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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."




Fellow Scientists,

What a great start to the school year! I can't believe the first quarter is behind us. Advanced students please continue to work on your science fair projects and check google classroom regular for any updates about the science fair. We have started our unit on the human body systems. Please keep up with your Skyward assignments as they are time sensative and use the resources provided in your google classroom for each chapter :)

Mrs. Reardon



Honors Science Fair Information:

You can already start thinking and observing ideas around you now for a science fair project.  All Honor students are required to complete one, but you will still have a choice if you would like to compete in the actual fair (GOLD Path) or put it together in a power-point (GREEN Path).  Either way you still have to complete an independent investigation.  This project will be the majority of your homework August through November.  Guidance will be given in class along with due dates.  This investigation must be grade level appropriate and testable (controlled experiment).  All projects must have a real application of how it will help mankind - not just a cool experiment (that's for class stuff).  Below you will find steps that will help you start thinking like a scientist. Enjoy:)

How to think like a scientist...

It all starts with an idea..

The basics...

Feed you brain...

Terms you should know...




Each student has joined my quizlet classroom and were asked to write down their usernames/passwords in their agendas. I have access to their usernames, but not passwords.  





















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