammar/Vocab Practice

English II - Homework: Finish Narrative Essay
English II - How to write a Narrative Essay



English II - Questions Keep Memory Alive 1-6
English II - What is a Persuasive Essay?
AP Language & Comp - Catcher in the Rye Test
English II - Read Keep Memory Alive

English II - Review Keep Memory Alive ?'s
English II - Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets

English II - Read The American Idea
English II - Discuss distinguishing fact from opinion

English II - Discuss how to write a critique
English II - Questions The American Idea
English II - Review questions The American Idea

English II - Miss Walter Out
English II - Writing to Sources

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