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Welcome to 8th grade Science!!

Wow this year is really moving quickly!!  We are now starting our basics of Chemistry lessons.  Periodically we will also start our content review with FCAT Explorer to prepare for the FCAT Science assessment in the April.  This test will cover all middle school science 8th grade Physical, 7th grade Life, and 6th grade Earth/Space.  Students can start their independent review at  This program will be completed by testing time and recorded as a grade.  Lots of learning and fun labs!!  Keep posted by checking the weekly assignments and important dates.

Lab Supplies needed for PI -


Important Dates:


Enjoy Your Holidays!!!  Take a break and relax.  Be thankful for your family and health.  See you next year ready to learn!!


Thursday, 1/15 - REG Chapter 5 Vocabulary Quiz & HONORS Chapter 4 Vocabulary Quiz (don't forget to do the online flashcards for bonus points -a signature is REQUIRED).  Instructions are located on the PDF file for each class period below:) 
Wednesday, 1/21 - REG Chapter 5 Objective Test & HONORS Chapter 4 Objective Test  (don't forget to do the online practice test for bonus points - no signature is necessary).  Instructions are located on the PDF file for each class period below:)

HONORS Science Fair -

GREEN path set up time to present to me must be in before Winter Break - present before school on mornings for no meetings, present during lunch time (get your lunch and eat with me), or after school until 3:30.  I can't wait to hear all about your projects!!

GOLD Path - Excellent job at our science fair!! Outstanding job by 8th grade students!!

VCMS Regional Science Fair Team:

  • Best in Show- 1st Place Overall... Kevin Matos (Environmental)-8th Grade
    2nd Place Overall...Alex Homs (Environmental)- 6th Grade
  • 3rd Place Overall...Garielle Soto (Earth and Space)- 8th Grade
  • Kayle Cunningham (Microbiology)- 7th Grade
    Sabrina Mead (Microbiology)- 8th Grade
    Ryan Graham (Botany)- 8th Grade
    Katie Wiley (Medicine and Health)-6th Grade
    Randa Shaw (Engineering)-8th Grade
  • Alternate-Lauren Deak (Medicine and Health) - 8th Grade

Regional Fair Participants - Tri Board Abstract (please copy and paste your word document of your abstract to this form to print for your board)

Regional Fair Participants - ISEF forms - to redo your forms use the interactive site, but just leave dates blank.  I will fill in all dates.  Sign in blue ink.

Regional Fair Registration - Students must complete and sign with parents for entry.


Regional Fair Display & Safety - Students must follow these guidelines.


Attendance - Please remember if a student is absent, then it is their responsibility to make sure they get the missing work/assignments and turn in what was due.  The web site is a great way to keep up with assignments or email me.  


Online Textbook & Bonus Activities - Students will be given usernames & passwords to log into their accounts.  They may change their password, but they must record it in their science folder on the online sheet provided.  At the web site students will find their textbook online and additional activities to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.  They will also have the opportunity to get bonus points on vocabulary quizzes if they test themselves prior with the online flashcards (they must have a parent witness and sign off).  This will help them prepare/study for all vocabulary quizzes.  One week prior to the chapter tests students will have access to the online chapter practice test.  They will also have the opportunity to get bonus points on for all chapter tests.  Again, this will help them prepare/study for all chapter tests.  The web site is -

Username - last name first initial @tvcs

Password - Buff@108

**All bonus assignments can be signed off in the science folder on the table of contents page.

Online Vocabulary Flash Cards Instructions:

1.       After successful login, click on Explore (top right).

2.       Click on the chapter.

3.       Click on The Essential Question.

4.       Click on Vocabulary Flash Cards (top right).

5.       Click on next and then Test me.

6.       Hide the terms & select random.

7.       Do not forget to have a parent sign off for credit J

 Online Practice Test Instructions:

1.       After successful login, click on Things To Do (top right).

2.       The test will be waiting for you one week prior to the test date.

3.       The score will be sent to meJ



Cool Science News and Information:


Science Games:


HELP me!! I don't understand!  Please come see me after school any day Monday - Friday afterschool until 3:40.  Or see me for a morning pass - when no meetings are scheduled.   

Mrs. Wiley:)


PDF documents
GOLD Binder Grading Rubric - Use as a checklist for binder due by 11/4!!
GOLD Path Tri Board Project Display - Follow this format to set up your board:)
GOLD Science Fair Forms Helpful Reminders - Please follow the instructions:)
GOLD Science Fair Parent-Student Information - Set up 11/18, Judge 11/19, View/Awards 11/20
GOLD Tri Board Checklist & Grading Rubric - Use as a checklist to set up board due by 11/18
GREEN Path Power-Point Grading Rubric - Use as a checklist save on jump drive due 11/4!!
Physics Day 12/5 Parent Information - Times, Dress Code, etc.
Science Fair - Idea Websites
Science Fair GOLD Path Checklist & Due Dates - Don't fall behind..stay ahead:)
Science Fair GOLD Path Research Plan - Follow Exact Format - Typed, due by 9/19
Science Fair GREEN Path Checklist & Due Dates - Don't fall behind...stay ahead:)

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8th Grade Science - Science Fair Help





8th Grade Science - Science Fair Help



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