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Semester 2 After Spring Break

Grade 9 - Until the end of the school year, we will be looking at the Big Question: Do heroes have responsibilities? as we explore our final unit on oral traditions and mythology.  We will begin this unit reading excerpts from "The Odyssey" by Homer.  These excerpts are included in our textbook. Supplemental texts will be used to further explore the literary genre of mythology.  Each student will have a chance to explore their imaginative side as we work on some cool end of the year projects.

Grade 10 - Until the end of the school year, we will be looking at the Big Question: Can anyone be a hero? as we explore our final unit on oral traditions.  We will begin this unit reading "The Theban Plays" by Sophocles (Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone) and then further explore legends, fairy tales, and similar pieces of literature over time.  There are some very cool projects coming up!  When available, electronic versions of the play will be posted under the PDF section of this Teacher Connection page.

Tutoring Information

All tutoring will be pre-arranged and take place in my classroom (240) from 2:40-3:15.  Should I feel strongly that a student needs tutoring, I will touch base with the student to schedule a mutually-beneficial date/time.  Students are also encouraged to take charge of their learning and see me to schedule time to review material that they could use additional help with. Students should NOT wait until the day before an important assignment is due or a quiz is scheduled. Part of being a successful student is the need to be an organized and prepared learner.   

Important Notice About Absences

If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to schedule time to make that test or quiz up when you return. On your first day back you must schedule time to take the test or quiz during a time that works for both of us after school, within one week's time. Time during class will not be given to ensure that you do not miss more valuable class time.  If you miss class on the day that a project is due, that project is still due that day. Please make arrangements to email it or have it dropped off at the school.  Otherwise, it is considered late and will drop a full letter grade for each day late.

*Extreme circumstances do occur, and in the event that you miss school for more than a couple of days, we will make an alternative and acceptable plan for you. 

Quiz/Test Retakes and Make-ups

If a student misses a quiz or test due to an excused absence, he/she must make up that quiz within four days of their absence.  It is the student's responsibility to schedule a mutually-convenient day after school to do so. 

Students who wish to retake a quiz or test must do so within four days of the original quiz/test date.  It is the student's responsibility to schedule a mutually-convenient day after school to do so.  Before school time slots are not available quarter 3. 

Literacy Project for Quarter 4  - Due Friday, May 8

Literacy Projects for Quarter 4 have been posted below under the PDF section.  Grade 9 and Grade 10 have different projects.  Please be careful to select the appropriate grade.  You will have a choice between 5 different projects somehow connected to our unit on Greek tragedy, the epic, and mythology.  

All projects are due on May 8 with no exceptions. 

Using Turnitin

Quarter 4 we will begin using Turnitin.  Turnitin is a cloud-based file storage program used to upload assignments. Assignments uploaded to Turnitin will be graded electronically for originality, content, grammar and mechanics.  All students must use this program from here on out.  No hand-written assignments, emailed assignments, or hard copies will be accepted unless otherwise noted by me. All assignments must be uploaded by 3 pm the date they are due. Assignments cannot be uploaded after this date/time.

Every student must have a valid email address, preferably a Gmail account.  You may upload documents in a variety of formats; if you are familiar with Google Drive, you will find that this is compatible with Turnitin. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a reliable email address and to remember your password.  An inability to do either will mean you cannot access Turnitin and your assignment will be considered late.

We will establish your account in class, as you will need the class account number and a password from me to begin. We will also take time to view and walk through tutorials to train you in the use of this exciting new software.


IMPORTANT DEADLINES AND DATES (tests, quizzes, projects, essays)

Periods 3 & 7  Quiz on Oedipus Rex Monday, April 20
Periods 1 & 2 Quiz on Oedipus Rex TBD

ENG I Honors - Test on The Odyssey (week of April 27 - exact date TBD)

Quarter 4 Literacy Projects due Friday, May 8 - ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!


