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Important Ramsell Homeroom (period 1) Notice 

Basket donations for the Buffalo Basket Benefit on November 8 are due to Mrs. Ramsell by Thursday, October 23.  Remember, parents receive Parental Involvement (PI) hours based on the dollar value of your donation.  Receipts must be turned in to determine dollar/hour value.  Parents who are interested in sending in cash because their shopping days are limited, may do so, with full trust that the money will be used to buy items to fill our basket.  Our theme this year is Everything Florida. If it's made in Florida, we'll take it!  

Drama Unit (October 22-November 14)

This week we begin our drama unit.  An important thing to note about this unit is that we will be using various forms of each Shakespearean play in class.  If you miss class, you are responsible for reading the text (daily act reading is listed below in the calendar) in your textbook at home in preparation for your return to class on the following day.  If you have Internet access, you can also find the text online at SparkNotes' No Fear Shakespeare.  This gives you a side-by-side comparison of the original language and a modern day translation. 

Tutoring Information

To accommodate students' various schedules, I can be found in my classroom each day at 7 am and every day afterschool until at least 3:15, typically later.  At times, however, additional teaching responsibilities require me to attend parent meetings, etc.  For this reason, I ask that students please let me know in advance if they plan to see me before or after school.

Should I feel strongly that a student needs tutoring, I will touch base with the student to schedule a mutually-beneficial date/time.  Students are also encouraged to take charge of their learning and see me to schedule time to review material that they could use additional help with. Students should NOT wait until the day before an important assignment is due or a quiz is scheduled. Part of being a successful student is the need to be an organized and prepared learner.   


Important Notice About Absences

If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to schedule time to make that test or quiz up when you return. On your first day back you must schedule time to take the test or quiz during a time that works for both of us, either before or after school. Time during class will not be given to ensure that you do not miss more valuable class time.  If you miss class on the day that a project is due, that project is still due that day. Please make arrangements to email it or have it dropped off at the school.  Otherwise, it is considered late and will drop a full letter grade for each day late.

*Extreme circumstances do occur, and in the event that you miss school for more than a couple of days, we will make an alternative and acceptable plan for you. 



A sample MLA formatted paper is available to you through the following link on the VCS Media Center's page.  This sample paper was provided by Lake Sumter State College.  Please review this prior to submitting any essays. MLA format is a requirement.  

Another wonderful writing resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab, also known as the Purdue OWL.  I will refer to this site often in class.  Click here to access the site.  

Access your textbook online!   If you visit PearsonRealize you can access your textbook online.  Use your first name, period, last name, @, tvcs (First.Last@tvcs) for a user name and then the password you used to log in to take the pre-assessment test in August. 

New State Exam information for students and parents/guardians can be found at this link:  This includes a training test and guide.  


Upcoming Vocabulary Quizzes (for all classes) - Friday, November 7; Friday, November 21

Literacy Project - Quarter 2 Literacy Project is due Friday, December 12th

For the Quarter 2 Literacy Project students have the opportunity to select from the same project list used for the quarter 1 literacy project.  However, students must choose a different project from the list; they may not do the same project as they did in Quarter 1.  A PDF of those options is listed at the bottom of this page above the monthly calendar.  Students must have a book by Wednesday, October 22.  This book MUST come to class each day. Unprepared students will lose points from their final project grade. 



Studying for vocabulary word quizzes - Please remember that your vocabulary words can be found in your textbook. They can be found in two places: within the right-hand margins of stories we are currently reading AND in the glossary at the back of the book. If you are not here on the day new vocabulary words are introduced with the daily bell ringer, you are responsible for getting those words from a classmate the day you return OR from the list below. 

