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Senior Research Paper

Due Monday 9/21/15 at 11:59pm

  1. Complete the graphic organizer on three colleges you might be interested in going to (you may research any college as long as it is not on the model page). Store the completed graphis organizer in your binder for when you turn in the final portfolio.
  2. Write a letter to the admissions office of a school you would like to attend (follow format as noted in class). Print out your oringinal email and the admission's response and store in your binder for when you turn in the final portfolio.
  3. Research the answers to the "College Research" questions found on page 8 of the Research Paper Assignment PDF located at the bottom of this page. All answers should be typed and submitted to by 11:59pm on Monday. *Make sure you are keeping track of all the websites you visit for when you create your Works Cited page. Any quote or paraphrase that is not cited in your Works Cited page will severly affect your grade.*
  4. Write a findings paragraph that explain what you found out while conducting your research on colleges. Submit this typed paragraph to by 11:59pm on Monday. Use these guiding questions to help you: which college(s) did you research? Based on the information you accured, what is the likelihood of you attending school there next Fall? What do you like about the school? Dislike? Do they offer your major? What are your concerns? Abotu what are you the most excited? Do you intend to apply? If so, when? How will you make your application stand out amongst the others?

Junior Literary Notes for Beowulf

Write the following notes in the Literature Study near the TDQ’s and Paraphrasing: (all of these terms can be found in your notes from the PowerPoint, look at your fill in the blank sheet, and the packet)

Allusion- a reference to a known person, place, or thing

Kenning- a compound metaphor

Alliteration- repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words

Oral tradition- the verbal act of story telling

Traits of an epic- a long narrative poem with a larger than life hero and a conflict of universal importance

Traits of an epic hero- undertaker of a quest to achieve something of tremendous value to himself and his society. They are often of noble birth or semi-divine birth, on a quest that tests his spirit, and has some “tragic flaw.”

Anglo-Saxon values- military prowess, leadership, longevity, wisdom, and having a respected father.

Motif- a reoccurring symbol, theme, or image in a story

(The five that we see in Beowulf are: biblical and Christian references, pagan customs, social customs, traits of a warrior, and Beowulf boasting)


Senior Research Paper

Due Monday 9/14/15 at 11:59pm

  1. Take the personality profile on
  2. If that website is not working for you, take the personality test on
    1. When you’re done with either personality test, copy and paste the four links you are given into a word document and print out your results.
  3. Write your “findings” paragraph
    1. What did this survey tell you you’d do well? What career(s) did it suggest for you? Does this correlate with what you were thinking of pursuing? Explain. Did it give you any ideas for a back up career?
  4. Submit your findings to
  5. Answer the questions on the Career Research worksheet about your Plan A career (what you would like to do if you could do anything in the world) in complete sentences using the four websites on my teacher connection page.
  6. Submit your answers to these questions on

Career Research Details

Go to and enter your College Board username and password if you know it, followed by your PSAT Access Code (which I will be giving you in class). If you do not know or do not have a College Board account, go to;jsessionid=PIms1pX6HmoNKy-VlKaKRcT1813lBR_L0UA_wYlN7sBtmA994zW4!1348553754!901962827 and enter the PSAT Access Code I give you followed by “Sign Up” instead of “Sign In.”

Once you are logged into MyRoad click “Personality” or “Get to Know Me.” This will bring you to a page where you will be asked if you would like to participate in a personality test. Click Personality Profile and take the assessment. It is quite lengthy, but please take your time for the most accurate results. Once you have finished the personality profile, print your results and put them in your binder. These will become a part of your portfolio at the end of the assignment.

Use the results from your personality profile to determine what careers you would be interested in by identifying a Plan A and Plan B career. Then, use the following website to conduct research for the career portion of the assignment. You will need to do this for both a Plan A and Plan B career. 

This Friday you will be expected to pass in the typed answers to your Plan A career questions (provided for you in class) both via and printed out as a hard copy. The hard copy of this assignment you will keep in your portfolio along with the Plan B career research answers, your personlity profile, and the other documents we have discussed in class (see white board for more information). 

I have also included a PDF version of the entire assignment so you can see what it looks like. Please do not be overwhelmed by this information; we are working on it in chunks. We are also using the Week-by-Week breakdown as a general guideline, so please do not look to that as specifics. We may not be doing everything listed on there, or we may do more. The assignment will change with each class and your individual needs.

I will eventually be posting one finalized model on here for you to see, but as I am making it alongside you (so you can see my research process) it is not complete. As soon as it is, you will see a PDF with the title "Model Senior Research Project." Until then, if you would like to see a model of what we've done so far, please ask.


WELCOME to the 2015-2016 school year!

I am so excited to see those of you who are returning and to get to know the rest of you. Please note that we will be heavily utilizing email as our main source of online communication in this class. I send out a weekly syllabus every Monday that includes the homework, classwork, and important due dates for the week.Our literacy program is called SSR.  SSR (Self-Selected Reading) books are chosen by each student and approved by me. Parents always have the right to veto your selection if you have chosen a book that they believe is inappropriate. I also reserve the right veto your selection if I believe you need to choose a higher (or lower) level book.  Assignments and projects will be required weekly and quarterly. Below I have included some class supplies that students should bring with them on the first day, and some behavioral guidelines.


  1. CAN DO attitude!
  2. One binder
  3. Five dividers
  4. One USB
  5. Filler Paper
  6. Writing Utensils (blue or black pens or pencils…please do not write in other colors)
  7. An active email address (this is one of our main sources of communication and you will need to access it once a week)
  8. Access to the internet. If you do not have a computer at home, the Media Center is open before and after school; please take advantage of this. All handouts, notes, and writing samples should be kept in your binder at all times.

English IV students will also need to purchase the book The Least You Should Know about English: Writing Skills, Form A by Paige Wilson. They should have this book no later than August 20, 2015. Please look at Amazon and Ebay for slightly used copies at a cheaper price.

ISBN- 13: 978-0495906339 ISBN-10: 0495906336


  1. Be an active participant in your learning (come prepared having done the homework, listen, and respond thoughtfully during class discussions).
  2. Respect everyone in the room.
  3. Understand the concept behind Digital Citizenship
  4. Recognize and abide by all online learning rules
  5. NEVER plagiarize (take someone's work as you own). If you have a friend do your homework for you or you copy and paste something offline without citing it as a source, you will receive a zero for the assignment and a referral. At the University level, plagiarism is cause for expulsion, so learn the lesson early and do your own work.
  6. Be accountable and responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions.
  7. You are entitled to an education and an opportunity; now take it and make the most of it. Grades are not handed out, they are earned.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to email me. You may call me during my planning period if there is something you do not wish to discuss in email, I just ask that you please do so during my planning period or after school.

I look forward to working with each of you and am so excited to get things going this year!
All the best,
Mrs. Brianna Smith, M.Ed
English III & English IV


PDF documents
English III - How to Format MLA, OWL Purdue Example
English III Syllabus - English III Syllabus
English IV Syllabus - English IV Syllabus
How to Format Your Research Paper - Step by Step Guide
Research Paper Assignment - Including Career and College Research Questions
Research Paper Model - Draft
Summer Reading Rubric -

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