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Dear Parents and Students,

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to email or call.

Thank you,

Marnie Miller


Advanced Science 2016-2017 - Science Project: 

    • All advanced science students will be required to complete an independent science project to meet the 6th grade standard SC6 N.1.1.
    • Students will choose between the Science Fair (GOLD) path and the PowerPoint (GREEN) path.
      • Both paths complete independent controlled experiments but will present their information in different ways.
      • GOLD Path- Complete tri-fold board and compete in school science fair with a chance of advancing on to regionals and state. (Extra Credit Opportunities)
      • GREEN Path- Students will put information into a PowerPoint and present to teacher/class. Students cannot move on to the next level and there are no extra credit opportunities.
    • What you need to do THIS SUMMER:
      • GET CURIOUS! Find a topic or problem that interests you and think of a way that you could test an aspect of that topic. You can also search on the Internet for experiments that may spark your interest.  There is a pdf document listed below with links to many science fair websites.
      • Please note that topics involving the testing of humans, animals, and microbiology will be required to take the GREEN path during their 6th grade year. This is due to very complicated paperwork that is required for these topics.
      • Complete the rough plan and turn it in to your 6th grade science teacher between Thursday, August 4th and Thursday, August 18th. Parents and students will sign showing their commitment to the project. 
      • Once approved, you will be able to begin the next step which will be to conduct background research on your topic to make you more knowledgeable and comfortable answering questions regarding your project.
      • At the beginning of your 6th grade year, you will receive a complete project guide to help you through the entire process and a list of all due dates.


Key Science Project Vocabulary:

Controlled Experiment-An experiment which involves changing only 1 factor (independent variable) and observing its effect on one thing, while keeping all other factors (variables) constant.

Variable- Factors that can change during an experiment

Independent (Tested or manipulated) Variable- The ONE factor that is changed/tested during a controlled experiment. (The factor that is being tested)

Dependent (Responding) Variable- Changes in response to the independent variable (What you are measuring)

Controlled Variable(s)- The variable(s) that are kept the same, or controlled, throughout an experiment. (There should be several)


Moodle- Students will be set up on Moodle and all students can access Moodle by clicking on the link below.  Once at the login screen, students will enter their user name and passwords that they use to access the computers here at school. Moodle can be accessed from any computer, as well as iPads and smartphones.  All handouts and PowerPoints will be available on Moodle. 

Online Textbook & Bonus Activities  - Students have been given a computer websites page with the Science textbook information included.  At the web site students will find their textbook online and additional activities to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.  This will help them prepare/study for all chapter tests.  A few days prior to the chapter tests students will have access to the online chapter practice test.  They will have the opportunity to get bonus points on for all chapter tests.  Again, this will help them prepare/study for all chapter tests.  



YOU MUST USE CHROME and the link below!
Login Link (both Internal and External from the network): Pearson Success Website

Online Practice Test Instructions (Extra Credit Opportunity prior to Chapter tests-Pearsonsuccess)

  1. Click on the link above and log in.( MUST use CHROME)
    • Students were given a new username during the week of 9/7/2015 (This username should be their first initial and their student ID number)
      • Username: villagesschool\ followed by their new username
    • The password is the same one they have been using on the VCS computers.
  2. Click on Things to Do (top right).
  3. The test will be waiting for you several days prior to the test date.
  4. Your score will be sent to me.
  5. Students that score a 70% or higher will receive bonus points on their chapter test.

Online Practice Test Instructions (Extra Credit Opportunity, Chapter Objective Test)

  1. Use the highlighted URL above for Pearson
  2. Click on Things to Do (top right).
  3. The test will be waiting for you several days prior to the test date.
  4. Your score will be sent to me.
  5. Students that score a 70% or higher will receive bonus points on their chapter test.


Works Cited Creator- Helps organize your source information while completing research

Moodle - Access worksheets, PowerPoints, and other material

Quizlet - Use this link to study vocabulary words before a vocabulary quiz for extra credit.


Science Wish List for 2015-2016: 

  • Extra bedding (coconut fiber) for Sheldon, our classroom tortoise.
  • Quart size Ziploc bags
  • Rolls of paper towels
  • Highlighters




PDF documents
EOY USA Test Prep Study Guide - Answers are on Moodle
Upcoming 6th Grade Students - Science Fair Information for Advanced Students

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