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Hope you all have a great summer! Relax and enjoy your time off! 

Honors Biology Supply List:

  • Binder & composition book
  • Pencils, pens, highlighters
  • Colored pencils
  • Clorox wipes (Last Names A-H)
  • Small box of gloves to fit your hand (non-latex)
  • Hand Sanitizer (Last Names I-N)
  • Tissues (Last Names O-Z)
  • Flash Drive

In addition, for special assignments, you may need to purchase poster board, and have items such as glue, scissors, colored paper, and rulers available at home.  You will be notified in advance when to bring these items or others to class.

Science project info: Refer to the documents & project guide below for due dates, information, rubrics, etc. Feel free to email me at any time for help, questions, if you have forms you need me to review, etc! 

VCS Fair: November 17-19th, 2015

Science Project Resources-

The Archimedes Initiative is an effort formed to promote science literacy and increase the number of scientists and engineers in the United States. This initial site is focused around our thematic video content, involving participants in competitive

A catalog of science resources that can support your quest to learn and do science

In this section of Student Science you'll find standards and guidelines that will help you pursue high-quality independent scientific research, whether you're in middle school or high school, an advanced science student or first-time researcher.

Just Getting Started? 

Begin with some of these sites designed for the beginning researcher.  We also encourage you to read through our series on Great Science Projects.

  • Pathways to Science Research - If you're not sure how to get started performing science research, this page will explain some pathways you could take.
  • Internet Public Library Science Fair Project Guide - A resource guide providing a variety of excellent web resources.
  • Sparticl - A new web and mobile service for teens that collects the best internet resources in STEM.  Sparticl is created by National Productions division of Twin Cities Public Television.
  • Mosaic - An online archive of articles published in the The National Science Foundation's flagship magazine from 1970 to 1992. A background resource for students, teachers, and others in need of a reliable reference for current research.  
  • Science Buddies - A non-profit organization providing science fair ideas, resources, answers, and tools. Including a Science Fair Project Guide  and an Ask an Expert online bulletin board, staffed by volunteer scientists and top high school students.

Additional interesting science-focused educational resources:

  • The Archimedes Initiative - An effort formed to promote science literacy and increase the number of scientists and engineers in the United States.
  • USA Science & Engineering Festival - SSP is proud to have been an Official Partner of the inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival held in Washington, D.C. in 2010 and the most recent Festival in 2014 where over 325,000 attended.
  • Zooniverse: Participate in citizen science projects where anyone can be part of a larger project and learn to collect data.
Great Science Projects: A Series

         Great Science Projects: A Student Science series on how to achieve excellence in independent research

         How to Think like a Scientist: Part I: Creativity can be the spark that ignites a great science project

         It All Starts with an Idea: Part II: Tips on how to find inspiration for your project

         The Basics: Part III: What every great science project has in common

         Feed your Brain: Part IV: Learning what is known is the first step toward discovering something new

         Glossary of Research Terms: Part V: Learning the terminology


PDF documents
Honors Biology Syllabus -
Lab Safety Contract -
Outline Format and Rubric -
PowerPoint Rubric -
Project Due Dates and Checklist -
Project Guide -
Project Proposal -
Report Rubric -
Research Paper Guidelines -
Research Plan -
Science Fair Board Rubric -
Science Fair Forms Cheat Sheet -
Verification of Informed Consent Form -

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