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Parents- I would love to have a volunteer to help me with some preparations (making copies, putting names on books, etc). Email me if you have some available time to earn PI hours.

 PLEASE have your children come to school with pencils. Thank you.

New Florida Standards (Common Core): The new wording of tasks may be difficult for some students to understand. I will post some examples of the directions for tasks so that you can (1) start to become familiar and (2) help your child decipher them.  

1st period: Support your claim or opinion with logical reasoning and evidence from credible sources, and demonstrate to the reader that you understand the topic. 

Use the relationship between particular words, such as synonyms and antonyms, to better understand the meaning of each of the words. 

3rd- 6th periods: Summarize what a text is about, identify its overall theme or main idea, and analyze its development from beginning to end. 

Use appropriate transitional words or phrases to clarify the way different facts or ideas are related.  

AR update- students should make a daily plan to reach their goal (8 points). You may use the form I will give them in class to help your child decide how many books they should read (for example, 3 3-point books) and set a completion date for each book (for example, complete each book in 2 weeks). Then divide and find out how many pages they need to read each night in order to meet their goal. (For example, 220 pages in 14 days = 16 pages per night.)

Goal setting:  8 points by ____Oct. 9th________

1st & 2nd Period Block- Language! Book C

Each unit consists of 10 lessons. Assessments are given as follows: (1) phonemic awareness- lesson 5, (2) spelling- lessons 5 & 10, (3) Vocabulary- lesson 8, (4) Grammar- lesson 8, 9 or 10, (5) Comprehension- lesson 10 in Units 15 & 18, (6) writing- no tests.

Your child may also get additional practice by going online to and use the user name & password I gave them to log in. They can compete for points against their fellow classmates & other students across the country. Each Friday, during class, we will be working in this program.

3rd - 7th Periods- our curriculum is titled Journeys II.

The units are called 'Expeditions'; each one contains 10 lessons. Comprehension & vocabulary tests will occur in Lesson 9. Each Friday we will be utilizing our online program, SOLO.

Your child may also get additional practice by going online to and use the user name & password I gave them to log in. They can compete for points against their fellow classmates & other students across the country.

I do not let my students use pens. Pencils only, please.  :-)

ABSENT? The student simply needs to take home the workbook pages that were done in class on the day(s) they missed. If a textbook is needed, they may check one out from me. Please refer to the handbook in the student agenda for our school-wide absent work policies.

The A.R. reading program will be maintained in intensive reading. My students will need to earn 8 points each 9 weeks and their score will account for 20% of their intensive reading grade.

AR home connect:

Is it an AR book? Check here:

Feel free to contact me, via email, at any time.


Mrs. Claire M. Brooks


**Wish List**   paper towels, small items for my treasure box (stickers, gel pens, erasers...), headphones to use with the computer, tissues

Any items purchased will count towards meeting your PI goal, provided you supply the receipt. Thank you!!


PDF documents
A.R. Goal Setting Log - set a goal for completion
I.R. Points Chart - chart to document student participation & grades
Lexile Conversion Chart - convert lexile to student's reading grade level
PMP information (power point presentation) -
PMP information between parent/school/student - documentation for Intensive Reading students

 August 2014
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Intensive Reading - AR testing - for summer reading only

Intensive Reading - AR testing - for summer reading only



Intensive Reading - AR testing - points begin counting for the 1st 9 weeks


Intensive Reading - Assignments

Intensive Reading - Assignments

Intensive Reading - Assignment



Intensive Reading - Assignment

Intensive Reading - Assignment

Intensive Reading - 1st period spelling test
Intensive Reading - Summer A.R. 100% dress down day
Intensive Reading - Assignment


Intensive Reading - Assignment



Intensive Reading - Assignment

Intensive Reading - Assignment

Intensive Reading - Assignment

Intensive Reading - OPEN HOUSE 6 - 8 pm
Intensive Reading - Test Day

Intensive Reading - Assignment



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