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We have begun our FSA review.  Students will receive their folders back and they will receive weekly review packets that I've made.  All of your student's classwork and homework will be in the review packet.  Please check the calendar below for weekly assignments.  

ALEKS required homework 

From the syllabus (with changes):  The next Pie Mastery Goal, which is a test grade for the 3rd 9 weeks is due March 12th. 

       ALEKS is to be completed 30 minutes a week at home from Monday - Sunday, with 20% of the concepts mastered by the end of the 1st 9 weeks, 60% by the end of the 2nd 9 weeks, 75% mastered by the end of the 3rd 9 weeks, and 100% mastered by the end of the 4th 9 weeks. Weekly ALEKS time will be given an assignment grade.  For example, if a student completes 25 minutes of ALEKS the first week, they have earned practice grade for that week of 25/30 or 83%.  There will be 9 practice scores a 9 weeks.  The percentage completed at the grading intervals is a test grade. The test grade will be given by percentage of concepts mastered.  For example, if at the end of the first 9 weeks a student has mastered 15% of the skills, I will calculate 15/20 to be 75% for their ALEKS test grade that 9 weeks.

ALEKS log in information:  Students should have this on the first page of their agenda.  Website address is:    Students then use the user name and password they glued into their agenda to log into ALEKS.


Moodle instructions for homework:

1. **** Go to (do NOT type in www. first). The video worked best at school when students opened up the videos in Chrome, instead of Internet Explorer.  If you cannot see the full screen, try using a different web browser.  The videos are loaded into Moodle correctly. 

2.  ****At the log in page, students must enter their school computer log in and password.  If they change their password, moodle automatically updates the change. They must write down their password in their agenda.  I CANNOT reset their password, so this is THEIR responsibility.

3. **** When logged in, they should see “Counts-Math” as their course.  It is, also found on the left under “My Courses”.  Click on “Counts-Math”.

4. ***** Complete the daily lesson video AND daily lesson practice for a full Practice grade. 

5.*****If Moodle is down, please email me.  If the Moodle administrator had notified me that Moodle was down, I will give an extra day to complete work.  Students will be instructed in class that day before homework.  

What is a flipped classroom?

A flipped classroom has students doing, what would normally be their homework problems in class with me.  At night students will be required to watch the video lesson for tomorrow's work on the computer. I believe a flipped classroom makes sense with the new math standards and new testing formats.  Instead of parents trying to help students with problems or questions that don't make sense to them, I will help the students in class.  The lesson videos will be available all year for students to use to study for tests and quizzes.  Also, parents can watch the videos with their child to help them understand the new curriculum.  Videos will not be longer than 20 minutes.  If your family does not have access to a computer, tablet,  smart phone, or the internet, please let me know when you return my syllabus.  My classroom will be open Monday - Friday for students to use our computers for no charge, if your child does not normally attend After Care.  Students in After Care will be able to come to my classroom, too. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Here are some websites that explain the "flipped classroom":

Go Buffalos!

Dana Counts




PDF documents
Blank Vocabulary Chart - Print this if you don't want to make your own!
Ch 11 Review Video and Review Practice 1 and 2 - Please do 1 on 3/3/15 and 2 on 3/4/15!
Chapter 11 Study Guide - Please use this to study for your Chapter 11 Test!
Commutative, Associative, Identity Properties - Vocabulary charts for each done in class 12/1/14.
Distributive Property notes - Use this for the Chapter 6 Test.
Flipped Class information -
FSA Reference Sheet - Use with Geometry chapters and conversions
Inequality Words - Study this list for the Ch 8 Test!
Math Syllabus - Please sign and return the last page. Due ASAP
Math Word Wall List - Use this to decipher words to math operations!

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Math - weekly homework and test







Math - weekly homework







Math - weekly homework and test







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