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Welcome to Term Four!


In term three we will be studying the Founding Fathers and their impact on modern culture, then transitioning into how multure has changed and bullying with Nineteen Minutes. Each unit will allow for research, analysis, group work, and creativity. However, because the curriculum is so heavily based in analysis and as notes will become very important it is vital that if a student misses a day they come and ask me what work they need to make up and find someone to get the notes from.

Week of March 28th

We are closing in on the finish line, but that doesn't mean the work is over yet. This week we will begin our study of the Founding Fathers and some of their most important speeches including Patrick Henry's "Speech in the Virginia Convention," Benjamin Franklin's "Speech in the Convention," and "The Declaration of Independence." While we study these important speeches and documents it is going to be important that students take extensive notes; the vocabulary is not easy and the semantics sometimes make it hard to understand the meaning of certain passage. Therefore, if your child is absent please make sure they get the notes from another class member as soon as possible.
Grades are currently up to date, please take a look. As of right now there is only one 10 point mastery grade in the grade book; that will be changing this week.  We will be doing a few in class assignments and having a quick 20 point quiz on Friday.
I also wanted to let everyone know that in a couple weeks we will be reading the book Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Since each student will have to purchase the book or check it out from their local library extra copies have been ordered to the Barnes and Noble in Lake Sumter Landing. I encourage you to please read an overview of this book ahead of time. The book deals with a lot of modern issues with which students are familiar including peer pressure and bullying, includes some bad language, and is based around a school shooting and the trial that follows as an explanation as to why the student committed the crime in the first place. If you do not want your child reading this book, please let me know and I will make an alternate assignment available to them. We read this book at the end of junior year as a transition into the real-world application of English class that accompanies English IV. As we read this book students will research the impacts of bullying, analyze the safety of our school, devise evacuation protocols, and even develop possible safety measures we could take to prevent such tragedies on our campus. 

Week of April 4th- Students will finalize all notes for the Founding Fathers and take a 50 point quiz on Wednesday before beginning the Nineteen Minutes unit. Please use the following Kahoot game to practice for the quiz Students will be allowed to bring a 4X6 index card to the quiz to help them if they wish. 

Week fo April 11th- 

This week we will begin reading the novel Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Students may purchase the book at Barnes and Noble at Lake Sumter Landing, on Amazon, or through their Kindle/Nook/phone. All I ask is that the book comes with them to class every day. We will be following a very strict reading schedule which may occasionally require students to read at home in order to finish up a chapter, so please adhere to the following dates and page numbers:


Pages to be Read

Reader Response Questions to be Answered

April 11-15

Pgs. 5-89


April 18-22

Pgs. 91-161


April 25-29

Pgs. 163-240


May 2-6

Pgs. 241-335


May 9-13

Pgs. 335-455

Final Paper


You will also notice that students will be completing Reader Response questions as we read the novel. They are to keep the answers to these questions together in their binders, and I will collect them every Friday at the end of class.

While we read this novel, we will have PERT reading and writing practice incorporated in order to continue reviewing for our final exam. Something I would like everyone to keep in mind is that since my final exam is the PERT test, there is NO STUDY GUIDE; however, students have a myriad of practice opportunities available to them on USATestPrep and NoRedInk which they are more than welcome to utilize at home.

Week of April 18th- This week we will continue with our reading of the novel Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Please be sure that your child has access to the book in some way; due to the US History EOC tomorrow students will have to read chapter four on their own. There will be a quick quiz when students come to class on Wednesday in order to check their understanding, but other than that students should be aware that this week our goal will be to get through chapters 4, 5, and 6. Students will most likely have to finish reading chapter six on their own over the weekend. 

Week of April 25th- This week we will continue reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodie Picoult. Due to Algebra II testing, students will be resposible for reviewing for the chapters 4-6 quiz on their own before class Wednesday. I am available after school both Monday and Tuesday to help students review if they would like to come! On Wednesday students will also pass in Reader Response questions 11-15. At this time, if students are behind on this or any other assignments they will be required to come to Mandatory Tutoring every day until the work has been made up. This week we will read chapter seven in class and students will be responsible for reading chapter eight over the weekend in addition to answering questions 16-20. 


This term students will be studying for the PERT exam via in class bell ringers, NoRedInk, and USATestPrep. They will also be reading a variety of memoirs and completeing dialectical journals as they annotate. The term and year will culminate in Senior Writing Project (see PDF below). Students know that every day has a designated purpose and if they are absent they are expected to make up the work.

Week of April 18th- This week we will continue with our Senior Writing Project and studying for the writing portion of the PERT exam (which will be taken during everyone’s final exam period for English). Please remember that every day in class students have the opportunity to work on these essays, which only need to be one-page in length (double spaced), and seek help from me if they get stuck. Many students have asked me to proofread their work as well, but keep in mind that everyone will be receiving individual feedback on each essay they submit to (see the blue and purple comments). Throughout the writing of these essays we will continue to study grammar concepts which will make an appearance on the PERT exam including, but not limited to: proper use of commas, semicolons, and colons; identifying and properly punctuation subordinating and coordinating clauses; understanding and properly using parallelism; and avoiding dangling modifiers.



PDF documents
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