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All classwork (CW) and homework (HW) for the week are located on the Monday for that week.  Please print that page out and place it where your child can see it so that they are making sure that they are accomplishing all of their work.  I have also posted many PDF files below that contain information that has also been handed out in class.  If your child loses or misplaces something, please look below for a replacement.  If it is something that you do not see there, just ask.

If you donate something for the classroom, make sure to send in the receipt, or a note or send an email to let me know how much to credit you for PI hours.

Helpful Online Resources:

7th Grade CivicsUnit 19-20: Personal Finance and Business in America (2.24.17-3.9.17):

Essential Questions: 

  • Why and how do people make economic choices?
  • How do economic systems influence societies?

Student Learning Objectives: Students will learn...

Unit 19

  1. Why and how to save.
  2. Their rights as consumers.
  3. How to be a wise consumer.
  4. The value of creating a personal budget.
  5. How credit works.

Unit 20

  1. Business and work life in their community mirrors the national economy.
  2. Three types of business organizations in the US.
  3. Economy and examples of them in their neighborhood or area.
  4. Why workers organize into unions.
  5. How local businesses play a part in people’s everyday lives.

Next *Tentative*Test/Quiz/Assignment Dates:

  • Unit 19-20 Bell Ringer
  • Unit 19 Homework
  • Unit 20 Homework


  • 3/9/17-End of 3rd 9 Weeks & Freestyle Pictures
  • 3/10/17-Teacher Work Day
  • 3/13/17-3/17/17-Spring Break
  • 3/27/17-Report Cards go home
  • 4/19/17-Quarter Midpoint
  • 5/19/17-End of 4th 9 weeks & Last Day of school

Things needed for the classroom:

  • Sticky Tack (white only)
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Door stop (they tend to disappear) 
  • paper towels

Have a BLESSED day!

Christina Ling


PDF documents
2016-2017 Behavior Management Plan -
2016-2017 Syllabus - Syllabus for Mrs. Ling
7th Grade Civics-Mrs. Ling - Open House powerpoint slides
ABC's of Homework -
Civics-Unit 13 - 13.1-13.2 Take Home Quiz
Civics-Unit 13 - Bell Ringer form
Civics-Unit 14 - 14.1-14.2 Take Home Quiz
Civics-Unit 14 - Bell Ringer
Civics-Unit 15-16 - 15.1-15.2 Take Home Quiz
Civics-Unit 15-16 - Bell Ringer form
Civics-Unit 15-16 - 16.1-16.2 Take Home Quiz
Civics-Unit 17 - Bell Ringer Form
Civics-Unit 17 - 17.1-17.2 TH Quiz
Civics-Unit 18 - 18.1-18.2 TH Quiz
Civics-Unit 18 - Bell Ringer
Civics-Unit 18 - Cover sheet
Civics-Unit 19-20 - Unit 20 Summary
Civics-Unit 19-20 - Unit 19 Homework
Civics-Unit 19-20 - Unit 19-20 Bell Ringer
Civics-Unit 19-20 - Unit 20 Homework
Civics-Unit 19-20 - Cover sheet
Civics-Unit 19-20 - Unit 19 Summary
Civics-Unit 9 - Take Home Quiz
Civics-Unit 9 - Bell Ringer
How to turn in an Assignment to Google Classrooms - instructions and screenshots

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CW and HW for week














CW and HW for week