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Grade 9 Students - Teacher Connection is a place for you and your family to check for quick information like quiz and test dates, links to extra study resources, and other "big picture" items.  The majority of your assignments and in-class documents will be posted in the Google Classroom.   Please bring your Chromebook to class with you every day and be sure it is fully charged. You will not always have the luxury to plug in to charge during class.  

AP Language Students - To make things simple, and share a wealth of resources and information with you, I have created an AP Language & Composition class website using Google Sites.  This, alongside Google Classroom, will be our main form of communication for AP.  I keep my Teacher Connection page primarily for my Grade 9 English class.  

National Honor Society Students (juniors and seniors) - Please visit the NHS club page for important information.



Week of September 26-September 30 - Grade 9

In class we will be working on another FSA-style writing prompt. This informative prompt requires in-depth thinking and planning. We will work together on this one to set up best practices. Monday we will review the prompt and discuss the best approach to note taking. Students will also develop a folder for their writing. This folder will be kept in the classroom as a reference tool for each writing prompt we complete. This resource will also be used to track student growth and set personal goals.

Tuesday we will read through the texts and annotate in preparation for planning. Wednesday we will develop a graphic organizer to plan the essay response. Thursday and Friday will be spent drafting and finalizing the essay. This essay will be completed on paper (not using the Chromebook). The FSA Writing Test rubric will be used as a guideline and for your assessment score. This is the 4,4,2 rubric I often refer to in class (you were given a printed copy of the rubric two weeks ago in class) that assesses topic/organization, evidence/elaboration, and grammar/writing mechanics.

Students who are absent this week will need to make arrangements to stay after school to catch up. This essay will be the first grade of Quarter 2; but it must be completed before the end of Quarter 1.



Attention Poetry Writers!

Check out the PDF below regarding the Florida State Poets Association's Student Poetry Contest.  Submissions are due by December 1.  

Attention Readers & Writers!

If you enjoy reading and writing, there is a great contest for you to consider from the Library of Congress.  Check it out in the PDF section below.  Submissions are due December 2.  




USA Test Prep Access - to access USA Test Prep, visit the site and use the following:

Account ID: buffalo77 (no capital letters) 

Username: your personal student ID (first letter of your name and then the numbers; do not capitalize your first initial)

Password: Buffalo17 (Buffalo must be capitalized)


Grammar Study - Our grammar study is underway.  We have completed a couple of diagnostic assessments to identify students' strengths and weaknesses.  We will be studying the following parts of speech over the next couple of months: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions (and prepositional phrases), conjunctions, interjections, and we will also work on direct and indirect objects.  After a thorough review of all parts of speech, we will begin sentence diagramming to reinforce the function and purpose of each part of speech. This approach is designed to help improve student comprehension and writing skills.  I have posted some supplemental links below for students to use for extra practice: No Red Ink, Grammar Byets, and Grammar Revolution.  YouTube is also full of wonderful grammar video resources.  We will use many of these in class, but extra practice at home is always a good thing!


Writing Focus - Grade 9 has a big writing focus, specifically in the areas of informative and argumentative writing. All of our prompts are text-based writing prompts that require close reading and analysis of a variety of sources.  The writing process takes students on a journey through prompt dissecting, annotating, planning, drafting, and editing.  With each essay this year, students will set personal goals and aim toward improving overall essay writing skills and their understanding of text-based writing.  



Posted as assigned


Quiz, Test & Essay Assessment Dates:

For the week of September 26, grade 9 students will be working on a new informative essay prompt. We will work on this essay in class each day. The grade for this assignment will be the first grade for Quarter 2.  Essays will be graded using the FSA rubric (4,4,2).  

Grammar Quiz (nouns) - Friday, October 7

Quarterly Literacy Project - independent study required for all students 

Literacy projects in my classroom are designed to reinforce the overall goals of the quarter.  In addition, given the independent nature of the project, students are responsible for their own time management and completing the assignment on time, outside of class.  Given the limited amount of homework assigned in my classroom, the literacy project is one of the only things students must plan on working on outside of our regularly scheduled classtime.  This project is assigned at the beginning of the quarter and due one week prior to the end of the quarter.    

Quarter 1 project was due September 22

Quarter 2 project will be posted once the new quarter begins


Helpful Links

  • We will be using NoRedInk for grammar assistance in the classroom.
  • We will also be using USA Test Prep to prepare for the FSA exam and help direct individualized learning.
  • Looking for resources to study this summer? You will find Free ACT Practice Tests here. There are a number of practice tests here for you to use to practice Grammar and Reading skills this summer. The bonus?  You get ACT/SAT/FSA practice at the same time!
  • Access your textbook online!   Please visit Pearson Easy Bridge and log in using your school email account and password.  
  • Google Classroom link
  • NoRedInk is a great grammar study tool - we will use it in class, but students are encouraged to use it on their own, as well
  • Grammar Bytes is a good site to use to practice grammar skills
  • Sentence diagramming help with Elizabeth from Grammar Revolution
  • Another wonderful writing resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab, also known as the Purdue OWL.  I will refer to this site often in class.  Here is a great link for what your MLA formatted paper must include/look like. 
  • Writing Commons is another helpful writing and speaking (presentation skills) site. While the site does say it is for college level writers, there is plenty of information on the site that we review in class.  I think you will find that it is easy to understand and navigate. 
  • The State Exam (FSA) website shares valuable information for students and parents/guardians and includes a training test and guide. 
  • P.E.R.T. (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) - Florida's customized common placement test - information can be found here.  
  • The Center for Online Education has an Academic Writing Guide that has helpful advice on various types of academic writing, common grammar pitfalls, citations, and more.
  • Helpful links for prefix, suffix and root word work. 
  • Access this link for a Pronunciation Guide. This is especially helpful while working with unfamiliar vocabulary.



PDF documents
16-17 FSPA Student Poetry Contest - Rules and instructions for contest, deadline 12/1
Advance Placement Language Non-Fiction Data Sheet - Model for your Summer Reading NF Data Sheet
Advanced Placement Language Summer Reading - 3-part assignment instructions
AP Language Syllabus & Classroom Policies 2016-17 - AP Language & Composition Syllabus and Policies
Chromebook Device User Agreement - Must be read/signed by student and guardian
ENG I Syllabus & Classroom Policies for 2016-2017 - Grade 9 Syllabus and Classroom Policies Document
Fri., Sept. 2 Classwork Period 6 (ENG I H) - Absent students must begin this assignment
Fri., Sept. 2 Classwork Periods 3 & 7 - Absent students must complete this assignment
LIBRARY CARD APPLICATION - Available to all students
Library of Congress Letter Contest - Read a book and write a letter to the author
Q1 Honors Literacy Project - Please use the template in Google Classroom
Q1 Literacy Project - periods 3 & 7 - Please use the template in Google Classroom
Ramsell's Recommended Reading - A few titles to get started; not required texts
Syllabus Acknowledgement Form - Students and parents/guardians must sign by 8/8/16
VHS Schoolwide Summer Reading - Schoolwide book list and incentive program info.

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English I Honors : Q1 Literacy Project




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