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Dear Parents and Students,

Please use this webpage as a resource to help answer questions and to get the information you need.  Please email me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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6th Grade Earth and Space Science


Congratulations to our Regional Middle School Science Team! Your hard work and dedication has paid off.

Middle School Regional Team

Kayle Cunningham- Animal Sciences
Micaela McGrath- Engineering
Nisha Upadya- Computer and Mathematics
Andy Shar- Computer and Mathematics
Caleb Brock- Microbiology
Emma Symmonds- Environmental Engineering
Kaitlyn Froehle- Plant Sciences
Matthew Brodeur- Microbiology
ALTERNATE – Savannah Townsend- Biomedical and Health Sciences

Overall Middle School
3rd overall – Nisha Upadya
2nd overall – Micaela McGrath
Best in Show – Kayle Cunningham
Regionals Information:
  • Wed., February 10th: Set-Up (Ocala Armory) from 4-6pm
  • Thurs., February 11th: Judging Day...Dress professionally
  • Fri., February 12th: Final judging and awards

 Chapter 12: Land, Air, and Water Resources Learning Goals:

  • Identify the impact that humans have had on Earth, such as deforestation, urbanization, desertification, erosion, air and water quality, changing flow of water
  • Recognize that heat flow within Earth causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and creates mountains and ocean basins

Chapter 12 Assessments:

  • Ch. 12 L. 1-2 Vocab Test- Friday, February 5th
  • Ch. 12 L. 1-2 Objective Test- Tuesday, February 9th
  • Ch. 12 L. 3-5 Vocab Test-  Wednesday, February 17th
  • Ch. 12 L. 3-5 Objective Test- Friday, February 19th

Advanced Science 2016-2017 - Science Project: 

All advanced science students will be required to complete an independent science project to meet the 6th grade standard SC6 N.1.1.  Students will be selected for advanced classes based on their FCAT Science 2.0 score, as well as their 5th grade science grades.  

  • Students will choose between the Science Fair (GOLD) path and the PowerPoint (GREEN) path.  Both paths complete independent controlled experiments but will present their information in different ways.   
  • GOLD Path- Complete tri-fold board and compete in school science fair with a chance of advancing on to regionals and state. (Extra Credit Opportunities)
  • GREEN Path- Students will put information into a PowerPoint and present to teacher/class.  Students cannot move on to the next level and there are no extra credit opportunities.      

  • The 6th grade computer lab is available after school from 3:15-5:15 pm, Monday through Friday in Room #138
  • Those with limited computer access at home will be given priority
2015-2016 EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCE SUPPLY LIST: Always have pens, pencils, and highlighters with you in your backpack!


  • One 2" Clear View binder (To be kept in the classroom)
  • Two glue sticks (To be turned in to teacher for group use)
  • One package construction paper (To be turned in to teacher for group use)
  • Two plastic folders with brads and pockets (To be kept with you and brought to class daily)
  • One composition folder (To be used for your science project-kept with you)


  • One 2" Clear View binder (To be kept in the classroom)
  • One package 3X5 notecards (To be turned in to teacher for group use)
  • One plastic folder with brads and pockets (To be kept with you and brought to class daily)


Key Science Project Vocabulary:

Controlled Experiment-An experiment which involves changing only 1 factor (independent variable) and observing its effect on one thing, while keeping all other factors (variables) constant.

Variable- Factors that can change during an experiment

Independent (Tested or manipulated) Variable- The ONE factor that is changed/tested during a controlled experiment.

Dependent (Responding) Variable- Changes in response to the independent variable

Controlled Variable(s)- The variable(s) that are kept the same, or controlled, throughout an experiment.



Online Textbook & Bonus Activities  - Students will be receiving a username and password to access  At this web site, students will find their textbook online and additional activities to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.   A few days prior to the chapter tests students will have access to the online chapter practice test.  They will also have the opportunity to get bonus points on for all chapter tests by completing these online practice tests and earning a 70% or above.  In addition to earning bonus points, this will help them prepare/study for all chapter tests.  Use the link listed below. It must be accessed using Google Chrome. 


YOU MUST USE CHROME and the link below!
Login Link (both Internal and External from the network): Pearson Success Website

Online Practice Test Instructions (Extra Credit Opportunity prior to Chapter tests-Pearsonsuccess)
  1. Click on the link above and log in.( MUST use CHROME)
    • Students were given a new username during the week of 9/7/2015 (This username should be their first initial and their student ID number)
      • Username: villagesschool\ followed by their new username
    • The password is the same one they have been using on the VCS computers. (IF STUDENTS CHANGE THEIR PASSWORD AT SCHOOL...IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE ON PEARSON)
  2. Click on Things to Do (top right).
  3. The test will be waiting for you several days prior to the test date.
  4. Your score will be sent to me.
  5. Students that score a 70% or higher will receive bonus points on their chapter test.


Quizlet is an online source that can be used to study your science vocabulary.  Prior to the vocabulary test, you may take the online practice test and earn bonus points if you score well.  Below is the links needed to set up an account under the correct class.  You will need an email account in order to create an account.  Click on the appropriate link based on your class period and set up an account.

Once you have set yourself up under the correct class, then you an use the links through Moodle to access each specific chapter. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN UNDER YOUR CLASS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE EXTRA CREDIT!


Students  can access Moodle by clicking on the link below.  Once at the login screen, students will enter their user name and passwords that they use to access the computers here at school.  (IF STUDENTS CHANGE THEIR PASSWORD AT SCHOOL...IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE ON MOODLE).  Moodle can be accessed from any computer, as well as iPads and smartphones. All handouts and PowerPoints will be available on Moodle.  This is a great resource if you are absent.

Science Wish List for 2015-2016: 

  • Extra bedding (coconut fiber) for Fred, our classroom tortoise.
  • Quart size Ziploc bags
  • Rolls of paper towels
  • Hand soap
  • Colored pencils
  • Green scratcher pads

Other Helpful Websites:

Moodle- Access worksheets, PowerPoints, and other information

AR Home Connect- Check your child's current AR status (Language Arts Grade)

Works Cited Creater - Helps organize your source information while completing research

Helpful Science Fair Websites: Important Dates:
  • 02/15/16- No School
  • 3/14/16- Spring Break begins

 ***REMEMBER...All documents (Homework, learning goal rubrics, PowerPoint notes, etc) are posted on Moodle.  Students will need their school username and password to access Moodle.


PDF documents
2015-2016 6th Grade Science Project Website Ideas - These websites offer ideas for a science project
2015-2016 Earth and Space Science Syllabus -
2015-2016 Science Fair Project Guide - Advanced classes only
2015-2016 Science Project Rough Plan - Advanced classes only
2015-2016 Science Project Rough Plan Example - Completed example of the rough plan
6th Grade Science Websites - Students should have this in their plastic folder
Field Trip Information-EPCOT -
Field Trip Parent Consent Form-EPCOT -

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