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Updated - 10/17/16:   


The Chapter 4 Test is on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 and this was announced to the students in class and written on the board last Tuesday. Students have had their study guides and time to work on them in class as well as ask questions since last Wednesday. The Chapter 4 Quizlet study sets have also been available and I have suggested that students use each tool to their best advantage each day.


Students were also given the opportunity today (10/17) to choose their recipe and I am making their copies for them to bring home to review with you. Please take a moment to make sure that you are all in agreement with the choice - their choices need to be finalized by Thursday night so that I can give them the appropriate project rubric on Friday. The due date for the second quarter project is Monday, November 28, 2016. This means that students have six weekends as well as the week of fall break to complete the project so there should not be any difficulty getting it done.


As mentioned last week, the Presidential Debates are not going to serve as an extra credit assignment for this marking period. If something substantive is discussed during the debate we will discuss it the next day during class. Extra credit assignments that address civic responsibilities will be given during the third week of November and the second week of December to provide these opportunities. 



  • Presidential/Vice Presidential Candidates:
    • Official Democratic Party Candidates:
      • President: Hillary Clinton (former Secretary of State, Senator from NY, First Lady)
      • Vice-President: Tim Kaine (Senator from Virginia, former Governor of Virginia, Mayor of Richmond)
    • Official Green Party Candidates:
      • President: Jill Stein (physician, activist, politician)
      • Vice-President: Ajamu Baraka (human rights activist, associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies)
    • Independent Candidate:
      • President: Evan McMullin (worked in CIA, Investment Banker, senior advisor on House Committee on Foreign Affairs, chief policy director of the House Republican Conference)
      • Vice-President: unknown at this time, rumored to be Nathan Johnson (from Ohio, lead prayer at RNC, still looking for additional information)
    • Official Libertarian Party Candidates:
      • President: Gary Johnson (former Governor of New Mexico)
      • Vice-President: William Weld (former Governor of Massachusetts, US Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division, District Attorney)
    • Official Republican Party Candidates:
      • President: Donald Trump (businessman)
      • Vice-President: Mike Pence (Governor of Indiana, former US Representative from Indiana)
    • Debates:
      • 9/26/16 - Presidential Debate held in Dayton, Ohio
      • 10/4/16 - Vice Presidential Debate held in Farmville, Virginia
      • 10/9/16 - Presidential Debate held in St. Louis, Missouri
      • 10/19/16 - Presidential Debate held in Las Vegas, Nevada

        Students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit by watching and responding to the debates. More information will be give as the debates get close.

  • Florida Elections





  • 2016/2017 8th Grade Students: please click on the "May 2017" link below to review the details for your field trip to Washington D.C. It's a fabulous trip and so exciting to see all the things that we've discussed throughout the year! The sooner you sign up, the smaller the monthly payments will be! The last page of the presentation shows you the tour number and how to register.

  • 2017/2018 8th Grade Students: please click on the "October 2017" link below to review the details for your field trip to Washington D.C. This is a first time that we will be able to go in the fall - you will be the first class to see it "first" and we will be referring to that experience throughout our year! The sooner you sign up, the smaller the monthly payments will be! The last page of the presentation of shows you the tour number and how to register.


Mrs. Hubbard





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