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Due to laws regarding privacy, use of email is limited.  All email sent or received through the school is public record and will be stored permanently.  If you have questions regarding your child's behavior or grades please send in a note or call the school and leave a message so the teacher may return your call. You may refer to any of our classroom websites for information regarding homework, tests, class activities, etc. or to your child's planner for missing assignments and other information.  If you still have a question regarding information please feel free to send an email.  If we are unable to answer your question through email, we will either send home a note in your child's planner or call you.  If you do send an email please make sure to type "student" in the subject line to ensure that your email is received. 

Please regularly log into Pinnacle Grade Book and view your child's grades.  If you have forgotten, or misplaced, your login and password, please contact Tara Milow at the Central Office (Phone number 352-259-6848).

Just a reminder to parents, please make sure you are looking at the correct assignments and PDF files as I am teaching 7th Grade Civics and 8th Grade American History. I will try my best to label accordingly. 

All classwork (CW) and homework (HW) for the week are located on the Monday for that week.  Please print that page out and place it where your child can see it so that they are making sure that they are accomplishing all of their work.  I have also posted many PDF files below that contain information that has also been handed out in class.  If your child loses or misplaces something, please look below for a replacement.  If it is something that you do not see there, just ask. 

If you donate something for the classroom, make sure to send in the receipt, or a note or send an email to let me know how much to credit you for PI hours.

Washington D.C. Trip:  Details about the 2015 8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C. can be found on the Field Trips Page.  This year we are adding an optional 1 day extension to tour Williamsburg, Jamestown, & Yorktown. Please see the field trip page for more details about this trip.

Helpful Online Resources:

The textbook web site can be accessed through the following link:

7th Grade Civics:  Unit 7:  The Legislative Branch from 12.1.14-12.19.14. 

In this Unit, we will be learning about the legislative system. In Lesson 1, we will be focusing on the parts of the Legislative branch (Congress has two parts: Senate and House of Representatives) and the leadership in this parts and the committee system. In Lesson 2, we will be learning about the powers of Congress (expressed and implied). In Lesson 3, we will be learning about how Congress works and such things as the qualifications needed to be in Congress, and what Congress actually does. In Lesson 4, we will be learning about the process of how a bill becomes a law. 

 Next *Tentative*Test/Quiz/Assignment Dates:

  • SCOTUS Contract-if you are working in pairs due 12/5
  • Lesson 1 and 2 Quiz 12/8
  • SCOTUS project due 12/12
  • Unit Test on 12/17

8th Grade American History: Unit 6-The American Revolution Book Study from 12/1/14-12/19/14

In this unit, students will investigate the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution.  Students will also learn how British colonies that were very different from one another were able to unite in order to build and defend a new nation.

Battles of the American Revolution Online Investigation Timeline

Next *Tentative*Test/Quiz/Assignment Dates:

  • Unit 6 Test on 12/19

Have a BLESSED day!
Christina Ling


PDF documents
7th Grade Civics - Unit 7 Spanish summary
7th Grade Civics - Unit 7 notes/study guide filled in
7th Grade Civics - SCOTUS Case Project-Guidelines and Rubric
7th Grade Civics - Unit 7 Summary
7th Grade Civics - SCOTUS Project Group Contract
7th Grade Civics - 2014-2015 Syllabus
7th Grade Civics - Unit 7 notes/study guide-blank
7th Grade Civics - Unit 7.1-7.2 Take Home Quiz
8th Grade American History - 2014-2015 Syllabus
8th Grade American History - Unit 6 handout packet-minus Battle Time line
8th Grade American History - Brooksville Raid Field Trip
The ABC's of Homework - helpful advice for parents

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Civics - 7th Grade CW and HW
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US History - American Revolution Timeline





Civics - 8th Grade CW and HW
Civics - 7th Grade CW and HW







Civics - 7th Grade CW and HW
Civics - 8th Grade CW and HW

















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