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Week of September 12, 2016

English III

This week we will be finishing up our Beowulf unit! I cannot believe how quickly time has already gone by. The last Beowulf quiz will be in Skyward by 4:15pm today, so please make sure you are up to date with your child’s grades and email me if you have any questions.


Monday-Wednesday: Watch Beowulf movie and compare it to the text. What’s similar? What’s different? Where did the director take creative license away from the story? How does that choice impact the Anglo-Saxon values?

Thursday-Friday: Timed writing assignment comparing the definition of an epic hero to modern hero. (If students need extra time they will be allowed to take their materials home over the weekend because Monday will be our last day on the in-class writing assignment).


*Please note that the writing assignment will be worth 100 mastery points.

English IV

This week we are going to finish up the career research section of our career and college research paper. Students will have the opportunity to use class time in order to research answers to questions about the profession they currently would like to attain. By the end of the week, students will have submitted two more paragraphs for their research paper based on what we do in class.


Monday and Tuesday- Use Step 4 on page 7 of the Mickey Mouse packet on Teacher Connection to guide your research process when thinking about your future career.

Wednesday-Thursday- Follow the model given in class to turn your bullet pointed answers to the research questions into paragraphs that will be submitted on

Friday- Presenter


*Please note that all grades will be up to date this afternoon by 4:15pm, so please check your child’s grades and let me know if you have any questions.

Week of September 5, 2016

English III

Students who were absent on Friday will need to schedule a time with me either before or after school to make up their quiz on the second section of Beowulf. Today we will begin reading the final section; the goal is to have the story completed tomorrow so students can gather their notes together on Thursday for the final quiz on Friday. Next week, I want to let everyone know in advance, students will be doing the writing assignment that culminates the Beowulf unit as a 100 point test grade. This will be an in-class, timed writing assignment. Students will have Monday-Wednesday in which to work on it. I wanted to prepare you for it now so there are no surprises.

English IV

This week students will be completing an activity in the Google classroom about the differences between reliable and unreliable resources. Afterwards, they will complete a pre-research career packet and get to listen to a presenter from Rally Cap speak to them about college applications and scholarships. Most of this week will be individual work as we are slowly transitioning into the research process. The majority of the work done in this class is individual because the desires and future careers of each student are different. Students will be allowed to “plug-in” on research days in order to maintain and optimize their focus.

Week of August 29, 2016

English III

This week we will read the second part of Beowulf and continue our note-taking process. There will be an opportunity for students who were not happy with their results from the first quiz to take another (albeit different) quiz tomorrow after school. This will be the one and only opportunity to take this quiz. If a student takes it, I will take the higher of the two quiz scores. As usual, please let me know if you have any questions!


Monday- Review meaning and examples of all literary terms found in Beowulf, then read and annotate lines 285-365

Tuesday- Read and annotate lines 367-448

Wednesday- Read an annotate lines 449-622

Thursday- Review section two and transfer annotations from Google doc to Beowulf packet

Friday- Quiz on part two of Beowulf


English IV

This week our focus will be starting the career and college research project, culminating in everyone’s final grade for term one. Students will be given specific instructions each day, and will need to come prepared with their chrome books charged in order to complete the assignment. All paragraphs, drafts, and final copies will be turn in to (an online plagiarism checker). As a general rule of thumb, following college guidelines, students should have no more than 15% similarity to another paper or papers. As we go through this process, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!


Monday- Finish synthesis of BOLTs, grit, goal setting, and bucket filling

Tuesday- Complete “MyRoad” survey and answer questions to help guide you in the formation of your first findings paragraph.

Wednesday- Write and revise the findings paragraph for your interest survey and career outlook from MyRoad

Thursday- Begin researching the answers to the “career research” questions on the worksheet passed out in class (see the Mickey Mouse packet on Teacher Connection if you have lost yours).

Friday- Continue career research process.


Week of August 22, 2016

English III

This week in English III we will be taking our preassessment on USATestPrep and finishing up the first part of Beowulf. Students will be expected to finish the preassessment no later than Sunday at 11:59pm; otherwise, they will be required to stay for mandatory tutoring on Monday (8/29). Grades are up to date and include the first mastery grade of the year; the next quiz will be given this Friday.
Monday- USATestPrep preassessments for Reading and Writing
Tuesday- Continue reading Beowulf (lines 171-236) and analyze in pairs
Wednesday- Finish reading the first section of Beowulf (stop at “The Battle with Grendel”) and continue analysis
Thursday- Refine notes taken in class. Make sure Google Doc is up to date and notes have been transposed onto the Beowulf story itself. (Students WILL be allowed to use their story packet and any notes taken there-in during the quiz! Students will NOT be allowed to print/use their Google doc notes).
Friday- Beowulf quiz on part one.  If students finish before class is over they will be allowed to continue working on their preassessments.
English IV
This week in English IV we will be discussing how the ideas of grit, goal setting, and bucket filling come together in order to help students become adults and tackle the “real world.”
Monday- Students will read and synthesis information from three different articles in order to determine what the overlap is between these three ideas and how they are supposed ot use this information to help guide them in their adult lives.
Tuesday- Begin “Bend It Like Beckham” analysis of Goal setting, grit, bucket filling, and B.O.L.Ts personality test.
Wednesday- Continue analysis.
Thursday- Finish analysis and determine the validity of your previous hypothesis. How do the ideas of bucket filling, grit, goal setting, and the results from your personality test help you as an adult?
Friday- Listen to John Oliver’s HBO special and Richard Wilkinson’s “How Economic Inequality Harms Society” and answer the following questions: what can you do about economic inequality? What does it mean for you and your future?