Grade 9 - Part I Study Guide for The Odyssey (instructions are below in the PDF section) is due Monday, April 20


Please see the PDF below for the National Poetry Month Extra Credit Project. This project is due Thursday, April 23 with no exceptions.  This project can be completed by 9th or 10th grade students.  It will be counted ONLY if it improves your grade.  It is worth a test grade of 100 points. You must complete both parts of the assignment (submission to is optional and I will make recommendations to students regarding potential for submission). 

BELL RINGERS (FSA Reading Exam Prep)

Until the FSA Reading Exam (April 14 & 15 for 10th grade and April 16 & 17 for 9th grade), we will practice identifying paragraph errors (spelling, punctuation, grammar) and correcting them.  Please see the PDF below for the bell ringers we will be doing in class each day (one per day). 


A sample MLA formatted paper is available to you through the following link on the VCS Media Center's page.  This sample paper was provided by Lake Sumter State College.  Please review this prior to submitting any essays. MLA format is a requirement.  

Another wonderful writing resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab, also known as the Purdue OWL.  I will refer to this site often in class.  Click here to access the site. 

Here is yet another great resource for writing and speaking (presenting) skills, Writing Commons.  While the site does say it is for college level writers, there is plenty of information on the site that we review in class.  I think you will find that it is easy to understand and navigate. 

Access your textbook online!   If you visit PearsonRealize you can access your textbook online.  Use your first name, period, last name, @, tvcs (First.Last@tvcs) for a user name and then the password you used to log in to take the pre-assessment test in August. 

New State Exam (FSA) information for students and parents/guardians can be found at this link.  This includes a training test and guide. 

P.E.R.T. (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) - Florida's customized common placement test - information can be found here.

Helpful links for prefix, suffix and root word work. 

Access this link for a Pronunciation Guide. This is especially helpful while reading unfamiliar vocabulary (our Greek Mythology/Theatre Unit, as well). This guide includes three pages of helpful information, as well as a quick reference page at the end.

Grade 9 - Use this link to study for the Ancient Greece/Greek Literature Quiz using the Jeopardy Review game.



PDF documents
10th grade Speechwriter Research/Essay Project - Assignment sheet and rubric - due April 8
9th grade Speech Analysis Project - Assignment sheet and project rubric - due April 7
Essay Prep PDF - PowerPoint of essay fundamentals
Every Day Edits/BellRingers until FSA Reading Exam - Practice paragraph editing (find & correct errors)
LIBRARY CARD APPLICATION - Available to all students
Oedipus the King Text (play) - E-text of what we are reading in class
Q4 Grade 10 Literacy Projects - Choose 1 of the 5 options provided here
Q4 Grade 9 Literacy Projects - Choose 1 of the 5 options provided here
Quarter 4 Extra Credit Project - National Poetry Month Project - due April 23
The Odyssey Study Guide Instructions - Follow these instructions to make your study guide

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Heroes, Myth & Oral Tradition Unit Begins

English II Honors - Works Cited pages
English II - Works Cited pages
9th grade Speech Analysis Project Due

10th grade Speechwriter Research Project Due
English I Honors - Prepare for reading The Odyssey

English II - Prometheus and the First People
English I Honors - The Odyssey
English II Honors - Prometheus and the First People

English II Honors - Prometheus Quiz
English II - Prometheus Quiz
English I Honors - The Odyssey



English I Honors - The Odyssey
10th Grade Begin The Theban Plays

English I Honors - Greek Mythology/Customs Quiz
English I Honors - The Odyssey
10th Grade FSA Reading Exam

English I Honors - The Odyssey
10th Grade FSA Reading Exam

9th Grade FSA Reading Exam
10th Grade Oedipus the King (Rex)
English I Honors - The Odyssey

10th Grade Oedipus the King
English I Honors - The Odyssey
9th Grade FSA Reading Exam



English I Honors - Part I Review
Periods 3 & 7 Quiz


Progress Reports

Q4 Extra Credit Due








Literal Translation