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Dear Parents and Students,

Class Motto: We read closely, think deeply, and write completely!

6th Grade Writing Assignment: We have a simulated “Writing Task” on Monday (Oct. 20th) and Tuesday (Oct. 21st). This task will mimic what the students will do in the Spring for the Florida Standards Assessment Writing Test. This will also be entered as a writing grade in the gradebook. What the students need to do in order to prepare for the writing task is read the story, “Jeremiah’s Song” beginning on page 88 of the textbook. I’ve shown them how to access the story online and use the audio to listen to the story. They are also welcome to read on their own or both. 

The writing prompt will ask the students to compare the authors’ use of foreshadowing and flashback in the two stories, “Lob’s Girl” and “Jeremiah’s Song”. I have provided the students with a graphic organizer and a writing planning sheet.

To access the text online:

Sign in: last name first initial@tvcs

Password: Buff@106

 Choose the student edition textbook, Type in page 88 or search for “Jeremiah’s Song”, Press the speaker icon in the bottom right corner and press the play arrows on the page.

Buffalo Basket Benefit - Bump, Set, Spike -Train & Play

I sent the letter home with students on Thursday, October 2nd. It is also attached here as a .pdf document. We are very excited to offer a new type of basket this year. Many students are interested in volleyball and trying out for the team next year. We have had a very successful season and hope to keep the excitement for the sport alive. Please help by sending in an item to add to our basket. I gave many suggestions but look forward to your unique contributions as well. All donations will be added to your PI involvement time. The Basket Benefit is one of our few fundraisers for the school and its success depends upon you! If you would like to help by wrapping our basket, please let me know. Thank you for all your contributions and support!

6th Grade Field Trip to Epcot: October 24th  Chaperones have been chosen and notified. Two parents were chosen from my homeroom. Thank you to everyone that volunteered to help us with this trip. The students have chosen their groups and the teachers will review the groups for approval and make any necessary changes.

Classroom Wish List:  I would like i-tunes, Barnes & Nobles, ice cream shop, Walmart, or Target gift cards to raffle at the end of each marking period for my classes. You receive Parent Involvement Time for donations like this. The gift card amounts can be in any amount ($5 - $25). Students will have to earn an entry into the drawing by turning in exceptional work or tests. I think the students would be very motivated to work for the extra reward. 1st and 7th period classes have made donations and will participate in the raffle during our first nine weeks reward (week of October 20-24).

AR Reading: 2nd 9 Weeks testing begins October 13th. Students should have two books checked out. Students are given opportunity most days of the week to read and AR test as well as check out books when they have finished testing. Students should try to achieve their point goal by earning a few points each week. Students are assigned points according to their Reading FCAT scores. The point chart is listed in the planner on page 20. Deadline days are posted on an attached .pdf document.  If your child is reading a large book, then they should be sure to get approval by me. If a student waits until the last week to test on a "big book" and fails the test, he or she is in jeopardy of not making their goal and earning a poor grade for the marking period.

 AR Home Connect- Check your child's current AR status 

Students may also want to revisit some of the lessons from class at home. They can do this through LearnZillion, an online tutorial of the new Florida Standards for English Language Arts.          Enter Quick Codes to find lessons

 Pearson Textbook and online assignments

 Username: last name first initial@tvcs (not case sensitive) sometimes students have to put the first two letters of their first name for it to work

6th Grade Password: Buff@106

7th Grade Password: Buff@107

 ESSAYS: Students will type their essays in Essay Scorer and submit them to me by clicking "Get Feedback"

use the same sign in and password as Pearson Realize

 Works Cited Creater - Helps organize your source information while completing research


PDF documents
2014-15 Sunshine State Books - Read all 15 for a reward
6th Grade Language Arts Syllabus -
7th Grade Language Arts Syllabus -
AR Goal Deadline Dates -
AR Reading Log and Information Packet -
Buffalo Basket Letter - 6th Grade Homeroom
Jeremiah's Song - Text - 6th Grade
Lob's Girl Text Dependent Questions - 6th Grade
Lob's Girl-copy of text - 6th Grade
Open House Notes -
PAYPAM - Online Lunch Account
Third Wish Culminating Task Rubric - 7th Grade
Third Wish Culminating Task Worksheet - 7th Grade
Third Wish Text Dependent Questions - 7th Grade

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