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Welcome to Mrs. Ramsell's Page  

Grade 9 Students - Teacher Connection is a place for you and your family to check for quick information like quiz and test dates, links to extra study resources, and other "big picture" items.  The majority of your assignments and in-class documents will be posted in the Google Classroom.   Please bring your Chromebook to class with you every day and be sure it is fully charged. You will not always have the luxury to plug in to charge during class.  

AP Language Students - To make things simple, and share a wealth of resources and information with you, I have created an AP Language & Composition class website using Google Sites.  This, alongside Google Classroom, will be our main form of communication for AP.  I keep my Teacher Connection page primarily for my Grade 9 English class.  

National Honor Society Students (juniors and seniors) - Please visit the NHS club page for important information.





Please be sure to remember to bring a FULLY CHARGED Chromebook on the 27th, get a good night's rest, and take advantage of free breakfast offered in the cafeteria that morning.  We have worked hard this year on improving informative and argumentative writing skills and this exam is like the #212 Super Bowl of Writing for you.  


Week of February 21, 2017

ENG I (periods 3 & 7) - This week we will be taking our final benchmark assessment. This one counts as mastery, and based on how well everyone did in December, I can't wait to see the results!  Once that is completed (Tuesday and Wednesday), we will review skills that will be assessed during next week's FSA Writing Exam on Monday, February 27.  Week of February 21, 2017

ENG I Honors (period 6) - This we will be taking our final benchmark assessment.  This one counts as mastery, and based on how well everyone did in December, I can't wait to see the results!  once that is completed (Tuesday and Wednesday), we will pick right up where we left with To Kill a Mockingbird. Our assignments this week that will focus on writing skills that you will be assessed on during next week's FSA Writing Exam on Monday, February 27.  


Important Upcoming Dates for Periods 3 & 7 - ENG I  (homework will be any unfinished class work)

  1. Survival Projects - students will choose from four different project options, all projects are due Tuesday, February 21

Benchmark Testing will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 21-22

FSA Writing Exam will take place on Monday, February 27


Important Upcoming Dates for Period 6 - ENG I Honors (homework will be reading and chapter questions for the Evidence File, students must pace themselves according to the quiz dates)

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Quizzes (these quizzes may NOT be retaken, please keep up with the reading): Chapters 1-10 Thursday, February 9; Chapters 11-20 Thursday, February 16; Chapters 21-31 Wednesday, March 1
  2. Evidence File - The evidence file should be updated with each chapter; students are responsible for keeping this project up-to-date as frequent checks will take place in class.  The evidence file folder includes all chapter questions and worksheets discussed/completed in class.  A checklist will be provided to you. 
  3. Flip Chart Project - Your final project for To Kill a Mockingbird will be a flip chart with TEPAC Analytical Paragraphs.  This will be due Monday, March 6.  

Benchmark Testing will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 21-22

FSA Writing Exam will take place on Monday, February 27



#buffalostrong  #seesomethingsaysomething

I cannot express enough how proud I am of our outspoken middle school students.  The students who stood up against what could have been a potentially devastating moment are true examples of what it means to be Buffalo Strong.  Growing up is hard enough.  Having the strength and courage to stand up against their peers and voice concern for the welfare of others was not only commedable but admirable.  

As a parent, a teacher, and a member of our immediate community, THANK YOU.  Thank you for finding your voice and making it heard.  I look forward to the potential of having you in my classroom one day.

And to my past and existing students, THANK YOU for reminding me each day why I do what I do.  I had many amazing conversations with my students on Friday.  Those conversations made me proud of the adolescents you are and gave me insight into the adults you will one day be.  

Be outspoken.  Be 212.  Be Buffalo Strong.  But most of all, as Ghandi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  




USA Test Prep Access - to access USA Test Prep, visit the site and use the following:

Account ID: buffalo77 (no capital letters) 

Username: your personal student ID (first letter of your name and then the numbers; do not capitalize your first initial)

Password: Buffalo17 (Buffalo must be capitalized)


CommonLit Access for Grade 9 - to access, please visit the site and enter the following.  Once you have entered the following class code you will be part of my classroom for your class period and have access to the assignments.  Please be sure to set up a password that you will remember. 

Period 3 - VG9Y5

Period 6 - E5ZNB

Period 7 - 9RLJW



Quarterly Literacy Project - independent study required for all students 

Literacy projects in my classroom are designed to reinforce the overall goals of the quarter.  In addition, given the independent nature of the project, students are responsible for their own time management and completing the assignment on time, outside of class.  Given the limited amount of homework assigned in my classroom, the literacy project is one of the only things students must plan on working on outside of our regularly scheduled class time.  This project is assigned at the beginning of the quarter and due one week prior to the end of the quarter.     

Quarter 3 & 4 Literacy Project -
Based on the nature of the continuous novel study for the remainder of the school year, future literacy projects will be incorporated into our class units, therefore additional reading outside of class will not be assigned.




Helpful Links  

  • Great practice for Parallelism Structure Identification - ChompChomp
  • We will be using NoRedInk for grammar assistance in the classroom.
  • We will also be using USA Test Prep to prepare for the FSA exam and help direct individualized learning.
  • Looking for resources to study this summer? You will find Free ACT Practice Tests here. There are a number of practice tests here for you to use to practice Grammar and Reading skills this summer. The bonus?  You get ACT/SAT/FSA practice at the same time!
  • Access your textbook online!   Please visit Pearson Easy Bridge and log in using your school email account and password.  
  • Google Classroom link
  • NoRedInk is a great grammar study tool - we will use it in class, but students are encouraged to use it on their own, as well
  • Grammar Bytes is a good site to use to practice grammar skills
  • Sentence diagramming help with Elizabeth from Grammar Revolution
  • Another wonderful writing resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab, also known as the Purdue OWL.  I will refer to this site often in class.  Here is a great link for what your MLA formatted paper must include/look like. 
  • Writing Commons is another helpful writing and speaking (presentation skills) site. While the site does say it is for college level writers, there is plenty of information on the site that we review in class.  I think you will find that it is easy to understand and navigate. 
  • The State Exam (FSA) website shares valuable information for students and parents/guardians and includes a training test and guide. 
  • P.E.R.T. (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) - Florida's customized common placement test - information can be found here.  
  • The Center for Online Education has an Academic Writing Guide that has helpful advice on various types of academic writing, common grammar pitfalls, citations, and more.
  • Helpful links for prefix, suffix and root word work. 
  • Access this link for a Pronunciation Guide. This is especially helpful while working with unfamiliar vocabulary.



PDF documents
AP Language Syllabus & Classroom Policies 2016-17 - AP Language & Composition Syllabus and Policies
Chromebook Device User Agreement - Must be read/signed by student and guardian
ENG I Syllabus & Classroom Policies for 2016-2017 - Grade 9 Syllabus and Classroom Policies Document
LIBRARY CARD APPLICATION - Available to all students
Ramsell's Recommended Reading - A few titles to get started; not required texts
Syllabus Acknowledgement Form - Students and parents/guardians must sign by 8/8/16

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Period 6 - TKAM Quiz Ch 1-10







Period 6 - TKAM Quiz Ch. 11-20




President's Day - no school

Periods 3 & 7 Survival Project Due
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