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February 2015


I would like to take this opportunity to once again explain my grading policy, and retake policy for any parents or students that need the reminder or are new. 

 Homework policy: Homework for the entire Chapter will be available at the beginning of working on the Chapter. Homework will have a designated Due date, if a question is answered after that due date then that question will have a maximum score of 80%. The final day to work on an assignment that is “Past Due” will be the day of the test for that Chapter. It will then be closed. Please see the Calendar on my teacher connection page to see when assignments are due and available. This can also be found online at which is the site the homework is on. Please note that students have unlimited attempts on a question, if they get it wrong they can ask the computer for a similar question and earn the points. 

Test policy: Tests are to be given once in class. The only exception to this will be if I feel a large enough percent of the class needs more time to finish or needs to retake the test, then I will give more time in class. An example of this would be for the chapter 6 test students were given up to 3 different days in class to improve their score and complete the tests since I was absent on the day of the original test and half the students were absent the second time the test was available. Otherwise, all retakes must be scheduled with me within one week of the original test date. Please know students are given the test online with the option of 3 tries on each test, and students are allowed and able to review their tests immediately after taking the test. Retakes (taking the test after the original test day in class) will only be given if a student scores less than 70%, and their highest score on a retake will be 79% for an A, 75% for a B and 70% for a C. If they score less than 70% on a retake they will be given their higher score. 

Quiz Policy: Quizzes are available online on for one week. Students have unlimited tries to attempt the quiz and they are allowed to work on these quizzes in class at least twice during that week, and at home. It is also open book, and open note. (quizzes must be done on a laptop or desktop they do not work with tablets)

 If an assignment states “no attempt made” in the comments this means that the student did not open the assignment at all or did not attempt any of the problems if they did open the assignment. If you would like to see the length of time a student had an assignment open I can email you that information at any time, along with the number of attempts on a problem. I hope this helps to explain away any confusion. Please know I am available most Mondays-Thursdays before school from 7:00-7:30 am and after school from 2:45 -3:30 pm (I am not available Fridays!). The exceptions to this availability typically being if I am in a meeting, so students do need to check with me for available times to come work on assignments, quizzes or retakes. During these times I usually have laptops available and I can assist with questions.

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you need to arrange time to talk to me please email me at All parent teacher meetings must be arranged through the guidance office; see Mrs. Lake or Mrs. Stephenson (Office: 352-259-3777).

NOTE! At this time the Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors classes have the same assignments and schedule.

Remember you must go to if you go to the wrong site it will ask you for a course ID again and that means you are on the college site instead of the high school site. 

Resources/Websites: (homework, quizzes and tests on this site) (Interactive learning, the book, quizzes on this site) (Videos, practice problems, energy points) (Videos, practice problems, forum questions) (Free online graphing calculator) (Skyward Family Access) (Online videos for Test Reviews and Common Questions)


PDF documents
Classroom Management Plan 2014/15 -
Updated Grading POlicy - Some clarifying points in Grading Policy

 February 2015
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Chapter 7 Quiz Available!

Algebra I Honors -

Homework Due: Chapter 7 Sections 1-2 and 3-4

Chapter 6 Test Retake

Algebra II -

Homework Due: Chapter 7 Sections 1-2




All Classes: Online Bellringer, Computer Day


All Classes: Chapter 7 Study Plan available Online



Algebra II -

Homework Chapter 7 Sections 3-4 and 5-6 Due by midnight

Algebra I Honors -

Homework Chapter 7 Sections 5-6 and 7-8 Due by midnight

All Classes: Chapter 7 Quiz Due by midnight.

All Classes: Computer Day




All Classes: Computer Day

All Classes: Test Chapter 7!!


All Classes: All of Chapter 8 Homeworks are Available




All Classes: NO SCHOOL!




All Classes: Chapter 7 Retake available in class for any one scoring less than 70% on first attempt

All Classes: Quiz for Chapter 8 Available

All Classes: Computer Day


All Classes: Computer Day with a Substitute









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