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Welcome to 8th grade Physical Science and Physical Science Honors!  Currently we are moving through our Physics chapters.  Please refer to the calendar for daily assignments that will be posted by the week under weekly assignments (please look at the appropriate class).  Students that are absent are advised to refer to the calendar for missed work.  Up coming important dates are always listed below. 

Mrs. Wiley 


PI Donations Needed - Lab Supplies - index cards


VCS Science Fair 2015-2016 Results - WAY TO GO!!!

Middle School Regional Team

Kayle Cunningham- Animal Sciences
Micaela McGrath- Engineering
Nisha Upadya- Computer and Mathematics
Andy Shar- Computer and Mathematics
Caleb Brock- Microbiology
Emma Symmonds- Environmental Engineering
Kaitlyn Froehle- Plant Sciences
Matthew Brodeur- Microbiology
ALTERNATE – Savannah Townsend- Biomedical and Health Sciences

Overall Middle School
3rd overall – Nisha Upadya
2nd overall – Micaela McGrath
Best in Show – Kayle Cunningham

High School Regional Team
Isabell Torres- Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Tiffany Liu- Biomedicine & Health Science
Randa Shaw- Engineering
Kevin Matos- Environmental Engineering
Carlie Taylor – Earth & Environmental Science
Angela Shar- Animal Sciences
Kathy Nguyen- Intelligent Machines, Robotics, & Systems Software
Sabrina Mead- Environmental Engineering
ALTERNATE #1–Ugwumsinachi Nwuabani- Mathematics & Computational Sciences
ALTERNATE #2- Camryn Siverson & Jayme Miller- Biomedical & Health Sciences

Overall High School
3rd place-Randa Shaw
2nd place- Tiffany Liu
Best in Show-Isabel Torres

Additional Awards:
· The Villages Mensa group provided the regional team and alternates with certificates and $10 Barnes & Noble gift cards.
· High School parents provided the regional team and alternates with $50 visa gift cards.
· High School parents also provided the overall top three with an additional $50 visa gift card.  




Science Fair GOLD Abstract Form (use at the end of the project) State of Florida Official Abstract only this form can be used:)


School Schedule:

11/23-11/27 Fall Break

12/4 Physics Day

12/18 End of 2nd 9 weeks and  beginning of Winter Break:)

12/21-1/5 Winter Break - students return on Wednesday 1/6

1/18 Teacher Work Day



Physical Science Periods 1, 2, & 7 Important Dates:



Honors Periods 3, 4, & 6 Important Dates:

**Next test open notes after fall break on Physics Fun project - student generated test questions:)

ALL Classes Online Textbook & Bonus Activities - Access with be provided soon.  At the web site students will find their textbook online and additional activities to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.  They will also have the opportunity to get bonus points on vocabulary quizzes if they test themselves prior with the online flashcards (they must have a parent witness and sign off).  This will help them prepare/study for all vocabulary quizzes.  One week prior to the chapter tests students will have access to the online chapter practice test.  They will also have the opportunity to get bonus points on for all chapter tests.  Again, this will help them prepare/study for all chapter tests.  The web site is -
Directions to log in -
Click on LOG IN
Username - type all lower case your first and last name with no spaces (a few students will have to add a 8 or 88 at the end of your last name)
Password - Buffalo8 (capital letter B only)

Online Vocabulary Flash Cards Instructions:

  1. After successful login, click on Explore (top right).
  2. Click on the chapter.
  3. Click on The Essential Question.
  4. Click on Vocabulary Flash Cards (top right).
  5. Click on next and then Test me.
  6. Hide the terms & select random.
  7. Do not forget to have a parent sign off for creditJ


Online Practice Test Instructions:

  1. After successful login, click on Things To Do (top right).
  2. The test will be waiting for you one week prior to the test date.
  3. The score will be sent to meJ
USA Test Prep - online access
Science Fair GOLD Bibliography - use the following web sites to help generate your sources into MLA format.  Add as much information as possible.  Put them A, B, C order in your Bibliography. - Citation Machine - Bib Me


Science Fair GOLD Forms- ISEF Forms - students must type all information except dates - leave dates blank





Cool Science News and Information:


Science Games:

Alien Juice bar Acidic or Alkaline -

The pH factor -


Please email me with any questions or concerns.    

Mrs. Wiley:)



PDF documents
Honors Physics Day Consent Form - Parents must sign to attend field trip
Honors Physics Day Information Sheet - Dress code/times/etc.
Physical Science Honors Syllabus - Periods 2, 3, & 6
Physical Science Syllabus - Periods 1, 2, & 7
Science Fair - Idea Websites
Science Fair GOLD Research Plan - Follow format with use of Animals:)
Science Fair GOLD Research Plan - Follow format with use of Humans:)
Science Fair GOLD Research Plan - Regular/Basic Plan to follow:)
Science Fair GOLD Research Plan - Follow format with use of Haz. Chem/Activites:)
Science Fair GOLD Research Plan - Follow format with use of Bacteria:)
Science Fair GREEN Slide Template - Follow in this format:)
Science Fair Rough Plan - You many want to find more than one question
Wiley Science Fair Project Guide GREEN & GOLD - Step by step guide with examples & due dates:)

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8th Grade Science - Science Fair Help





8th Grade Science - Science Fair Help



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