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1st period: rcslhg

2nd period: 8ghfe

3rd period: z0ok78i

6th period: qtw2do


Chapter 15- Alcohol

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Chapter 16- Tobacco

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Chapter 17-Preventing Drug Abuse

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Chapter 20- Adolescence and Adulthood

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Ch. 24- Safeguarding the Public

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 Chapter 25- Your Community, Your Health

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Choices Magazine Articles:

April 2017

Should soda have a warning label?

One Deadly Night

Secret Stress Busters of the Stars

What are you?




This page will be your one-stop shop for all information related to Health. On this page, you will be able to find the class syllabus and information regarding assignments/homework/projects.  I will update this page on a regular basis, so I encourage you to check this page frequently. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this course. 


Online textbook link:  To use the online textbook, go to Pearson Easy Bridge and access it via that port.

 Health Textbook Link use Pearson eText book in the left column

*The students need to do the following to sign on:

username:  villagesschool\(skyward  ID)

Example: villagesschool\b339997

password:  (computer password)


Information on getting someone you care about help for drug abuse:











PDF documents
16-17 Peer Counseling Syallbus - syallbus
16-17 Syllabus -
Ch. 15 NTP Vocabulary - Ch. 15 NTP Vocabulary
Ch. 16 NTP Vocabulary - Ch. 16 NTP Vocabulary
Ch. 17 NTP Vocabulary - Ch. 17 NTP Vocabulary
Ch. 19 NTP Vocabulary - Ch. 19 NTP Vocabulary
Ch. 20 NTP Vocabulary - Ch. 20 NTP Vocabulary
Ch. 22 NTP Vocabulary - Ch. 22 NTP Vocabulary
Ch. 24 NTP Vocabulary - Ch. 24 NTP Vocabulary
Ch. 25 NTP Vocabulary - Ch. 25 NTP Vocabulary
How can parents protect kids from smoking fact she - fact sheet
Independent Study Syllabus -
Last 9 weeks project- Google Slides - Google Slide & Presentation Rubric
Mayor Speech Rubric -
Smoking and other drugs fact sheet - fact sheet
smoking starts at a very young age fact sheet - fact sheet
tobacco companies maketing to kids fact sheet - fact sheet
Trends in tobacco industry fact sheet - fact sheet
Where do youth smokers get cigarettes fact sheet - fact sheet