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Dear Parents and Students,

Career Research and Decision Making is a valuable course for 8th Grade students. Each student will research their individual interests for future careers and look into the requirements to reach their goals. Planning for a career starts now because soon they will enroll in high school classes that will be required for college or technical careers. I hope the students enjoy this time of discovery. I will do whatever I can to assist them in their journey.


Students will need a planner, folder with paper, pens and pencils for Career Planning. They will also need one nice outfit appropriate for a Mock Interview (Guidelines will be given) on Nov. 4th and the Career Expo on April 7th.


I only have textbooks for classroom use. Attached as .pdf documents are copies of the textbook by chapter. Students may use these attachments as an at-home resource for studying or make up work.

Extra Credit

Students can study and earn extra credit through the website for Interactive practice tests:

    • click to enter Student Center
    • On left hand side tool bar, Click down arrow to Choose a Chapter
    • click on Interactive Practice Test
    • Take the test as many times as you want
    • Email me the results if you make a 100 and earn 5 extra credit points on your chapter test
    • All extra credit must be completed before the day of the test


Chapter Reading Guides

Students will fill in the Reading Guides during class discussion. These Reading Guides will serve as study guides for the Chapter, Unit, and End of Course tests. Please do not throw them away. Students should focus on memorizing vocabulary as well. The Reading Guides are attached as .pdf documents.


Quizlet -Vocab Practice


My Career Shines

MyCareerShines is an online education and career planning system that gives you the tools you need to build a foundation for lifelong career success. You will learn what your interests and skills are and how to apply them to a career plan for your future.

I have attached a .pdf document with directions on how to set up your account. Please follow them carefully. It's important that you set up your login and password the prescribed way. Once you have set up your account, you need to complete the two assessments.



Chapter Tests- 

Tests are on Skyward. They are multiple choice, Matching, and True/False. The tests are NOT open book or open notes. To prepare for a test, read over the chapter Reading Guides, memorize your vocabulary, practice vocabulary on by clicking Interactive Activities, take the Interactive Practice Test for extra credit.

 Mock Job Interviews

Interviews are Friday, November 4th. A completed Resume is required.

I have posted Interview Dress Guidelines as a .pdf document. Be mindful of the guidelines but realize that these are not "rules". I will show the students several appropriate options for dressing for an interview that are relevant to their age and what they may have available in their closet. A simple pair of khaki pants, a Villages School polo shirt, nice shoes, and a belt are acceptable if they don't have any other option. No jeans or shorts of any kind. Not all dresses are appropriate for a job interview. Only wear dresses that are designed in a professional style. If your child has a dress that is of the appropriate style and length, she may wear it. Please be aware of the length of the dress or skirt with the height of high heels. High heels are not professional or appropriate with a short skirt or dress. Dresses and skirts should be longer than fingertip length.




PDF documents
Career Research Syllabus -
Chapter 7 Independent Reading Guide -
Interview Dress Examples - Pictures of students dressed up for Interviews
Interview Dress Guidelines -
My Career Shines - How to set up your portfolio
Textbook Appendix - Career Clusters
Textbook Chapter 1 -
Textbook Chapter 13 -
Textbook Chapter 14 -
Textbook Chapter 2 -
Textbook Chapter 3 -
Textbook Chapter 4 -
Textbook Chapter 5 -
Textbook Chapter 6 -
Textbook Chapter 7 -
Textbook Chapter 8 -
Textbook Chapter 9 -
Textbook Glossary -

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