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Have A Safe & Relaxing Summer

Greetings from the art room! 

June & July


 New Next Year 2016-17

Ceramics 7th Grade

Ceramics 8th Grade

Theatre Crew- Volunteer only with approved application. See Ms. Kirkland for more info when plays begin to approach in October and February!


Art 2D -





PDF documents
Art 2D Syllabus -
Art 3D/Ceramics Syllabus -
Art 3D/theatre Syllabus/Rehearsal dates -
Art Appreciation 6th Grade Syllabus -
Art Exam Study guide Art 2D 1 & 2 - Review topics on the guide for they will appear on
Artist biographies Instructions - Please disregard the due date just reference the i
Beginning clay - beginning clay
Ceramics Vocab Sheet #1 - centering & coning
Induction Pix May 2014 -
What is Art? -
What is Builder's Club? -

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