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Welcome to 8th grade Physical Science and Physical Science Honors !!!  It is now time to start our exciting adventure through the basics of physics and chemistry.  I am so excited to be your guide!   We will first begin by exploring science, measurements, and society (Ch.1 & 2).  Please use this web site to keep posted espcially when absent.  Or feel free to email me anytime. 


Generation Beyond Challenge:

The Lockheed Martin Generation Beyond Student Video Challenge is OPEN for entries! Designed for middle school students to compete for up to $10,000 and an out of this world space experience by presenting the best "space case" videos.-  - - Deadline posted by 8 pm December 15, 2016.




Honors - Science Fair....Question?  Where to start?? Great ideas are located in news articles or just by observing your surroundings.  Look below for some interesting topics.  Read and finds something that interests you that could be formed into a controlled experiment (that you can do).  Also, observe some previous projects to stimulate ideas - locate the PDF below.  Remember it must have a real application of how to help mankind - not just a cool experiment (we do those in class:).  Students will all be required to complete a science fair project appropriate for their grade level if they are in an Advanced/Honors Science course.  However, they are allowed to pick a path or depending on the topic their teacher will select their path GREEN or GOLD.  GREEN path will complete their investigation with a power-point and present to their teacher.  GREEN path will complete their investigation with a notebook, tri-board, and present to judges from the community.  The GOLD path will require more comittment from the students, but will also provide many great rewards.  Due dates posted on calendar and below on checklist.  Email me any time with ideas/questions.  I will try to get back with you as soon as possible.  Below are some great places to get started!  Enjoy the adventure:)



More Science Fair HELP - If you are really struggling to get started or have no idea what science fair is all about, then please read through the material below.

How to think like a scientist...

It all starts with an idea..

The basics...

Feed you brain...

Terms you should know...



AND MORE Science Fair HELP -  go to science buddies and take the interest survey...



 Mrs. Wiley's Google Classroom - I am so excited this year to have a class set of chrome books for students to use in class.  We will be using google classroom for important information and assignments.  This is a new adventure for me too:)  Quizlet will also be able to be accessed through our google classroom.  Please join using your account and password assigned.

Students login by using their google email address and the password is buffalo16 (all lower case)
1st Period Physical Science google classroom code to join:7awl6gk
2nd Period Physical Science google classroom code to join:lawxg2
7th Period Physical Science google classroom code to join:7vy9rpl
3rd Period Physical Science Honors google classroom code to join:uovwn4g
4th Period Physical Science Honors google classroom code to join:tufmgw
5th Period Physical Science Honors google classroom code to join:nsr11od



Quizlet Homework/Review review for vocabulary grades - students will have access from their google classroom account for our class.  Students must complete flashcards and test (until 100%) for vocabulary points or they may do it the "old school " way - write all terms & definitions.  Bonus points for completion of additional activities.  Most chapters students will take a vocabulary quiz on the due date of the vocabulary assignment unless it's a short chapter it will be incorporated into the chapter test.

1st Period Physical Science code to join:
2nd Period Physical Science code to join:
7th Period Physical Science code to join:
3rd Period Physical Science Honors code to join:
4th Period Physical Science Honors code to join:
5th Period Physical Science Honors code to join:




Skyward Chapter Test - all chapter tests will be online in Skyward.  Students will have access at school the day of test.  Students must use their log in numbers and passwords that they use to log into all school computers.  Honors classes will also have a written response test for each chapter.
ALL Classes Online Textbook & Bonus Activities - At the web site students will find their textbook online and additional activities to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.  They will also have the opportunity to get bonus points on for all chapter tests.  Tests will not be available until we have completed all lessons in class.  This will help them prepare/study for all chapter tests.  The web site is -
Directions to log in -
Click on LOG IN
Username - villagesschool\(your Skyward username)
Example - villagesschool\a1234567890
Password - (district network password)

Locate your textbook for Science:)

Online Practice Test Instructions:

  1. After successful login, click on Things To Do (top right).
  2. The test will be waiting for you one week prior to the test date.
  3. The score will be sent to meJ

Cool Science News and Information:





Science Games:

Alien Juice bar Acidic or Alkaline -

The pH factor -

Science Is Fun 2 - 1st site for Chemistry Scavenger Hunt

Chem4Kids - 2nd site for Chemistry Scavenger Hunt  at same site click on Names/Naming to get the next anwers

Quia! Chem Games - 3rd site


Please email me with any questions or concerns.    

Mrs. Wiley:)



PDF documents
Chapter 1 Online Practice Test - Print & Complete for Bonus Points:)
Classroom Pet "Cosmo" Weekend Permission - Parents pease sign off and return with student
Mrs. Wiley's Science Fair Project Guide 2016-2017 - Please follow for details & examples both paths:)
Physical Science Honors Syllabus Periods 3, 4, & 5 - Please read & print last sheet to sign & turn in:)
Physical Science Syllabus Periods 1, 2, & 7 - Please read & print last sheet to sign & turn in:)
Science Fair - Idea Websites
Science Fair Both Paths Due Dates - Stay AHEAD:) - Please follow project guide & Mrs. Wiley's help:)
Science Fair Rough Plan - You many want to find more than one question
VCMS Behavior Management Plan - Please follow the school & classroom policies:)

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8th Grade Science : Science Fair Help





8th Grade Science : Science Fair Help



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