Vocabulary words for the week of October 23-October 31

ENG I Honors - discriminate, differentiate, assimilated, values, monologue, soliloquy, aside, archetype, lament, inevitable, enamored, enthralled, adversary, augmenting, grievance

ENG II & ENG II Honors - tragic hero, tragic flaw, hubris, hamartia, ethos, logos, pathos, servile, infirmity portentous, prodigious, augmented, entreated, insurrection, wrathfully

Vocabulary words for the weeks of October 6 and October 13, 2014

ENG I Honors - discerning, prevail, bilingual, enumerated, accentuated, prejudice, solidarity, credentials, allegedly, monotonous, squelching (following three words added 10/13) calculating, symmetrical, prime

ENG II and ENG II Honors - indignation, hypocrisy, dexterous, curdled, empirical, poignant, provocative, opined (following four words added 10/13) tenacious, commencement, exploit, succumb




Homework for the week of October 20, 2014

ENG II Period 4 - Questions 1-4 on page 529




PDF documents
10th Summer Reading Essay Assign. - ENG II/ENG II Honor Summer Rdng Essay Assignment.
9thSummerReadingAssign - ENG I Honors summer reading essay assignment
ENG II Honors Maya Angelou Project - Compare/contrast excerpt and poem
ENG II Honors Plot Project - plot project with rubric
ENG II Letter of Rec/Acceptance Speech Project - Lynne Cox "Swimming to Antarctica" assignment
English I & English I Honors Summer Reading Assign - Read, annotate and prepare for your first essay
English II Summer Reading Assignment - Read, annotate and prepare for your first essay
Essay Outline Help - Grade 9 - To organize your Conflict/Conformity Essay
Essay Prep PDF - PowerPoint of essay fundamentals
Invictus and Alive poems - 9th grade poems from Aug. 13
Invictus and The Second Coming (poems) - 10th grade poems from Aug. 13
Literacy Project - Literacy Project Choices

 October 2014
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English II Honors - Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket
English I Honors - Skills Test
English II - Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket

English II Honors - Swimming to Antarctica
English II - Swimming to Antarctica
English I Honors - The Scarlet Ibis

English II - Swimming to Antarctica
Literacy Project Due for All Classes
English I Honors - The Scarlet Ibis
English II Honors - Occupation: Conductorette



English I Honors - The Scarlet Ibis
English II - Occupation: Conductorette
English II Honors - Occupation: Conductorette

English I Honors - Much Madness.../My English
English II Honors - Upside of Quitting
English II - Upside of Quitting

English II Honors - The Winning Edge
English I Honors - My English/Geeks
English II - The Winning Edge

English I Honors - The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth/Blue Nines and Red Words
English II - Science Fiction and the Future
English II Honors - Science Fiction and the Future

Columbus Day - no school



English I Honors - FAIR Testing
English II Honors - FAIR Testing
English II - FAIR Testing

English II Honors - Introduce Unit Project
English II - Introduce Unit Project
English I Honors - Blue Nines and Red Words/Intro. Essay

English II Honors - Unit Project
English II - PSAT
English I Honors - Essay

English II Honors - FAIR Testing
English I Honors - FAIR Testing
English II - FAIR Testing

English II Honors - Unit Project
Report Cards
English II - Unit Project
English I Honors - Essay



English I Honors - Essay Evals/Intro. Drama Unit
English II - Unit Project
English II Honors - Unit Project

English I Honors - Research project
English II - Unit Project Script Readings
English II Honors - Unit Project Script Readings

English II - Literacy Day
English II Honors - Literacy Day
English I Honors - Research project

English II Honors - Intro Big Question/Elements of Drama
English II - Intro Big Question/Elements of Drama
English I Honors - Elements of Drama

English II Honors - Discuss Tragedy
English I Honors - Elements of Drama
English II - Discuss Tragedy



English II Honors - Caesar Intro
English II - Caesar Intro
English I Honors - Research presentations

English I Honors - Archetypal (Universal) Themes
English II Honors - Caesar research project
English II - Caesar research project

English I Honors - Pyramus and Thisbe
English II - Roman Rule/Character Review
English II Honors - Roman Rule/Character Review

English II - Julius Caesar Act I
English II Honors - Julius Caesar Act I
English I Honors - Story of Theseus, midsummer night/June 23

English II Honors - Julius Caesar Act I
English II - Julius Caesar Act I
English I Honors - Midsummer Night's Dream Intro

Literal Translation