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Updated - 4/25/17:   

Please note: The daily schedule this week is affected for the testing that is occuring for 8th and 7th grade. That means that on some days classes may be shorter or longer - or not held at all - and there is still work to be done. The work must be completed by the due dates that are shown in order for us to be able to progress as we need to and get the information covered. If students do not finish something in class, they will need to complete it after school in the computer lab or at home. 

This week we are looking at the reform isses that took place with regard to temperance, educational reform, the treatment of the mentally ill, abolishing slavery, and women's suffrage.  ALL of the assignments in Chapter 15 are offline since we don't have consistent access to the computers, so EVERYTHING your student needs is in his/her hands at all times this week. Chapter 15 work is DUE by the end of the day Wednesday.

I will be staying after school this Wednesday for the usual tutoring and I will be here until 5. Please review Skyward to see if your student should be staying after with me to work.


ALSO: Testing for Geometry EOC is this Thursday and Friday so classes for these students will be affected. As of the schedule now it will be: Thursday - periods 3,4 and 6; Friday - periods 1, 2 and 3.





  • 2016/2017 8th Grade Students: please click on the "May 2017" link below to review the details for your field trip to Washington D.C. It's a fabulous trip and so exciting to see all the things that we've discussed throughout the year! You can STILL SIGN UP after 12/31/16 by contacting Mr. Atkinson or myself.

  • 2017/2018 8th Grade Students: please click on the "October 2017" link below to review the details for your field trip to Washington D.C. This is a first time that we will be able to go in the fall - you will be the first class to see it "first" and we will be referring to that experience throughout our year! The sooner you sign up, the smaller the monthly payments will be! The last page of the presentation of shows you the tour number and how to register.


Mrs. Hubbard





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