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Summer Reading Notices

Incoming 9th Graders

VHS has made summer reading optional this year.  This was done in part to encourage you to spend your summer reading the genres and formats that you enjoy most.  However, we have developed an incentive program alongside a recommended reading list for our students.  Below you will find a PDF titled, "VHS Schoolwide Summer Reading" explaining the incentive program and recommended schoolwide books, as well as a list of texts that I recommend titled, "Ramsell's Recommended Reading."  Please note, we encourage students to preview books with their parents/guardians to be sure the subject matter aligns with family values. 

As your English teacher, I will say that those students who read throughout the summer find themselves better prepared at the start of the year. We have an intense year of reading- and writing-skill building, and the more well-read you are, the more prepared you will be to build on your existing skills. 

AP Language & Composition (11th & 12th grade)

There is a required summer reading assignment for all students enrolled in Advanced Placement Language & Composition.  To access the assignment, please see the PDFs posted below ("Advanced Placement Language Summer Reading" and "Advanced Placement Non-Fiction Data Sheet").  You will also find helpful information, including website links, on my class website.  Please note: the hyperlinks to PDF documents on the class website will not work for you until the beginning of the school year.  You will need access to your school-assigned Google account to access the documents and this will not be provided until August. In the meantime, you have everything you need with the PDFs below.

*If you find you have questions about summer reading, you may email me at  Please be specific about whether or not you are an in-coming freshman or an AP Language student.  I will check my email once a week and get back to you as soon as possible. 


School Supply Lists

Grade 9 & AP Language & Composition Students

Please bring the following to class each day: Chromebook, 3-subject notebook, folder for handouts/graded assignments, pens, pencils, colored pencils

On occassion: 3x5 or 4x6 notecards

*If your family has the means to donate classroom supplies, we can always use tissues, loose leaf paper, and colored pencils. 


 Chromebook 1:1 Initiative - Starting August 2016

An announcement from our Instructional Technology Supervisor, Patrick Murphy

We are thrilled to announce the implementation of a 1:1 (one computer for every one student) Chromebook Program for the 9th through ­12th grades this fall. 

Chromebooks are laptops created by Google to harness the use of the Google platform and Google Apps to make working more streamlined. 

These laptops are very cost effective, have a long battery life, and start up quickly and easily. We are very excited for how this technology will improve our classroom learning environment.  

We will be asking parents and students to attend a training prior to issuing the devices.   Please keep an eye out for more information and to learn how and when students will be able to check out their personal Chromebook device.  

Any updates or information will be sent via email and posted to the school website during the summer.  



Helpful Links

  • Looking for resources to study this summer? You will find Free ACT Practice Tests here. There are a number of practice tests here for you to use to practice Grammar and Reading skills this summer. The bonus?  You get ACT/SAT/FSA practice at the same time!
  • Access your textbook online!   Please visit and Log In using your school email account and the appropriate password for your class period (ramsell2nd, ramsell3rd, ramsell4th, or ramsell5th)
  • Google Classroom link
  • Grammar Bytes is a good site to use to practice grammar skills
  • Sentence diagramming help with Elizabeth from Grammar Revolution
  • A sample MLA formatted paper is available to you through the following link on the VCS Media Center's page.  This sample paper was provided by Lake Sumter State College.  Please review this prior to submitting any essays. MLA format is a requirement.  
  • Another wonderful writing resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab, also known as the Purdue OWL.  I will refer to this site often in class.  Click here to access the site. 
  • Writing Commons is another helpful writing and speaking (presentation skills) site. While the site does say it is for college level writers, there is plenty of information on the site that we review in class.  I think you will find that it is easy to understand and navigate. 
  • State Exam (FSA) information for students and parents/guardians can be found at this link.  This includes a training test and guide. 
  • P.E.R.T. (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) - Florida's customized common placement test - information can be found here.
  • Helpful links for prefix, suffix and root word work. 
  • Access this link for a Pronunciation Guide. This is especially helpful while working with unfamiliar vocabulary.



PDF documents
Advance Placement Language Non-Fiction Data Sheet - Model for your Summer Reading NF Data Sheet
Advanced Placement Language Summer Reading - 3-part assignment instructions
LIBRARY CARD APPLICATION - Available to all students
Ramsell's Recommended Reading - A few titles to get started; not required texts
VHS Schoolwide Summer Reading - Schoolwide book list and incentive program info.

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