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Fellow Scientists,

Hard to believe that February is here! Students will be learning about how and why scienctists classify organisms to gain understanding of the diversity of life around us and will also develop an understanding of certain characteristics that scientists use to classify this organisms into certain groups. From there, we will delve into the world of genetics and heredity. :) Please remind students to complete their skyward assessments. They are only available for alloted times and will be scored as a zero if not completed.

It will be very important that you utilize this webpage for weekly agenda information, study tools, important due dates, and access to PDF files of chapter notes and presentations.



Weekly Assignments

 Weekly assignments will be posted on the calendar below each Monday for the week ahead. If you are absent or want a preview of topics/activities that will be covered, click the link “Weekly Agenda.” Lessons covered and activities are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.


Life science can be a challenging subject with the extensive vocabulary that is involved. Quizlet is an online application that is a great study resource for students. Online flashcards, interactive games and practice quizzes are available through this application and can be accessed for any smart device/tablet. Each student has created an account to access each chapter's vocabulary for practice at home. If a student takes the practice test prior to the day of the test and earns an 80 or higher, the student will receive 10 points extra credit for that particular chapter's test.  Vocabulary is due the day we take the chapter’s vocabulary test. Vocabulary must be hand-written for credit.


Prezi Presentations


Ch. 2 Prezi 

ch. 3.1-3.3 Prezi 

Ch. 3.4 Prezi  

Ch. 3.5 Prezi 

4.1 - 4.3 Prezi 

4.4 - 4.6 Prezi 

Ch. 5 Prezi 

Ch. 7 Prezi 


Ch. 8 Prezi - 

Ch. 9 Prezi - 

Chapter Tests/Quizzes/Due Dates

You will find all dates for chapter test, quizzes, and project due dates on the calendar below. These items will be located on the day that the assessment will take place or the day the assignment is due. Please refer to the Student Handbook for our policy on late assignments and make up work when you are absent.


PDF Files

Each student will be given an outline of the chapter notes for the whole chapter on the day we start covering that topic. If a student loses their copy of the notes it will be their responsibility to print another copy of the notes. PDF files are located in links just above the calendar below.

All content will be presented through Prezi. A link will be posted for each chapter’s presentation and students are encouraged to utilize this presentation at home for study purposes, to copy notes when they are absent and miss a lesson, or have lost their notes and need to re-copy information.

Science Fair – Advanced Students Only

Please see PDF of the project guide below and the calendar for important due dates.

You can already start thinking and observing ideas around you now for a science fair project.  All Honor students are required to complete one, but you will still have a choice if you would like to compete in the actual fair (GOLD Path) or put it together in a power-point (GREEN Path).  Either way you still have to complete an independent investigation.  This project will be majority homework through August to November.  Guidance will be given in class along with due dates.  This investigation must be grade level appropriate and testable (controlled experiment).  All projects must have a real application of how it will help mankind - not just a cool experiment (that's for class stuff).  Below you will find steps that will help you start thinking like a scientist. Enjoy:)

How to think like a scientist...

It all starts with an idea..

The basics...

Feed you brain...

Terms you should know...

Science Fair GOLD Forms- ISEF Forms - students must type all information except dates - leave dates blank

 Science Fair GOLD Abstract Form (use at the end of the project) State of Florida Official Abstract only this form can be used:)

Happy Investigating!

Mrs. Reardon



PDF documents
Ch. 8 + 9 Study Guide -
Life Science Course Syllabus -

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7th Grade Science - 2.1 + 2.2 Quiz




7th Grade Science - Science Fair GREEN AND GOLD Path
7th Grade Science - Science Fair GREEN AND GOLD Path

7th Grade Science - 2.3 Quiz


7th Grade Science - Ch. 2 Test



7th Grade Science - Weekly Assignments

7th Grade Science - Science Fair GREEN AND GOLD Path


7th Grade Science - 3.1 Quiz

7th Grade Science - Science Fair Gold Path



7th Grade Science - Weekly Assignments




7th Grade Science - 3.2 Quiz



7th Grade Science - Weekly Assignments

7th Grade Science - 3.1-3.3 Test

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