Week of August 15, 2016

English III

This week in English III we will finally begin reading Beowulf. Students will be lead through a structured note-taking system as a way of introducing the analytical process. Please encourage them to review their notes and the story at night. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Monday: Open notes quiz based on background knowledge for Beowulf (25 mastery points)
Tuesday: Introduction to “epic” poems and the translator of our version of Beowulf (students will receive a packet they can highlight and annotate)
Wednesday-Friday: Read and take notes on section 1 of 3 of Beowulf (students will receive a packet for this as well in addition to a graphic organizer to assist them in their note taking and annotating skills).

English IV

This week in English IV we will finish reading the book How Full is Your Bucket and begin talking about how to use personalities in the work place by taking a B.O.L.T (Bull, Owl, Lamb, or Tigger) test. This week we will be having a lot of discussions in which we talk about what they know, based on interactions they’ve had with their bosses and coworkers, and introduce some ideas to help them in their given professions when dealing with people who oppose their own personalities.
Monday: Continue reading How Full is Your Bucket and continue to keep notes in your reading log.
Tuesday: Finish reading How Full is Your Bucket and finish taking notes in your reading log. Logs will be passed in first things tomorrow morning!
Wednesday: Kahoot on How Full is Your Bucket, class discussion, BOLTs personality test, and activity
Thursday: Explain and understand the concept of “grit,” and read the accompanying worksheets
Friday: Pick your personality focus point for the year and begin discussing the real world applications of the “Bucket” book and “grit” tests.

Week of August 8, 2016

English III

Welcome to the first full week of school! English III is split into two different thematic semesters; in the first semester we cover British literature, and in the second semester we cover American literature. We are going to start our year by discussing The Dark Ages and Beowulf. Today and tomorrow students will be introduced to the time period and the development of language through a guided PowerPoint; the remainder of the week will be spent studying the time period via a History Channel documentary and guided note taking. 
As the year progresses I encourage everyone to pay close attention to their grades in Skyward. You should be checking them at least once a week so there are no surprises come the end of the term.
English IV
Welcome to the first full week of school! English IV is first and foremost a writing class, but I have taken real world applications into account when creating the curriculum to ensure student engagement and individual applicability for each lesson. Each term will comprise a different unit; this term we will be conducting research into what careers and colleges students are interested in, and we will use this dome of research to guide our thinking as we begin talking about goal setting, intrinsic motivation,and grit as primary ways to achieve our goals.
What will we be doing this week?
Monday: Class discussion/survey. Guiding question, “Is America still the greatest and why?”
Tuesday-Thursday: Read How Full is Your Bucket in class. (Please do not worry about having to read an entire book in three days. It is only 80 pages long and is written in rather large print; however, if you are nervous about finishing the book before class on Friday please check one out from the Media Center).
Friday: Class discussion with the assistance of your book log for How Full is Your Bucket
I would also encourage everyone to look at their grades at least once a week on Skyward as the year goes on so there are no surprises as we close in on the end of each term. 

WELCOME to the 2016-2017 school year!

I am so excited to see those of you who are returning and to get to know the rest of you. Please note that we will be heavily utilizing email as our main source of online communication in this class. I send out a weekly syllabus every Monday that includes the homework, classwork, and important due dates for the week. Our literacy program is called SSR.  SSR (Self-Selected Reading) books are chosen by each student and approved by me. Parents always have the right to veto your selection if you have chosen a book that they believe is inappropriate. I also reserve the right veto your selection if I believe you need to choose a higher (or lower) level book.  Assignments and projects will be required weekly and quarterly. Below I have included some class supplies that students should bring with them on the first day, and some behavioral guidelines.


  1. CAN DOattitude!
  2. One binder
  3. Five dividers
  4. One USB
  5. Filler Paper
  6. Writing Utensils (blue or black pens or pencils…please do not write in other colors)
  7. An active email address (this is one of our main sources of communication and you will need to access it once a week)
  8. Access to the internet. If you do not have a computer at home, the Media Center is open before and after school; please take advantage of this. All handouts, notes, and writing samples should be kept in your binder at all times.



  1. Be an active participant in your learning (come prepared having done the homework, listen, and respond thoughtfully during class discussions).
  2. Respect everyone in the room.
  3. Understand the concept behind Digital Citizenship
  4. Recognize and abide by all online learning rules
  5. NEVER plagiarize (take someone's work as you own). If you have a friend do your homework for you or you copy and paste something offline without citing it as a source, you will receive a zero for the assignment and a referral. At the University level, plagiarism is cause for expulsion, so learn the lesson early and do your own work.
  6. Be accountableand responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions.
  7. You are entitled to an education and an opportunity; now take it and make the most of it.Grades are not handed out, they are earned.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to email me. You may call me during my planning period if there is something you do not wish to discuss in email, I just ask that you please do so during my planning period or after school.


I look forward to working with each of you and am so excited to get things going this year!


All the best,

Mrs. Brianna Smith, M.Ed

English III & English IV


PDF documents
English III Syllabus -
English IV Syllabus -
How to Format Your Research Paper - Step by Step Guide
Mickey Mouse Packet - All the Writing Assignments for the Year
Model Career Paragraphs - Bullet Points to Paragraphs
VHS Summer Reading -

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