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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."



Welcome back!

I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation! Please check this site regularly for updates and important class information. The calendar will be updated each week with the agenda and any important announcments. Students will be expected to add the agenda into their own agenda planner each Monday at the start of class. 

Technology will play a signifacant role in this Life Science course. We will be using Quizlet, USA Test Prep, Skyward, and periodically we will use Kahoot for review and test preparation. Students will need to setup a Quizlet account by following the directions posted below.  

Advanced Life Science students, please see the information below for Science Fair. I will have an outline of due dates ready and posted for you soon, in the meantime please search the links and begin thinking about the topic for your project. 

I look forward to meeting you all at Orientation on Tuesday August 2nd!

Mrs. Reardon



Honors Science Fair Information:

You can already start thinking and observing ideas around you now for a science fair project.  All Honor students are required to complete one, but you will still have a choice if you would like to compete in the actual fair (GOLD Path) or put it together in a power-point (GREEN Path).  Either way you still have to complete an independent investigation.  This project will be the majority of your homework August through November.  Guidance will be given in class along with due dates.  This investigation must be grade level appropriate and testable (controlled experiment).  All projects must have a real application of how it will help mankind - not just a cool experiment (that's for class stuff).  Below you will find steps that will help you start thinking like a scientist. Enjoy:)

How to think like a scientist...

It all starts with an idea..

The basics...

Feed you brain...

Terms you should know...



1. Please be certain that you have created a quizlet username and password for yourself.

2. While logged into quizlet search for "VCMSLifeSci" and click on Reardon Period ____ (your class period).

3. Request to join class.

4. I will accept/add you to the class.

5. Download the quizlet app on your phone and login with your username and password.

6. Study.

7. When preparing for your test and doing the extra credit assigned in Quizlet you must log in through a web browser and NOT your quizlet app. This is the ONLY way that I can verify that studens are working in Quizlet. I will not accept printouts or screenshots as verification of work completed. 

8. Extra credit for chapter tests is 10 points. Students must log in and complete the practice test and score 80% or better AND must complete 2 other activities of their chioce (learn, speller, scatter, flashcards, or gravity) to earn the 10 extra credit points. 

9. Students must keep track of their username and passwords as I do NOT have access to them.


Prezi's from Class:

To get a FREE prezi account click here (Prezi is free for students and teachers) 



At home you can use Kahoot to review for your upcoming test. On a desktop or laptop compuetr click the following link: 
Then on a handheld device or tablet enter the pin number provided to login. The questions will advance automatically. 


















PDF documents
Life Science Syllabus -

Literal Translation